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Hello all dear friends of, I am a very old reader of this site, after reading many stories, I also want to share my story, my story is completely true and real, just for the sake of security, the names of the characters and places are different. May be

Friends, my name is Jaikant and I am from a small village in Bihar, currently I am preparing for civil service in Ranchi after graduation, my age is 23 and my gender is 6.5, after passing 10th, I went to my middle brother who is in coal field. I do a job and there is a good math teacher in my area, so I was sent to him from home, he used to live alone in the whole quarter, I will tell about it further, I am talking about that time 6 years ago, till now I had not tasted the pleasure of pussy. Yes, once during Holi, I had gone to my elder brother’s in-laws house, whose marriage had only been for a few days. Those friends from Bihar must know how much respect is received in brother’s in-laws house immediately after marriage, so my setting there It was done with her dress, it was a very tight material, she was impressed, but the talk was limited to kissing and licking, could not enjoy the pussy, either because of her family fear or ignorance, which can be understood by young friends, well leave it, let’s come. on the present story,

I had gone away from my family for the first time, but only my brother and I used to live in the bigger quarter. For a few days, I could not understand anything, but after two days, a girl came and kept food for both of us and used to go to string her. Wanted, but came to know from a greeting card kept in the house that she was brother’s property. She was three sisters. This was the eldest one, after that there were two. One had an affair with a boy of the locality, so she also used to eat a lot and then the younger one. I made a setting with it, but it is not fit to eat now, otherwise it would have been sucked, I am telling all this so that you can understand the story better, its quarter was just in front of me, below.

Now let’s talk about the one whose mother I licked, whose name is Reena, in spite of being around 40 years old, she is the owner of a curvy body whose size is about 34-30-36. No, her quarter was near my father’s house, we all used to call her Didi, in the beginning I had respect for her, but when I saw her husband (I used to call him brother-in-law), he used to drink a lot and used to fight. He had completely ruined his body, now he was in the coal field, so drinking alcohol was common, there was no TV in his house, so he used to come to our quarter to watch TV and he had a relationship with his house because of fear. Those people did not say anything to brother, knowing all that I got the benefit, I slowly started going closer to Didi as there used to be a vegetable market on Mondays.

When I went there to withdraw the payment from the ATM, I got mixed up with her a lot but the matter did not reach there yet. Did not give any response, her husband never doubted understanding the relationship between brother and sister, friends, what I read in common story, pussy is not that easy to get, but it is not that difficult either, if you step in the right direction, you will definitely get the destination. This is what happened with me, I was busy with my pussy in my own way, it happened that one day there was a fight in my house, which was on the second floor of the colony, and she and her younger daughter were watching TV in my house, suddenly she got up. I started watching the quarrel, at that time there were only three people in the room, then suddenly I got up and followed her, I also started peeping in the colony and my cock started rubbing in the crack of her ass. He was completely steamed.

At that time I had no wrong intention, she pointed me and agreed to fuck me, then we sat and started talking, at that time her husband was down at home, then she got emotional and told her whole story that her husband means My brother-in-law doesn’t even give him the pleasure of cock and he didn’t even try because of the fear of the society. The matter is her husband’s night shift, from 8 o’clock she said that I will keep the gate open at night, you come, I used to sleep with my brother, so that night I slept in the other room, I was not able to sleep, I was just waiting. When I gave him the time to ring, at that time everyone was sleeping in his house, one room is empty in his house, mostly they used to sleep in the hall.

The staircase of my quarter was directly on the road, so I got down and quickly entered her house looking both sides. The door latch was open. My feet were trembling with fear. I was very scared at that time, I went to the room holding her and started sucking the petals of her lips, her body was on fire and she was also feeling a little ashamed, all the women feel the same, I na na bhi I will continue to fuck the person in front, I told her to open her clothes, she did not agree, then I started pressing her nipples from above, she also started sobbing completely, then I unbuttoned her blouse, she was not wearing a bra, maybe only today. I also unbuttoned my shirt as soon as my body came close to her body, I started getting amazing pleasure. My cock had become completely iron rod. I started taking it out, I was also feeling a little scared, my sister also liked the heat of my body.

She completely stuck to my body from the front and started nailing my back, now it was difficult to stop my cock, so I first wanted to lift her petticoat, but then I felt that it would not be fun, so I thought nothing, after her saree. The pulse of her petticoat slipped under the shell, now in front of me was the rarest thing in the world, for which man would go to any extent, a lovely swollen pussy whose petals of lips were visible in some night bulbs, I quickly thought nothing. I put my mouth in it, she said, what are you doing, there is no place to put your mouth, so I understood that either she is playing or her husband has never sucked her pussy. I started sucking her pussy with full fun. Intoxicated sobs started coming out from her, now she herself started pressing my head on her pussy with both her hands, I also started moving forcefully in her pussy, then in a short while she left water on my mouth, her pussy went limp. As soon as I got wet, my condition was also getting worse, sister started saying again and again, don’t torture me anymore, I am thirsty for the heat of the cock for many days. I took off my pant and asked him to caress my cock, he shyly put his hand on my cock and started caressing, your cock is very cool, after many days I am getting this luck. When she said no, I got angry, but after a while she went to suck, now I don’t know, she was sucking for the first time in life, but she sucked very well, then she took my cock out of her mouth and quickly started asking me to fuck a little. After rubbing her skin, he said, wait, let me cool your heat today.

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I placed my lips on her lips, placed her saliva-stained cock on her pussy and pushed it slowly, she screamed a little, but she was full of london. I put my lips on her lips and began to push and fuck. I reached heaven in no time and fell in her pussy. I started sucking, I was not enjoying anything, but then slowly my cock started getting hard as before, now it was the turn of the second round, now in another way, she sat on my waist, it was very heavy, but in front of the pussy, everything seemed light. Yes, she caught my cock and swallowed it in her pussy.

Now I was jerking from below, sister jumped ass and was about to fuck. After a while, I felt like doing mare pose. I turned back and became a mare, her white big ass was looking so cool, I could not tell, then I hit her pussy from behind, then I enjoyed it, my cock started rubbing, her pussy started to feel tight, I started to release It happened that both her chubby ass were on my thigh like a tabla. Her pussy was filled with my semen, now the itching of sister’s pussy has disappeared to some extent. It was about 4 in the morning. I had fucked sister hard twice, in which her thirst for pussy was quenched, after that she became my official property. I can meet her whenever I get a chance to play her pussy and ass, she hates condoms very much, one day she put on a condom and started fucking, snatched it and threw it away, she said only you fuck me and I don’t want to have a child. Operation is also friends, the fun of licking pussy without condom is different, but be careful, be safe, even today, whenever I go there, I feed her, now I also fuck her little daughter, her story later, friends, whenever I get a chance, think carefully Fuck off, God doesn’t give every chance again and again.

So friends, the first story of my neighbor sister’s real sex, if there is any mistake, then forgive me.

Your friend Aditya Singh

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