New Chut Sex Kahani – Girl got fucked in brother’s marriage

In new pussy sex story, I fucked a virgin girl’s pussy. I met her at a wedding. There I befriended him and took his number.

Friends, my name is Ankit Singh. I am 21 years old and I am from near Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. My body is average and my complexion is fair.
I look very handsome, so girls also get attracted easily.
My penis size is six and a half inches. This is perfect for every pussy ass.

Today I am going to tell you such a new pussy sex story, after reading which boys’ cocks will get erect and sister-in-law’s pussy will get wet.

Friends, I was very happy when the marriage of my uncle’s son was fixed.
I thought that now sexy girls and sisters-in-law will be seen, whose ass will be big and big boobs will be there.
Do you know if you will get someone to fuck your pussy in marriage.
Thinking of all that made my cock erect.

Then slowly the day of marriage also came, such sexy sisters-in-law came in the relationship that my penis was getting erect seeing them.

When my penis got erect after seeing all of them, I had to fist.
Then my cock became calm.

It was time to go to the wedding procession the next day.
I got dressed well, put on perfume and put on a cool suit etc.

All the rituals were done and the procession started.

When the procession reached after some time, I thought that I should have a darshan of some goods first.
Thinking this, I reached where people were having food.

On the other side, there were very sexy sexy girls, sisters-in-law and aunties.
Seeing them, my cock started stirring.

There I saw a girl who was looking sexy like an angel.
I went crazy seeing her milky fair complexion and pink lips.

Really what was the goods.
I thought that I would hit the line only. If it is known, then the hunger of cocks will also disappear.

I just followed him.
Wherever she was going, I used to follow her.
I was also eating whatever she was eating.

Her figure of 34-28-36 is such that people go crazy just by seeing it.

So friends, when I kept following him, he got suspicious of me.
When she went to one side, I also followed her.

Now he asked why are you following me?
I told her- you are very beautiful… so was just looking at you. I can’t take my eyes off you, what should I do?

She started laughing at my innocence and said – you joke well.
I said – I am not joking, I am telling the truth. you are so gorgeous.

He said thank you to me.
Then we started talking.

He- What do you look like to the groom?
I told that I am the brother of the groom and who are you?
He also told that I am the friend of the bride.

Like this, we kept talking slowly.
Got introduced to each other by name.
His name was Mikasha.

This name has been changed. His age was 20 years.

Then the next day when the time came for the procession to return, I asked Mikasha for his number.
He also gave the number without any hesitation.

Then we both came to our respective homes.
Next day I called him.

We started laughing and joking.
Slowly we both became good friends, started talking everyday.

One day he asked – Ankit do you have a girlfriend too?
I told him – I haven’t found someone like you yet.

So she laughed.
Then I also asked her about her boyfriend, then she told – I am single.

I was very happy in my heart that the way is clear.
Then both of us kept talking like this.

One day I proposed her.
So he said – give me time till tomorrow.

I said yes and that night I kept thinking that I don’t know what Mikasha would say. May he not refuse.

The next day I asked her and she said – Ankit, I have also started loving you.
I was so happy that I started dancing while jumping there.

Now we both started talking about love.
Slowly we started kissing each other on the phone, then started talking about sex.

We both used to get very hot while talking about sex.
One day I said – Mikasha, now I want to have you. I want to kiss every part of your body.

Mikasha also said- Yes baby, I also want the same.
I said – then tell me dear, when will I come to your place?

She said – I will tell in a day or two.

On the third day, when we were talking, Mikasha said – come tomorrow. I will tell my mother that it is friend’s birthday.

I said – OK.
The second day I got up early in the morning, took a bath and cleaned the hair of the cock.

Then got ready and went with the bike.
Took condoms from a medical store in between, also took chocolates.

When I called him and asked, he told his location.
I reached there.

She was standing in front of me.
Seeing him, I thought in my mind that I should throw him here and fuck him.

I made him sit on the bike and went ahead and stopped at a restaurant, searched OYO room through mobile and booked a room in a hotel in a secluded place.
In no time we both reached the hotel and came inside the room.

I locked the gate and held Mikasha and started kissing her.
Started pressing her moms and started sucking lips.

His lips were so soft that I felt like eating them.
Then I picked her up and took her to the bed and started kissing her.

Warmed him up by kissing him everywhere on the ear, on the neck, on the nose, on the shoulder.
She started making sexy sounds- ah ah.

Then I took off her top and also took off her jeans.
He took off my T-shirt and jeans.

Now I was in underwear and she was looking like goddess of work in bra panty.

I started sucking her boobs, kissing her legs, back and her navel.
Both of us were very hot. The heat of lust was rising in both of us.

She said – dear, don’t be late now.
Hearing this, I took off her bra and her 34 size fair white boobs started popping in front of me.

Seeing the pink nipple in the middle of the teats, my intoxication started exploding.
Wow… what a load that was.

I filled one milk in my hand and started sucking the other.
Mikasha started making me drink her mother’s juice by sighing.

After some time she took down my underwear and started shaking my cock.
I took off my underwear and threw it away and also took off her panty.

Now both of us are naked.

After sucking her milk we both came in 69.

As soon as I put my tongue on her new pussy, she got very excited and in a few moments her pussy was full of water.
I opened the slit of the pussy and started sucking the juice by sticking my tongue inside.

On the other side Mikasha was just shaking my cock.
I said to him – take love in your mouth, don’t you know.

She started refusing to suck cocks, but on my repeated requests she started sucking cocks.
By giving cock in his mouth, I started feeling that I have come to heaven.

Friends, I cannot tell you how much fun it is to suck cocks.

Uff ah ahh… intoxicating sounds started coming out of my mouth.
Like this for 10 minutes both of us kept enjoying sucking in 69.

Then when both of our water ran out, we both lay down separately after drinking the juice.
Mikasha said – Ankit has not had such fun till date… I really love you baby!

Then I started kissing her again, started sucking her boobs, started fingering her pussy, due to which both of us soon got in the mood again.

Now Mikasha started speaking – Please baby, now put yours, I can’t help please!

But I was in the mood to suck more, so I kept sucking the pussy.

Then when I could not do it, I took the position and took Mikasha to the edge of the bed.

Keeping her feet on the shoulders, the supara of the cock was rubbed in the pussy.
She started shaking her ass by sighing.

I said – stop my love, let me take the umbrella.
She laughed hearing the umbrella and I put the condom on the cock.

Then after spitting on the pussy, I put the cock on the pussy, then Mikasha started speaking – Please baby, do it comfortably.
I said – ok baby.

When I pushed the cock comfortably by trapping it in the new pussy, the cock slipped.
When I pushed again, the cock went inside a little and Mikasha shouted very loudly ‘Oui maa mar gayi please get out please.’
But I didn’t remove the cock, I stopped there and started sucking the boobs, started kissing.

After a while Mikasha’s pain subsided, I started jerking slowly.
When she started having some fun, I gave a quick jerk and went inside more than half of the cock.

Mikasha started crying.
I locked her lips with mine.

When she became normal again, I started jerking again.
Now he too started having fun.
She started speaking- ah ah baby aur tej… aa aa ufff… baby maja aa gaya.

I also started sucking her boobs while jerking fast.
Now both of us were having fun.

After some time I asked Mikasha to become a mare, then Mikasha quickly became a mare.

I cocked from behind and started fucking her.
She started shouting merrily- ah baby and Tej ah ufff.

Just like this, Mikasha started speaking while hitting fast – Ah baby, don’t stop… my baby is going to happen… please make it faster ah.
I started jerking fast and just like that her water came out but I was yet to be mine.

I kept jerking.
Mikasha started speaking- Baby, now do yours quickly ah… I can’t bear it now ah!

While fucking like this, mine also came to be.
I started jerking fast and in 15-20 jerks my work was done.

I removed my water in her pussy because I was wearing a condom so there was no problem.

I fell down on top of Mikasha.
Then just like that we had sex 4 times that day which I will tell you in my next story.

Friends, this was my first sex story.
Do tell me by commenting how you liked this new pussy sex story.

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