Neighbor’s young girl was tricked into a flower

Neighbors made flowers from the kalee

This First Time Sex Story is about a young boy and girl who lived in Uttar Pradesh. Like every young boy-girl story, there is lust in this story, and together there is the beauty of first love.

By reading this story, you will come to know that how a boy seduced a young girl of the neighborhood and made her a flower from a bud, whose name is a boy named Rahul who had seduced a girl of his neighborhood. Rahul had passed his class 12th last year itself and was preparing for the entrance. Rahul lived in a town in Uttar Pradesh where there were many other houses.

There was another house in the neighborhood of that house in which a very beautiful and lovely girl lived. When Rahul woke up in the morning, he saw that girl going to school for the first time.

Since then Rahul fell in love with that girl and wanted to make her his girlfriend. And then Rahul started pulling strings over that girl so that somehow she would fall in love. But the girl whose name was Sonia. Was a very intelligent and hot girl. Sonia used to show herself like a very decent and innocent girl.

But after going home, he too used to watch obscene pictures drowning in New Antarvasna. She knew that Rahul liked her but still she was eating feelings – like every girl eats feelings.

Rahul used to get up early every morning for her, so that he could see her going to school. Rahul used to smile at Sonia and wink at times. But Sonia did not bother him and continued with her work.

Rahul followed Duniya to the market one day, as he was upset that Sonia was not paying him any respect.

He held Sonia’s hand and said – I love you very much and this is true love.

But Sonia said – you think so, I do not think anything about you.

Rahul said – If you don’t think anything about me, then why do you come to the terrace every morning?

Because you know that I also come to the terrace in the morning to see you. Sonia said it is not such a thing, leave my hand, I have to go to school. Rahul leaves her hand. Where is it okay, go, we will talk about it later.

When he was going to school, Sonia’s friend said to him – Tujhe toh Rahul pasand hai na? So often talk about him in school. Then why is she getting so emotional, what a nice boy he is.

Sonia said – Yes I know! I like her too! But at least a little emotion has to be eaten, isn’t it?

Let’s see how long he can wait for me.

And then somehow one day Rahul got Sonia’s number out of jugaad baazi. Means asked from my friends from here and there.

And then he called Sonia. Sonia picked up the phone and said – yes who?

Rahul – Your old lover and neighbor.

Sona said – from where did you get my number and why are you calling me so late in the night?

Rahul – You know why should I call you man? i like you very much

Admit it, you also like me, I have seen it in your eyes.

If you want, we will keep our relationship a secret and no one will know about it.

Sonia said – Yes, I also like you, but I am just afraid that no one may come to know.

Rahul said – Hey don’t be afraid! I am a very nice guy, who is a number one in hiding things, no one will know about us.

And then after talking to each other, they said “I love you” to each other. And they often used to meet after school and eat things together in the market.

They used to drink like a common loving couple but put two straws in the glass of juice. Both had started telling each other about their thoughts.

And then Sonia told one day – that she also watches pornographic pictures, and she is very interested in sex.

Rahul was very happy to hear this and,

Said – Oh wow! Where do you find such girls?

Sonia said – You mean such a girl?

Rahul – Hey! Don’t get me wrong, mean open minded girls who are so cute and sweet.

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Sonia laughingly said – Don’t you have a hobby?

Rahul – I am very fond of you friend, I fist bump every week after seeing your pictures !!

Sonia said – Yes!!!!!! how dirty you are!!

Rahul said – Hey what is wrong with this, you are my girlfriend, I am your boyfriend. But we haven’t kissed yet.

Sonia said – Yes you are right, I also feel like it.

And then they both decided to meet each other after school the next day.

They met in a park after school and sat on a chair near a bush. There was no one in the park in the afternoon and they both came slowly to each other holding each other’s hand.

And very quickly kissed each other on the lips. After this both Rahul and Sonia’s eyes collided and they both smooched each other. They started sucking each other’s lips and started kissing each other’s tongue.

Then Sonia stopped and said it is not right to do all this here, we will go a long way. Rahul said that next week my parents will go out for some work and I will be alone at home.

You just come to my house on any pretext, we will have a lot of fun there. Sonia said okay, I will reach with some excuse. And on that day, Sonia came to Rahul’s house by giving some excuse to the family members. Rahul was waiting for him with pepsi and chips and biscuits and chocolates.

Both talked a lot and enjoyed their food. After this, Rahul took Sonia to his bedroom and made her lie on the bed.

Then Rahul put on Emraan Hashmi’s romantic song and said, “Will do with full feel, will enjoy.”

After this, Rahul started kissing Sonia. Sonia also held Rahul’s mouth tightly and they started kissing each other lip to lip. After this, Rahul slowly started pressing Sonia’s nipples with his hand.

As soon as Rahul pressed Sonia’s breast, Sonia’s mouth came out – Ah!! Slow down it hurts!!

Rahul agreed and he very slowly and lovingly started pressing Sonia’s breasts and along with kissing her.

After this, Rahul slowly started moving his fingers between Sonia’s legs. Sonia and Rahul are having so much fun. Rangoli took off all the clothes of Sonia and both became naked.

Rahul put both Sonia’s legs on his shoulders. And slowly started inserting his cock into Sonia’s pussy. Rahul pura graceful yaar tumhari bahut tight hai. Mine is not penetrating you fast.

Sonia said – are you mad? This is my first time.

Rahul – Slowly, with a little effort, he inserted his cock completely into Sonia’s pussy.

And Sonia screamed all of a sudden – out of her mouth – Ah!!!! ooh!!!!!! A lot is happening, Rahul…..!!

But something strange is also being felt, a strange kind of fun is also being experienced.

Rahul – Slowly it will be more fun!!

And he started moving his cock in and out of Sonia’s pussy, slowly with love. And then Rahul hugged Sonia and started kissing her. Both were lying and drowned in sex, both; Two bodies and one soul had become.

Both were enjoying a lot and both were getting extreme happiness. Then Rahul was just about to fall and he took out his cock and rubbed it on Sonia’s stomach.

Both were very tired and started laughing loudly. Sonia-Rahul hugged and said – “I love you” Rahul.

Rahul also said – “I love you too” Sonia.

And this lovely and beautiful relationship of these two continued like this.

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