My teenage carer 6 Sex Story

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By oldman

It was now time for Sofia to enter with me and Penny

This week was the week of my friends wedding and the first time Penny would be coming as my partner.
She was looking a million dollars her hair was done she had done her makeup nice not to much, and she was wearing a lovely pale blue knee length dress and I was wearing a mourning usual at weddings here.
We set off I was as nervous as she was, but looking at her beautiful smile sitting next to me in the car made it worth while.
When we arrived we did get a few looks big age difference and her being so petite and beautiful but it didn’t bother us.
After the church part we headed to the hotel for the meal we were sat on a table with some old friends most of them were divorced and had new girlfriends but not as young as Penny, and as we talked they were happy for me as I explained we fell for each other when she looked after me. The meal went well and then it was the party I usually do a bit dancing but not much, but Penny wanted to dance being a teen so I did for her she looked so lovely twirling around the dance floor her long blonde hair and small frame,she also danced with some of the teenage guests, when the night was coming to a end we said our goodbyes to people and got in the car,
the first thing she did was undo my trousers and bent down to give me a bj on the way home I was in for a good night but I couldn’t wait and pulled into a secluded car park and stripped her naked and was fucking her on the back seat when I noticed some lights but continued to fuck her I had her from behind when I heard voices but it didn’t bother me as the windows are tinted when I noticed faces looking through the windows it must of been a dogging carpark which made me even more horny. As I fucked Penny her hands against the window as I shot my cum up her pussy.
I pulled out and looked I could see people looking in not sure what they could see, Penny looked at me what they doing I replied I think it must be doggers, what’s that she said its people who watch others having sex mmm she replied it made me feel more excited, me too I replied as we got dressed I said to Penny just put on your bra and underwear as we drive home She smiled and climbed into the front her small breasts in her pale blue bra and little panties, I can’t believe how beautiful she looked..When we Arrived at the house we got out I put my arm around penny and undone her bra let her fall to the floor I then grabbed the hole of her panties and pulled them down she was now naked On the drive way She was giggling as she ran in after her and grabbed her and put her over the kitchen table And started to fuck her pussy again, She looked so small bending over the table as I was sticking my cock up her pussy,she was gripping the table as I pounded her as hard as possible, The table was moving with every thrust she was groaning and morning her pussy was so wet, I felt as if I could do that for hours but I knew I wouldn’t last that long I never have done with Penny Iwould be lucky if I lasted 10 minutes, It wasn’t long before I could feel my cum build-up in my cock and I shot it up on her pussy as I pulled out I could see it dripping out, She collapsed onto the table and said that was fantastic and I loved walking up the drive naked, I loved watching ypu i said she came over arms around my shoulders and kissed me so hard .
We went to the hot tub and got some drinks from the bar we hadn’t drank at the party as we sat down both naked she asked me about dogging what happens, I told her people watch others and sometimes join in by fingering the women or fucking them,She looked at me and said I would like watch I laughed are you sure Yes she said well we can go one night. But its late now let’s go to bed and we headed up and she pushed me on the bed and her mouth went right to my cock just what I needed before bed. When she was done I asked her a question I said you know your Sofia what do you want me to do with her , Penny looked and smiled well she’s naughty so maybe teach her a lesson, like what a sex lesson yes she said maybe we can take her to see the dogging .
I don’t think she really knew what it was but I was game and said bring her round one afternoon and we can go for some food and drinks then go up later when dark I’m sure they would love see a 15 year old.
Penny laughed as we fell asleep in each others arms my life gets better every day I’m with her .
The next day we sat down I discussed her job saying stop working and I will just give you the money in your bank and you can tell your parents your still working and when you do your shift do what you want, also why don’t you bring some of your friends round I don’t want you to not see them, treat this like your home .
She kissed me OK I will ask a few if they fancy watching a video and maybe a sleepover but my friends are mainly from church so not the party type I wasn’t bothered I just liked the idea of a few 17 year olds in my home .It’s OK just have them round in the pool and hot tub she jumped with joy your the best she said As she cuddled me and it was then I saw the teenager in her what I fell for.
She was skipping around as I pulled her to me kissed her and started taking her clothes off I wanted a nice fuck but was going give her a good licking as I opened her legs my head went between my tongue in-between her pussy lips making then wet her hands gripping my hair as she started to have orgasm after orgasm she was collapsing her legs had given in Fuck me she said Fuck me hard as she fell back onto the sofa I turned her over lifted her and pushed my cock fully into her every inch was inside then out and every thrust she screamed with delight as I pushed harder and then shot my cum into her small womb filling it up as I pulled out she rolled over moving her mouth to clean my cock and take the last of my cum from it .
We both collapsed onto the sofa and I pulled her lips to mine kissed her and she said that was the best ever I must agree it was good.
We eventually got dressed and she said she was going to hers and she would see if Sofia wants to come for a while tonight and maybe take her to the dogging people as she called them .
What a though she went home returned with Sofia and I mentioned going out for food I would drive and they could go have what they wanted and with teens it was macdonalds so we did that came back it was only early ish and we sat down to watch some TV I got some drinks and Sofias I put some pills in just enough to make her more at ease later and a couple in Penny’s incase she got a bit scared it was about 9 and getting dark so we got in the range rover and headed to that car park from the other night.
As we pulled in I found a secluded part and parked Sofia asked what we were doing and Penny said to her it’s a dogging place you can see people ha ing sex, Sofia looked a bit scared I just said it all fun nothing bad as we saw some lights over the other side and it was a car and I said let’s look as we got out I looked at them 2 Penny had on a knee length dress and Sofia had her usual tshirt and denim skirt with buttons up the front, they held my hand as we walked over the car had the windows open and a women was given a man a wank who was standing next to the car as we got closer Penny was feeling my cock and Sofia was staring at the man’s cock Penny pushed her closer and she was right up infront of us and the man got hold of her hand and placed it on his cock she just stood still as he moved her hand up and down by now the women was getting fingered by someone else I was more horny watching Sofia as this man wanked himself with her hand and I noticed his other hand was on her leg by now Penny had my cock out and was wanking me slowly as I watched Sofias skirt buttons getting undone and her little pink pony panties were on show, she was in a daze the man still wanking with her hand I looked at him and said no penetration she’s only 15 that made his cock even harder as another man approached Sofia and puthis arm around her and up her top feeling her tits then I noticed her skirt was off on the floor she was standing in a little Pink Pony Panties as the man lifted her tshirt up but it stopped as her arm was on the others cock he soon had it off and she was standing in bra and mat himg Panties and these 2 men were now wanking as they kissed her body ,Penny said she’s enjoying and I know I am and lifted her dress and said fu k me so they can see and I can watch Sofia get molested, Sofia was so small with these 2 men she’s 4ft 7 and size 8 as the men were ready to cum on her she just stood as one pulled her panties forward so he could shoot his cum inside them and the other over her bra, they finished off said thank you and disappeared.
the women in the car asked if she could feel Sofia Penny said yes do it as I was fucking her from behind the women pulled Sofia into the back of her car and we moved closer and she had Sofias panties off and was licking her Pussy.
The drugs must of been working as Sofia didn’t resist as this stranger was licking her Pussy this made me horny as I shot my load up Penny, Penny went forward to the car and I was amazed she bent down and started fingering the women from behind as she licked Sofia this went on for a while and the women stopped and said I have to go but next time why don’t you fuck me too.
Penny looked and smiled that be goof fun as we got Sofia and her clothes back to the car I was horny as fuck as we drove home and we carried Sofia into the lounge and lay her down Penny said to me play with her while I suck you off I didn’t need telling twice as I went down on her pussy lips and she was hairless as I licked her she was humping my face I could not help myself I pulled Penny’s head of my cock and I planted in Sofia the full lot I pushed it in I felt it hit her womb wall as I pushed Penny crawled infront and started kissing me as I fucked Sofia this tiny girl so tight felt like her pussy was gripping me as I pushed I had already cum 3 times tonight so I knew I would last long I told Penny kiss Sofia and suck her tits we will make this a night to remember for 25 minutes I fucked her until I cum up her fertile pussy.
I rolled off her and kissed Penny and said let’s go to bed I will carry Sofia up and she can sleep with us tonight, more like I wanted to fuck her again.
The drugs were wearing of as we lay in bed it was as if I had a child in bed she was in-between us and she was saying what’s happened I think I’ve had sex and done some things Penny said you have with us and Alan took your virginity same as he did me and he’s going to fuck you all night Sofia started crying she was confused naked in bed with her sister and a older man ,Penny was being bossy she told her feel his cock make ot hard as Sofias tiny hand went round my cock wank it she said ,Sofia made a moan and I realised Penny was fingering her I was rock hard now her tiny hand felt so good they didn’t even go around it, I’m hard now as I rolled ontop of her in-between her legs and pointed my cock at her pussy it was wet with Penny’s fingers as I slipped it in and started fucking her Penny was kissing her as I fucked her it was taking longer to cum this time it was nearly a hour I was fu king I was kissing her tits fingering her bum everything she just let me her legs were around me as I was ready to cum up her again .
That night both Penny and Sofia was fucked 3 times each and now I have 2 teens in my bed .

By oldman
#Exhibitionist #Mature #Teen

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