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Neighbor’s story

Hello friends, my name is Wasim and this is my first story on this site. It was about 4 years back, I live in the city and all the houses there are very close to each other and a girl had come to live in my neighborhood. That day I woke up at 12 o’clock and then I told my maid to make breakfast and then I stood in my balcony and in the front closed house a woman and a girl were cleaning the house, then I did not clean it properly. saw.

Then the same day I saw her in the evening, she was very beautiful. Then I asked my maid to find out information about her, then she gave me a lot of information about her that she has come from Vadodara and she does not have a father and she and her mother are the only two people living in the house and till now their house Item is not set. Then I sent her food through the hands of my maidservant and then many days passed, now I used to see her and she used to see me, but nothing was progressing. Then one day at night I was standing in my balcony and she was standing in her window. So I asked him that it has been so long that you haven’t slept, so he said no, he is not sleeping, then we talked a lot.

Then later the days passed by slowly and when his mother was not at home or was asleep, we used to keep talking. Then one day I asked him for his number, he did not give me his number, but I wrote my number on a piece of paper and gave it to him. Then after about 2 days his call came, I received the call and he told his name and said that this is my number, save it and never call me in front, otherwise my mother will kill me. Then I assured him and then this process continued. Now his miss call would come and after that we would talk for hours. Then those things started changing on the topic of romantic and sex and I asked her many times to fuck, but she refused because she was scared of both my cock and her mother. Then one day a relative of her mother had died, so she had gone to Vadodara at 9 in the morning.

Then I got a miss call from her and while talking I made a plan in my mind to fuck her and then I convinced her to go somewhere for a walk. Then I got ready and took out my car and called him outside my area and from there took him for a ride in the car. Then we watched the movie and in the middle of the movie I kissed her and put my hand on her boobs. Then when I put my hand in her salwar, her panty was completely wet and it became very hot. Now I understand that it has become Chudasi. Then we came out of the movie and in the car I kissed her again and my pussy was also mashed. Now she was very hot, now I took her to a hotel. Then there I booked a room and then we both reached the room, now she was trembling due to fear and was yearning for sex.

Then I hugged her and started kissing her. Then I removed all her clothes and now her 34 size boobs were looking very cute. Then I sucked her a lot and after that I made her lie on the bed and then removed all my clothes. Now she was scared to see my 9 inch cock and was quite scared, but I didn’t say anything to her yet and I was only kissing her and sucking her boobs. Now she was enjoying and then I started finger fucking her. Now she was enjoying a lot and then I sat between her both legs and spread both her legs completely and put a pillow under her ass and started rubbing my cock on her pussy. Now she was very scared and started refusing and started crying.

Then I explained to her with love and opened her pussy lips a little and set my cock there. After that I started kissing her and hit her by the shoulders and hit her hard, now only my cock’s supada had gone inside that she started jerking and her voice started echoing in my mouth. Now tears were coming out of his eyes and now I had become very hot. Then I started shooting fiercely regardless of him.

Now she was jerking a lot and now I was so hot in fucking that virgin pussy that I didn’t even know when she fainted. Then after 20 minutes when it started falling, I realized that she had fainted. Now I was a little nervous, but then I sprinkled water on his face, he regained consciousness and after that he started feeling pain. Then I sat beside him and made him sit on my lap. Then I took her to the bathroom, where we freshened up and after that when we came out of the bathroom, she was feeling somewhat relaxed. After that I started kissing her again and this time she also started supporting me.

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Now I was enjoying a lot and now I was pressing her boobs hard. Now she was moaning in pain, aaaah uuuuh uuueeee mother and was saying that Khan, press a little slowly, it is hurting a lot, but now where was I going to listen to her. Then I started fingering her pussy and now she started suffering from pain, but I didn’t listen to her and started fucking her with my finger.

Now after some time her voice stopped and the sound of her sobs started coming, ahhhh aaahh ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and she started lifting her ass lightly and now she had left a lot of water. Now again I put my cock on her pussy and started kissing her, this time I was fucking her very carefully, then I shot and stopped, now half of my cock was in her pussy.

Now she started crying again, so now I stopped and as soon as I removed my lips from her lips to suck her boobs, she started saying loudly that take it out, it is very painful, but I did not listen to her and Started sucking her boobs and after 10 minutes she herself started moving her ass. Then I locked her lips and shot with full enthusiasm by holding her shoulders, then my whole cock went into her pussy and my eggs started hitting the wall of her pussy.

Now after staying like this for 2 or 3 minutes, I left her lips and now her voice had started again, but within a short while she started sobbing, now she had sobbed many times. Now this round went on for about 45 minutes, then we both fell together and then we fell asleep there and when we woke up it was 3 in the afternoon.

Then we both went to the bathroom and freshened up after taking a bath. Then after that I ordered juice for him. Then she told me that I liked your cock. Then I said that it is yours only, if you ever want it then let me know. After that I told her that it should happen once more, now I don’t know when I will get a chance, so she smiled. Then I asked her to be in doggy style, then she became a bitch. Now I went behind her and started inserting my cock in her pussy from behind. Now she also started having a lot of fun and now she also started supporting me by going back and forth. Now her moving boobs were looking very cool. Then I fucked her lying straight and then we both fell together. Then we got up and cleaned each other and after drinking the juice I fucked her one more time and she cooperated very well this time and we had a lot of fun.

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