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Read in the nude bhabhi foreplay sex story that my friend bhabhi called me to her boutique and closed the shutter. After that he asked me to enjoy his body.

Friends, I was writing the sex story with Madhuri Bhabhi.
third part of the story
sexy bhabhi from boutique called
Till now you had read that Madhuri Bhabhi called me to her new shop and after talking for some time she pulled down the shutter of the shop from inside and jokingly asked me to drink her milk.

Now further nude bhabhi foreplay sex story:

I was so happy listening to Madhuri that don’t ask.
I hastily left my box and holding Madhuri’s hand looking at her with thirsty eyes asked – will I really get to drink your milk today?
Madhuri also gave a lovely smile and said- Yes drink it, drink it as much as you want. Satisfy the hunger of both mine and yours.

When I heard this, I immediately pounced on Madhuri and I put my lips directly on Madhuri’s pink juicy lips and started kissing her.

Due to my jump, Madhuri fell down on the throne and started supporting me.
I got very excited and was kissing Madhuri’s lips.
She was also sucking my lips supporting me equally.

I was lying on top of her kissing lips and pressing her juicy nipples from the top of the top. The sound of ‘Aha… ah… ah…’ was coming out of Madhuri’s mouth.
She too was completely lost in my kiss.

I would suck, kiss and bite her soft lips.
Madhuri was also supporting me in the same way.

First I kissed Madhuri’s upper lip for a long time, then after sucking it, took it in my teeth and started biting it.
Madhuri was giving me full support.

Then I kissed Madhuri’s lower lips as well and in between I would put my tongue in Madhuri’s mouth, then Madhuri would start sucking my tongue.
This was a different feeling for me.

If Madhuri also put her whole tongue in my mouth, I would have pulled her tongue inside like an ice cream.
At the same time, he would have pressed her teats with his hands.

In this way, the process of kissing Madhuri and me went on for about ten minutes.

In between, Madhuri started rubbing my cock from the top of my pant with her hand.
Both of us were glued to each other’s lips as if we were thirsty for years and there was such a fire in both of our bodies that we both remained unconscious just kissing and licking each other’s lips and rubbing each other’s body.

We didn’t even know when twenty minutes had passed in all this. Meanwhile, I don’t know how many times I would have bitten Madhuri’s lips with my teeth, I don’t know.

And on the other hand Madhuri too did not remember how many times she licked me after putting her tongue in my mouth.

There was such a fire in both of our bodies that our foreplay went on for a long time.

Now I took out all my work on Madhuri’s nipples because both of us were out of breath after kissing and kissing for so long… Both their chests were heaving up and down.

I could feel Madhuri’s … and Madhuri could feel my hot breath.

Now I started kissing Madhuri’s neck and while doing this I would kiss her earlobe, chew it with my teeth and pull it.
Madhuri used to sob ‘aha… ah ouch…’ from this action of mine and would run her hands through my hair.

While kissing Madhuri’s neck, I started licking her armpits.
Madhuri’s armpits were very clean, perhaps she had cleaned them only yesterday.

I smelled his armpits first, the smell of his armpits was more pleasant than the smell of his sweat and perfume. I licked, sucked and kissed her armpits.

Madhuri was just sobbing ‘Hmmm ah ah ah… iss ah chato aur chato…’ holding me in her arms and stroking my hair.
She was showering love on me.

Then I started licking Madhuri’s other side as well.
Its taste was also salty and the smell was just driving me crazy.

I sucked and licked both the armpits alternately for two minutes.

Then I set my front on her nipples but Madhuri still had clothes on her body.

When I looked at her, Madhuri laughed and said – You only take it out.
When I opened the buttons on the top of Madhuri’s blue colored top, I could see her boobs peeping out from a black colored bra inside.

I quickly took off her top.
Now I was lying on top of Madhuri’s body, Madhuri below me.

Was in black bra and white leggings.
She was looking amazing whore.

In a fit of rage, I chewed the top of the bra with my teeth.
Madhuri’s nipple was pressed in the index fingers of my other hand.

I twisted that nipple hard.

Madhuri screamed because of this act of mine – aha aha… do it slowly na!

I kissed her and while kissing, I opened her bra from behind.
As soon as the bra slid down, I parted Madhuri’s lips with my lips and Madhuri’s nipples jumped out in front of me free from the captivity of the bra.

Madhuri’s 36 size cream like soft and milky white breasts were looking cool to me.

I quickly put both my hands on her nipples and touched one nipple with my tongue.
Madhuri closed her eyes in a drunken stupor and was busy taking intoxicating sobs of ‘aha .. aah …’.

I first pressed Madhuri’s nipple in my lips and for some time I kept licking the same nipple lightly with my tongue.

Friends, what should I tell… By doing this, Madhuri started breathing even more loudly and the intoxicating sounds from her mouth started doubling my intoxication.

She was turning her hand on my head while making sounds of ‘Aaha… Iss Huh…’.
He was probably getting very relaxed in feeding his milk.

In the same way, I first chewed and pricked Madhuri’s second teat with my teeth.

When she screamed ‘iss kato mat meri jaan ah…’, I took the whole teat in my mouth and started drinking her milk vigorously.
Madhuri was completely hot. I was trying harder to take her nipple in my mouth.

But sister-in-law’s teat was very big, it could not fit in my mouth. That’s why I took her teat inside my mouth as much as possible.

When my teeth pricked her teat, she used to squeal more loudly- aha… ouch sss ah… and suck them… ah drink their milk my king… and suck harder ah yes just like that… and suck ah… enjoying Is.

Whenever I heard this in her intoxicated sobs, I would more passionately pull her teat inside my mouth… and press the other teat harder and start sucking her milk.
In the same way, I started sucking with the other teat in my mouth, then I saw that Madhuri’s teat’s nipple had become hard due to my pressing and rubbing and her nipple was standing straight being very sharp.

I used to scrape her nipple with my tongue. Madhuri was just supporting me completely in a drunken state.
In the same way, leaving her nipple, I came down to her navel. Madhuri’s navel was very deep. First I put the tip of my tongue in her navel.

Madhuri started chanting ‘Sasas aa aa aaye…’.
His breathing had increased now.

Her stomach was moving up and down very fast and I could hear her laughing.
Madhuri said – I am getting tickled.

She was shaking her body like a fish coming out of water.
I kissed her all over her stomach, licked her with my tongue. His whole stomach was wet from my kissing and sucking.

Then, sliding under her stomach, I brought my front straight to her leggings.
Madhuri’s naked body was shining in white colored leggings and on top.

I slipped the elastic of her leggings below her waist till her knees.
The smell of Madhuri’s sweat and pussy was intoxicating me from inside.

I saw properly that the wetness of her pussy was clearly visible from the top of Madhuri’s black colored sexy panty.
I kept my nose straight on her wet panty and took a long breath.

As soon as the tip of my nose touched Madhuri’s wet panty, an intoxicating sob of ‘Aaha Mar Gayi…’ came out of her mouth.

When I started rubbing her wet pussy from the top of her panty, Madhuri started sobbing.

I said – what happened now my dear… the hole has not even been opened yet?
She said- don’t turn off the light… I am feeling ashamed… I am naked and on top of that I have not even cleaned my pussy.

I said – how to be shy with me, now it is mine. Let me see. Till date I have seen pussy only in porn movies, never in front.
I was deliberately lying.

Madhuri said- what… you haven’t seen pussy yet, don’t lie.
I said to her- No, in truth I have not seen pussy yet… nor have I ever fucked anyone… I have thought of fucking… but never got any and I do not get time due to work. . Right now I just want to taste your pussy and fuck it.

When Madhuri got convinced on this thing of mine, she said – does this mean you are a bachelor?
I said – No, I masturbate everyday. I’m not a bachelor.

When I said this, Madhuri started laughing out loud and said – Stupid, a little virginity comes out of him. Being single means that your cock has not fucked anyone yet.
I said – yes, I have not fucked anyone.

Madhuri was very happy and she said – Come on, then we both get married. Then you can fuck me whenever you want.
I got scared hearing this.

I said – I cannot get married because my family members are not ready yet. I will get married next year.
Madhuri understood.

She said – I am not talking about our marriage, I was talking about the marriage of your cock and my pussy. Whenever you feel like it, my pussy will be available for you.
I was very happy to hear this.

I said – but I want your ass hole too.
So Madhuri said with a naughty smile – everything will be yours after marriage.

I was very happy and started sliding Madhuri’s panties down to her knees.
Slowly the thin sexy black panty stuck in Madhuri’s full thighs came out and I saw that Madhuri’s pussy was very swollen.
There was little hair on the pussy.

I first touched those hairs with my fingers and started moving my finger all over the pussy.
The smell of her pussy was coming from everywhere.

Her pussy was shining in the dim light.

Madhuri said- I always keep my pussy clean, but did not get time in the rush of this shop.
I said – no problem, even I am not clean shaving yet. But still you are kissing me, aren’t you?

Madhuri said- Yes… but I wanted to give you my completely clean pussy.
I said – no problem, today for the first and last time we are going to meet. Now after marriage this is my only paradise. Its master will be this Nagraj of yours.

By saying this I put his hand on my cock.

Now he started opening my clothes.
She unbuttoned my shirt and quickly undid my belt and started opening the zip of my pant.

For so long, because of our bravado, kiss, lick and muscle, my cock made a tent on top of the pant, since when was saluting from inside.

Opening the zip of the pant, Madhuri said- Look, since when the poor man has been imprisoned in this small underwear. I have to free it.
Then Madhuri in one stroke took off my pants as well as my underwear from my waist.

A glimpse of my cock made Madhuri sweeter.

In the next part of the story of naked Bhabhi foreplay sex, I will write Madhuri’s sweet fuck in full.
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Nude Bhabhi Foreplay Sex Story Part 5

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