New Year 2023 Sex Story, Party Sex Story, Gang Wang Sex Story

New Year 2023 Sex Story, Party Sex Story, Gang Wang Sex Story : Today I want to show you how I fucked two sisters together in the new year and in the party and her brother was involved in getting them both fucked. Today I am telling you the first sex story of this year i.e. hot sex story of 2022 on

My name is Vikas I am 24 years old. I party a lot. I live in style, roam around on Apache bike and fuck with girls, sister-in-law and women who are very hot and sexy and whose husband is not able to please her. I have broken the seal of many girls till date. I also have sex with many sister-in-law and older women. Means I am number one Majnu who keeps on teasing girls and women day and night to fuck them.

So it happened that on the night of 31st December, it happened that I live alone. I have a bigger flat and also spend. So three of my friends and their wives and a friend’s two sisters all came for the party. From eight o’clock in the night till twelve o’clock in the night, we 9 people i.e. three friends and wives of all three, two girls i.e. both sisters of one friend and me. From eight o’clock in the night, the party of Tandoori Chicken cooked in Tandoor and Paneer Tandoor and Old Monk liquor started. Everyone started drinking, dancing, singing, poetry, and laughing.

A lot of fun started, everyone drank a lot, even with their eyes pressed each other’s body and alcohol too much, boobs by pretending to be drunk. I also caressed the asses of friends’ wives a lot. Both the sisters were no less, she also kept staring at me staring at my cock as well because my cock was standing looking at the semi-naked bodies of sexy women. Till 11 o’clock in the night, I felt like going to the bathroom and masturbating because I would have to do my work only by masturbation.

But friends, as soon as twelve o’clock struck, the new year came and everyone started dancing, making noise and playing songs loudly. And started congratulating each other, Happy New Year, Happy New Year. That’s why what happened between the three of them i.e. the couple, in a gesture that six of the six started laughing and said, okay let’s go to Praveen’s flat, it is of three bedrooms, then all three will be set.

Do you understand guys? Yes, the matter of exchange was fixed, that is, his wife was with him, his wife was with him, all three were talking about exchange of their wives. And in turn all three women fuck each man. Ohhhhhhhhh what luck isn’t it friends. Think for yourself if this happened to you or if you got to fuck like this, how happy would you be? But I was not happy because when all three of them started leaving, I felt that I would be left alone.

But suddenly her brother said to those two girls, if you want then stay here and go to your flat whenever you want. We are leaving. Actually the house of those girls was on the 12th floor and I am on the second floor of the same building. And those people moved to another society which is four kilometers away from here.

Now there are three left, two girls and me. We made another peg and then all three started drinking together. While drinking, I asked, do you know where your brother, sister-in-law and everyone else have gone? So both of them said yes to party at other brother’s flat then I said no no they went for wife swapping. Today their night is going to be colorful, so both kept silent and started looking at each other’s face in a surprising way.

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I said no problem, we have more fun and drink alcohol. And we made it again. But my fight was not taking the name of gold. One of those girls said since when I am noticing that your private part is still standing. So I said what to do, everyone got something or the other but got nothing from it. So the other said, both of us also did not get anything, what will happen only with alcohol. On hearing this, I felt ohhhhhhhh brother, both of them are ready to fuck and I am motherfucker just drinking alcohol.

On hearing this, I went and sat in the middle of both of them. And by turning both hands from the back side of both of them, started caressing both of their tits, she started kissing my cheek from both sides and both of them started caressing my cock. Now all three of us stood up and all three took off their clothes.

When the heater was on, it was less cold. Now all three were naked and started caressing each other’s body. Sometimes I would kiss one and press one’s nipples till then the other would caress me and then I would caress the other’s body. Ohhhh what should I tell friends, both of them have lost their bodies. Sexy Nan Nux, beautiful, fair, ass wide but room very thin. Ohhhhhh what can I tell how when both of them were naked.

I immediately took both of them to the bedroom and kissed, drank and sucked both of their nipples. Then licked both of their pussy a lot. When the sensuality of both of them started crossing the limits, then both of them were going crazy, she started making strange noises. He was licking other’s ass at that time. Sometimes she would make me drink boobs and sometimes she would make me lick my ass.

When I fed one a lot, the other now lay down, now I fuck the other a lot, sometimes from the bottom, sometimes from the top, sometimes from the side, sometimes by sitting and lifting. When both became very sensuous and sexy, I was scared because both of them became wild and she jerked her pussy loudly and sometimes she used to shove her nipples in my mouth and sometimes in my ass.

But I was also not less, fed both of them a lot and pacified them, because when I was fucking one, I used to finger the other one’s pussy with speed. And whatever hot white cream comes out of my pussy, I lick it all. That’s how I did both. Then drank alcohol. And then all three slept for an hour and then had sex. Both those sisters went to their flat from my flat at six in the morning because her brother was about to come late.

Both of them went saying that now keep on pleasing both of us sisters, call us whenever you want to fuck, both of us sisters are number one chatterbox type of girls. So friends, how did you like this story of which I have written and that too on the occasion of new year.

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