My trip to the mall Sex Story

#Teen #Threesome #Virgin

I m 15 yrs old and I m blonde with 24 d tits I m tall for my age being about 5′ 4 slim long legsand very shapely , the mall wasn t far away from my house wher I lived with my parents still,I was wearing a short skirt and top with only panties it was summer and I t was hot already as I walked trough the mall I decided to look into the lingerie store and see some panties as I was looking a young salesmen came overand asked if he could help me ,I siled I thought he was handsome,we chatted a moment and he smiled as heasked me if I liked a pair of lacey pink panties I smiled and said yes but my parents wouldn t approve ,he smiled and quietly asked me if I would wear them if he bought them for me I thought about itfor a moment and he smiled and asked me if I d model them at his place ,I giggled and said ok and he said he got of in 15minutes .

He got them and we soon went to his place,he lived in a nice home that was a little off the road and we went in ,I smiled as he asked me to put them on I could change in the bed room,I went and changed after taking my skirt off,I walked out and he smiled as hewalked around me and said I looked very sexy in them I blushed he walked back around me and stopped behind me and he slid his arms around my waist I felthim kiss my neck it felt good he kissed me a couple more times as I felt his hand slide into my panties ,he started slowly rubbimg my clitty itfelt good my knees were weak and I whispered that I was a virgin he said itwas ok I felt his dick against my hard he felt big but I was wanting him .

I said I needed to call home and say I was going to be a liitle late and he said ok ,after I called he smiled and took me into the bedroom,he smiles as he had me take my top and panties off,I stood there naked and he udressed after he was naked I lookeddown and he had an 8″ dick he smiled as he had me get on my knees an he had me suck his dick I enjoyed it and then I laid on the bed and he had me spread my legs ,he slid his hands under myass and ate my pussy until I had an orgasm itfelt great then he positioned himself and pushed his dick against my pussy ,he started to push and at first it hurt alot but soon he broke me and he cotinued to push deep inside my tight pussy I felt him go inside ofmy cervix where he stopped,he started fucking me slowlyand I felt him going into my cervix with each stroke it felt so good soon I felt his dick swell a little and then I felt a sudden flood of his hotsperm filling my cervix I orgasmed afterward he pulled out and told me that I wasa good girl,I was on birth control already.

I laid there a moment and I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and came back and laid in hisarms we talked and he said hewanted to fuck my ass to so I let him after he lubed me he fucked my ass and filled me with more sperm ,eh asked me if I could visit him over the weekend and he smiled and sai hehada driend that would like to meet me to,I smiled and said letme see what I can do, I made arrangement with my close girlfriend to help me and she said she would so I met him friday evening near themall and wewent to hos house,I was wearing shorts and tshirt with nothing under it ,his friend was there and he introduced me ,they were both kissingme shortly after and we went into thebedroom and undressed soon I was sucking there dicks and they were hard quick they took turns eating my pussy and sucking my titties,the sales man laid back and had me get on top and I slowly slid my tight pussy down on mim taking all of it ,a moment later I felt a lubed finger pushing into my ass and his friend was lubing me as I he did it felt good and he lubed his dick and was soon pushing into me soon he was deep in my ass and they both fucked me untill they filled my ass and pussy up full of there hot sperm we spent the weekend havingsex I enjoyed it and my two guys said they were going to keep havingsex with and I told them I was ok with it.

#Teen #Threesome #Virgin

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