Naughty Night Nurse Allison Sex Story

#Abuse #PreTeen

By [email protected]

I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter as I moved nearer to him …

I leaned forwards and took a big sniff near his little boy cocklet , there was a faint smell of pee but I didn’t mind that. I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter as I moved nearer to him and licked the tip of his uncut , hairless little toy . He was blushing , his cheeks bright crimson as I opened my mouth and took the whole of it , plus his little marbles , into my mouth and started sucking it . I was in heaven , this was one of my favourite positions and somewhere I got as often as I possibly could .

A bit about me , I’m 31 , single , long dark hair , hazel eyes , 34B and smooth from my neck down . I am the night matron at a small home for orphaned children and I love my job and all of its perks . I usually have between 4 and 6 kids in my care at any one time , I tend to be the “go to” for looking after the younger boys so plenty of luscious young bodies to keep me happy .

The boy in question had been there for a few months and was getting a hell of an education from me . He sleeps in my room every night , well , sometimes he sleeps , but not often .

He has a gorgeous , rounded bottom , perfect for smacking whilst he is over my knee , fully naked . I get his bum cheeks nicely reddened and then rub soothing ointment into them as my finger slides down his crack seeking out his little starfish . It has taken a while but now I can get most of my finger inside him , he used to scream as it went in so I scrunched up my knickers , pushed them into his mouth and secured them with a cord round his head , it kept him quiet and allowed me to work into him .

Once I have done his nightly loosening up exercises (I have a gentleman friend who likes to have his way with the boys once I have prepared them) it is my turn for some fun , I love feeling him licking my pussy , me laying down with my legs spread and holding him in what would be a 69 position if he was taller . It isn’t often now that I have to smack his bottom again to get him pushing his tongue into me , he knows what is expected of him and he’s getting good at making me cum now at which point he has to lick it all up . I regularly cum more than once while he is licking me , mmm I love it .

We have recently started fucking as well , despite the treatment his bottom gets and regardless of how much of my cum he has to swallow he gets nicely hard . I pull him on top of me and he knows exactly what I need when I do that . His little cocklet feels amazing inside me , he pushes his hips up and down and I often have at least one more orgasm while he does . He has had a few dry cums now , I wish he was flooding my pussy with his cum but I can wait .

The night ends with a shower , we both go in together and I wash him all over and he does the same to me and he cleans me “internally” with his tongue which always ends with me holding his head in place while I pee all over his face and mouth . He hates that and his tears mix with my piss running down his face . I rinse him off and depending how much of the night is left I may let him go to sleep .

By [email protected]
#Abuse #PreTeen

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