Newly wed girl fucks in train toilet

(Newly Wed Ladki Ki Chudai Ki Train Ke Toilet Me)

My name is Anmol, I am a resident of Jaipur, I am doing handicraft work and I am doing this work for a long time because my father used to do handicraft work earlier, but since his health has deteriorated, only after that he started handicraft work. I am working, I often go here and there and this work is going very well because I learned this work from my father, so I supply it outside. Earlier my father used to not supply outside but ever since I have taken over the job, I take it outside as well. My shop is in Jaipur only and when I go out somewhere my father sits in the shop, when my father is in the shop he takes care of the work of the shop. I have a lot of customers outside, and I give them innovative designs so they get stuff from me. Newly Wed Ladki Ki Chudai Ki Train Ke Toilet Me

My father’s friend has a girl, her name is Seema, I also like her very much and my father talked about my relationship with her because Seema’s father is a very good friend of my father, so he could not refuse and he Agreed for the relationship. When my dad told this to me I told him that you are in too much of a hurry, now I need some more time, though I like Seema but I need time, if you give me some time I will Will only get engaged to Seema. They started saying that you get engaged now, you can talk about marriage for some time.

Earlier I was not at all ready for this but they got me engaged, when I got engaged to Seema, my family members were also very happy and we both are happy, Seema also liked me already, those people Had already come to our house, so we both like each other very much but I was not in the mood for engagement yet, my father got me engaged, so I could not even say no to him. After that Seema and I used to meet frequently. “Newly Wed Ladki Ki Chudai”

Although I was mostly away, but whenever I was in Jaipur, I used to spend time with Seema. I love spending time with her and she also loves spending time with me. When I had time, I used to call her and she also used to call me, she used to ask me whether you ate your food on time or not. She used to worry about me a lot, I used to tell her that you are worrying about me so much before marriage, will you change after marriage? She started saying no it will not happen at all, I will never give you a chance to complain. We used to meet often. Once I was going to Delhi in connection with my work, so I thought I will go by train only, I got the train reservation done and when I was going to Delhi, that day she came to drop me till Seema station because Seema also has some work to do. So she came to drop me at the station and after that she went home.

Both of us were sitting in the station for a long time and we were talking for a long time while sitting in the station. When the train arrived, I boarded the train and Seema Voss went home. I was calling Seema while sitting in the train, she was saying that I had just come out of the station and would take an auto from there and go straight home. As soon as I hung up the phone, a married couple came and sat in front of me. They had just got married and I was watching them. I was also thinking in my mind that when I get married to Seema, I will also take her somewhere. They were sitting in the seat in front of me, so I was watching them. Then I thought why shouldn’t I talk to them, when I talked to them I asked them their names, both of them told their names, the boy’s name was Ajay and the girl’s name was Niharika. “Newly Wed Ladki Ki Chudai”

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I asked him if you are from Jaipur only, he said yes we are from Jaipur only. He started saying that our marriage has just been a month and we are going for a trip, I asked him where are you going for a trip, he said that we are going for a trip abroad. Some of our relatives live in Delhi and we will leave from there after meeting them. They both looked very happy and I was very happy to see them. I had a very good conversation with Ajay and I was also talking to Niharika. Ajay started asking me what do you do, I told him that I do handicraft work. “Newly Wed Ladki Ki Chudai”

Niharika started telling me that you must be making shoes too, I told her that we make them on order only. I showed her a simple one, she liked it very much she asked me how much it was, I told her it is my gift to you as you guys are newly married. I gave that shoe to Niharika. It was looking great on her feet and Ajay was also saying that this shoe looks great. We were sitting and talking and the journey was passing, I did not know the time at all when it was time to sit with those people. “Newly Wed Ladki Ki Chudai”

Everyone was asleep in the train and Niharika was sleeping in the seat in front of me. When I saw Niharika’s ass, my mood started getting spoiled and I felt very good seeing her. I took out my cock and started shaking it when Niharika saw me she couldn’t stop it at all and we both got up and went to the bathroom of the train. When we both went to the train bathroom, she immediately took my cock in her mouth and started sucking my cock very well. She sucked my cock very well with her mouth for a long time. When I removed her clothes, her vagina was very soft. I couldn’t stop at all and I immediately put my cock inside her vagina. I jerked her very hard and she was very happy while I was jerking her. For a long time I jerked her, now I took out my cock and put it inside Niharika’s ass, as soon as my cock went into her ass, she screamed and I started feeling very good. “Newly Wed Ladki Ki Chudai”

I started pushing my cock inside her ass and she was moaning a lot. I was holding her ass tightly and her ass was bleeding profusely. Now she was also in full mood and was rubbing her ass with me. She would very well push her ass towards me and I would also keep pushing her very hard so that a lot of heat was coming out from inside both of us. Even I was not able to bear the heat of Niharika at all and I was jerking her very fast, I was enjoying a lot when I used to push her. She was also touching her butts to me and was saying that you have peeled my ass badly. I jerked her very fast, in the middle of that my semen fell in Niharika’s ass and she became very happy. She was very happy when I took my cock out of her ass and we both went to sleep comfortably. I had also taken Niharika’s number that day and I used to visit her house occasionally. She had also sent me nude pictures of her honeymoon. “Newly Wed Ladki Ki Chudai”

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