my wife fucked by a strong man is a real incident

Meri biwi ki chudai ek takatwar mard se, my name is Ashok Kumar, I do private job and my age will be around 48 years, my wife is not very good looking but she is beautiful, her age will be around 35, 36, and she It is very sexy from inside, It is a matter of one day, me and my wife were sleeping in the bedroom at night, I woke up around 2 to 3 o’clock in the night, then I saw that my wife was not on the bed, then I found something in the room. The sound of whispering started coming, I tried to listen by putting my ear, then I realized that some man’s voice is coming from the bottom side of the bed,

I thought who has entered my bedroom so late in the night, is it a thief or not, then I peeped down slowly and my mind was confused, what I see is my neighbor Yadav ji lying down and my wife next to him. ,and Yadav ji was telling her that your husband is sleeping, give it now, my wife said, no, he will wake up with the sound of your fuck, you go tomorrow when he will go to office, then come, but Yadav ji Where were the people to believe, and I was listening to them and thinking that I will see. How much power is there in Yadav ji’s cock, for which my wife is cheating on me, yes, I come to the point, but Yadav ji I had thought that I would go after having sex, I saw that Yadav ji removed his lungi and took out his throbbing penis and started showing it to my wife.

When I saw his cock, it was really a cock of Ahir, about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick, I was shaken from inside and my mind started thinking, where is my 4 inch, and where is 8 inch, then Yadav ji Holding my wife’s hand, put her hand on his cock, then what was the matter, the wife forgot who said who, my wife started caressing Yadav ji’s cock slowly, and in the meantime Yadav ji held my wife’s nipple Started pressing and caressing my wife’s hole with one hand, slowly my wife started getting hot, now Yadav got up and started fingering my wife’s pussy, wife spreads her both legs by saying Oi Maa.

Now Yadav ji takes his mouth near my wife’s hole and starts rubbing his tongue on the cracks of the hole. Now my wife spreads both the legs and holding Yadav ji’s head, rubs her pussy in his mouth. It seems, seeing all this, my cock also starts to stand up, then what do I see, my wife starts shaking Yadav ji by taking his cock in her hand and then starts sucking it in her mouth, then what do I see Yadav ji lays down on my wife upside down and now his face is towards my wife’s bore and my wife’s face is towards his cock, both were engaged in sucking and licking each other’s pussy and cock, sucking and licking for about half an hour. After that, a sound comes from my wife’s mouth, ah ah ah, I fell, what do I see Yadav ji was licking the juice of my wife by putting her mouth in her hole and my wife was rubbing her hole in his mouth a lot, and Yadav Putting the whole cock of Ji in her mouth, she was sucking it with full enthusiasm.

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Now Yadav ji was also about to ejaculate, he quickly pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and then put it in his wife’s mouth and started pouring it out. Started falling on the nipples. I was silently watching his dance. Now when Yadav ji has quarreled, my wife says that Yadav ji is about to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning, what does my wife do now that Yadav ji Taking the cock, she starts sucking it, putting it in her mouth, what do I see, Yadav ji’s cock becomes tight again and he starts licking my wife’s pussy again. Keeping it near, he gives a strong push and his cock penetrates more than half of my wife’s hole, my wife sighs, till then Yadav ji gives his second push and the whole cock in my wife’s pussy. enters,

Then. The game of chudai starts, now Yadav ji starts pushing my wife’s pussy and my wife starts moaning ah ah ah, what do I see, Yadav ji pulls out his cock and then gives a strong push to my wife. Hit me in the hole, screams come out of my wife’s mouth, give dandan push and my wife ah ah ah and louder and louder after about half an hour my wife’s pussy leaves its juice and yadav ji daba daba me He was going to be fed in his wife’s burrow, then what do I see, Yadav ji pulls his cock out of the burrow and asks his wife to become a mare, then he stands behind my wife and puts his cock on my wife’s back. They stick her in the ass, realizing their intention, my wife shivers and she refuses to get her ass killed.

But Yadav ji was not going to agree in enthusiasm, he put a little spit on his cock and inserted it in my wife’s ass. Now I have seen my wife’s ass kicking, his whole cock started coming out inside and out, what do I see, now my wife also started enjoying and she herself started saying ah ah ah ah ah ah ah so much He poured the water of his cock in my wife’s ass and when he took out his cock, what do I see, blood is coming out of my wife’s ass. My wife runs to the bathroom and comes after cleaning her ass and ass. Till then Yadav ji wears his lungi and leaves saying that he will come again tomorrow, then my wife picks up her briefs and puts it on my nose. Will say

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