Naughty Night Nurse Allison part 2 Sex Story

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My male friend came visiting and had some fun

I said previously that I have a male friend who likes to indulge himself with the boys in my care , well , here is the account of a recent visit I had from him .

I had prepared the boy Martin (not his real name) , bathed him , washed his hair and dressed him in the schoolgirl uniform my friend had supplied , he had no idea why he was dressed like a girl and no clue as to what the night had in store for him .

John (my friend) arrived in the evening and I let him into the building through a side door and led him to my room . He hadn’t met Martin before but had seen numerous photos of him . I could tell he was excited , the bulge in his trousers gave it away .

He beckoned the boy towards him and kissed him fully on the lips , pushing his tongue into his mouth , I could see him licking the inside of his mouth . He was drooling all over the boy’s face , licking his cheeks , nose , eyes and the boy was crying , he didn’t like the attention he was getting .

John told him he was a lovely girl to which he said “I’m a boy not a girl” and I told John there was a way to prove it . I told Martin to lift his pinafore dress and show John his knickers , he was reluctant to but the threat of a spanking soon had him lifting the dress at which point John reached over and pulled the flowery knickers down . His tiny cocklet was on view which got John verrry excited . He turned him round to see his bottom and I thought John was going to cum in his pants , the look on his face was one of total lust . I told the boy to spread his bottom cheeks but he wouldn’t so I slapped his face , after the second slap he reached round and spread them . John dived straight in with his tongue and licked the lovely tight little starfish he was offered .

He pushed Martin down on the bed and stripped his own clothes off , he had a stiff cock sticking straight out , it was about 7 inches and fairly thick . He pulled the boy up by his hair and forced his cock into the scared little child’s mouth . He had his hands on either side of Martin’s head and started fucking his mouth moving his head up and down on his cock . The sounds of gagging and gasping for breath filled my ears as I pushed my hand down into my knickers and began fingering myself , god I was so wet , I knew it wouldn’t be long before I cum and also knew it wouldn’t be my only cum that night .

John was really moving the boy fast and deep onto his cock , he was getting close to shooting his load and then pulled him in close to him and held him there as he shot it straight down the boy’s throat , Martin’s legs were thrashing about as he was unable to breathe with such a big cock stuck in his throat and I feared he was about to pass out when John finished cumming and threw him down on the bed . The boy looked so cute laid there , a dress halfway on , knickers round one ankle , cum and snot all over his face and mouth and tears streaming down his face mixing with all of the other fluids .

John loved fucking boys , I had seen him with several of the ones in my charge and I knew Martin was going to be getting it too . Boys have an annoying habit of screaming when a hard cock is pushed into them so I had sorted out a stool which was at a perfect height to deal with that problem . A boy could be laid on the stool on his back with his head hanging over the end of it at the right height for me to straddle his chin and neck with my legs either side of his head . This meant it was easy to lift any boy’s head up by his hair so that his mouth was covered by my pussy , we got some peace and quiet and I got my pussy eaten , a perfect solution .

Before putting Martin on the stool I stripped him naked and then positioned him and moved so that his head was inbetween my legs . John lifted Martin’s feet up towards where I was standing , I took hold of the feet which left Martin’s bottom , and more importantly , John’s target , fully exposed . John said he was ready and moved forwards , I felt Martin’s body tense as the cock started pressing against the boy hole at which point John took hold of one foot so that I had a hand free to grab a handful of hair and push Martin’s face into my pussy I told him to use his tongue on me and in fairness to him he did , it felt amazing . My stretching Martin’s hole was paying off , John was slowly easing his cock in , one inch , two inches and eventually he was balls deep . Martin was going mad with the pain but I kept his face firmly pushed into my pussy . John started sliding his cock in and out , despite him cumming in Martin’s mouth earlier I knew he wouldn’t last long , men rarely do in that situation .

Soon John let out a shout and said he was “filling the cunt” as he shot his cum deep into Martin’s bowels and at almost the exact same time I felt myself cumming again . Martin was gasping and trying to swallow everything I gave him . John’s cock soon deflated and he pulled it out at which point we swapped places and I licked and sucked John’s cum out of Martin while he made the boy suck his cock to get it clean .

Martin was a total mess , red faced from crying and me slapping him and his face covered in various bodily fluids , snot , drool , tears and my cum .

John dressed , gave me an envelope of money (I like my foreign holidays , boys are very cute in Vietnam as well 😉 ) and he left .

I picked Martin up , dropped him on my couch and covered him with a blanket , I leave the clean up til the following morning

By [email protected]
#Abuse #Bisexual #PreTeen

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