No one hurts my brother Sex Story

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The girls at school kept rejecting my brother, and it made him sad. I took matters in to my own hands and finally got him laid.

I’m 12 and my brother is 15, we go to the same school now, and the for the last couple of months I’ve watched him try to chat up girls at break times, but they always knocked him back, at first it was kind of funny seeing him being rejected, but then I started to realise that it was hurting him, and he seemed so sad.

Well, I love my brother, and I didn’t like seeing him sad, so as his little sister I knew I had to do something.

Oh, but it’s not what you think, I didn’t sleep with him or anything, I got other girls to do that… because deep down, I can be one evil bitch when I want to be, and no one hurts my big brother. No one.

I bought a small cameras online and the next time the girls from his year had swim class, I waited for them all to head to the pool after changing, then I hid all the cameras in the changing room, where no one would find them, and then I waited.

When I retrieved the cameras a few weeks later, they had captured all the girls changing, I got loads of great HD shots from multiple angles of their bare naked bodies parading around, so I edited a cut all the footage on my laptop, then saved them on my phone.

First on my list was Lana.

At break time a few days later, I found Lana and pulled her aside to have a private word, “Do you know my brother, Peter?” I asked her.

“No. Should I?” she asked.

“Yes. He’s the boy you rejected a while ago.” I said.

Then she remembered, “Oh the dweeb. Sure, why? – has he asked you to ask me out or something.” She said.

“No. I need to show you something…” I said, then I got my phone and played the video of her naked in the changing rooms, with everything on show, “…This is you, right?” I said.

She stared at my phone in shock, I pulled it away when she went to grab it, “No, No. This is mine.” I said.

“Where did you get that? – Delete it!” she snapped.

“I will. As soon as you do something for me.” I replied.

“Listen, you little bitch, I’m not going to be blackmailed by you – Delete it. Now!” she snapped, looking angry.

My snap was louder than hers, “Shut up! – You are going to do exactly what I tell you to do. And if you don’t – well – I’m going to send this to everyone in school.” I snapped back.

She turned around in frustration and screamed under her breath, stomping her foot on the ground, then she turned back around to face me, “Okay – what do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I want you to walk over to Peter, be nice to him, and flirt with him.” I said.

“Then you’ll delete the video?” she asked.

“Yes, as long as you do everything I say.” I replied.

“Fine!” she growled, then started to walk off, towards Peter.

“Wait. There’s one more thing.” I said.

“What?!” she huffed.

“I want you to tell him that you want to suck his cock.” I said.

She looked at me disgusted, “What?! – No way.” She said.

“Alright, I’ll just send this video to everyone then shall I.” I said.

“Okay, say I go over there and flirt with him, be nice to him, and tell him I want too…. Suck his cock… then what?” she asked.

“Then you take him behind the gym and suck his cock.” I replied.

“You’re insane. I’m not sucking – No – I’m not doing that.” She said, folding her arms in protest.

“Do it. Or I swear to God I’ll send this fucking video to everyone. Including your parents.” I snapped.

She know I wasn’t kidding, so she turned and walked up to my brother and looked like she was doing what I’d told her to do.

A few minutes later she whispered to him, then they walked off together towards the gym, she turned her head to look back at me from a distance, she gave me the finger, I followed them as they went behind the gym.

Peering around the corner of the wall, I saw Lana getting on her knees, my brother was smiling and looked happy, she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock and started to suck it, I stopped watching at this point until I heard Peter groan out, then I looked again, he was pushing his cock back inside his pants and Lana was wiping her mouth, looks like she did the deed.

She came storming around the corner and noticed me standing there, “Okay, I did what you wanted.” She said, coughing on my brothers sperm.

“How’d he taste?” I asked, purposely rubbing it in.

“You’re sick, do you know that. Now, delete the fucking video.” She demanded.

I am a girl of my word, so I deleted the video and showed her that it was gone, then she stormed off away from me and I laughed, I got my brother his first blowjob, I was happy.

Over the next couple of weeks I blackmailed several other girls in to blowing my brother, and he had never looked happier, and more confident in himself, I was making my brother happy which made me happy, but I knew he wanted more, I had to get him laid.

I saved the best for last, Debbie, she was his biggest crush, but like all the rest, she rejected him as well, but not this time, this time she was going to go all the way with him, I made sure of that.

But it took a few weeks, I had several videos of her naked, and used them one by one.

First I made her ask Peter out, “Tell him you want to be his girlfriend.”

Then I made her kiss him, “Make it feel genuine, passionate, like you’re madly in love with him.”
Then I forced her to send him topless photos, “Show him your tits.”

“You’re doing really good, my brother really believes it, he loves you, you know?” I said

“Whatever. Just tell me what you want me to do now?” she asked, getting irritated by me, she looked like she wanted to rip my head off and take a shit all over me.

“Go all the way with him.” I replied.

“No. Look, I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do so far, I didn’t like it but I did it. But there’s no way I’m sleeping with him, that’s too far, even for you.” She replied.

“Peter wants to fuck you.” I said.

“I’m not fucking him!” she replied, sternly.

“Yes, you are.” I said.

“No, I’m not!” she replied.

I played another video on my phone, which showed her naked in a changing booth, fingering herself, and I held the phone up to her face so she could see it clearly, “Yes – You – Are!” I said, angrily.

“Oh, my God.” She mumbled, knowing I had her over a barrel, nude videos of her were bad, but potentially having a video of herself naked and masturbating shared around school was too much even for her, “Okay – I’ll do it.” She said.

“Good girl.” I said, “Tell my brother you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, and you want to screw his brains out. Arrange to come over to our house on Saturday night, so I know you’ve done it.” I instructed.

As planned she came over, my parents were out that night and my brother thought I was sleeping over at a friend’s house, so he had the house all to himself, for him and Debbie to have some alone time.

I had already set up one of my hidden cameras in his bedroom, and I was sitting in our garden shed, watching the live feed on my phone.

Peter and Debbie went in to his bedroom, he showed her around his room, then they sat on the bed and started to kiss, Peter groped her breasts, she sat there like a statue, just letting him touch and feel her.

Finally she gave in and started interacting with him, it got heated and their clothes came off, and I watched Peter fuck Debbie on his bed for nearly an hour, first missionary style he was on top of her, then he got her on all fours and fucked her from behind, I couldn’t tell if he was fucking her pussy or her ass, but he was definitely enjoying himself, then they went missionary again.

When they were done, they cuddled, Peter fell asleep and Debbie lifted his arm off her and carefully slid herself out of his bed, put on her clothes and she left the bedroom, I heard her come out of the back door to our house, so I looked out of the shed window, Debbie was puking in flowerbed, then she rushed out of the back gate and vanished in to the night.

I sent her a message on her phone, “That was one hell of a show. You did good. As promised the video has been deleted.”

Peter was so happy after that night, he certainly had a spring in his step, and he’d obviously told all his friends because word quickly spread of his conquest and he kind of became like the school hero to all the boys.

As for me, well, I was just happy Peter was happy.

#Blackmail #Teen #Virgin #Voyeur

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