Papa’s retired friend enjoyed my youth

friends . My age is about 20 years at present. Last 2 years ago there was such a turning point in my life which changed my life and made me feel love. Actually my father has a senior friend and has retired, he Lived about 4 kilometers away from our house, his house used to fall on the way coming from college, we used to come here a lot, it was 2 years since his retirement, he had a son who works in Bangalore, Aunty’s Death had happened 6-7 years ago. Father used to say that sometime go to your uncle and inquire about his condition, the poor thing is left alone. I used to cook food and go. I used to go to his house in half a week and he used to make coffee or drink for me, I used to rest for a while and read kuch magazine and sometimes he used to take me by car. would leave,

One day I saw that some sex books were also kept in his wardrobe, I started reading while sitting in his bedroom. Came near and stood and he also followed.

He bent down and grabbed my face from behind and kissed me 3-4 times. The book was in my hand only. I was in salwar and suit.

My face turned red with shame, I could not say anything to him, slowly his hands started sliding towards my chest, and he grabbed my breasts, I did not expect this from him, but my mistake was that I was reading a book. He started rubbing my breasts. For the first time a man had put his hands on my breasts. My eyes started closing with intoxication, but I could not stop them even after doing six. Then they came around from the side and sat next to me. At that time, they were wearing tehmal and vest. Then he started kissing me like crazy. I used to respect him a lot. I told him slowly that uncle please…… No, he said slowly in a sexy voice that I like you very much honey. And women only for men. By saying this he put his right hand in my salwar. I screamed when he pressed my pimples. His palm was caressing my pubic hair. He was kissing me, squeezing my nipples and Were also stimulating work from below,

I had never got such pleasure till date. I felt like my water was about to break. His finger was caressing my private part, then he lifted me in his arms like a child and made me lie down on the bed. He himself also on top of me. Came, Temal was still there. He put my shirt up and started sucking my nipples in his mouth. His mustache was touching my body.
He was coming towards my bottom while kissing, I was under such work in the upper, he came till my navel, then he opened my pulse. I was so excited that I closed my eyes, my breathing was fast. After that he started sucking my lips again. He was kissing my neck and below my ears, I felt myself I am not on the bus

He had spread his legs and I was feeling something hard, long and round in the middle of the water thighs. He removed both my salwar and kachhi, after that he started doing what I don’t know. That’s when I felt that Something fleshy like a hot egg is stuck on my cunt

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Uncle slowly raised both my legs and held them in his left hand, this was a completely new experience for me. Uncle used that hot fleshy stick about 7 inches long from my very bottom to the upper ribs about 6-7 times. Rubbed. My breasts were starting to move up and down, then uncle gave a forceful push with his butts and I screamed, he had inserted his black stick inside me, when I looked at him, he patted my cheeks and said that honey is enough. Gone don’t panic,
Just after this uncle slowly started pushing that black fleshy rod inside me. Now I was also enjoying. But I had spread myself because of pleasure. Uncle continued to fuck me in this condition for about 15 minutes, he had given me completely inside.

I used to think that old men can’t love girls. But they misconstrued my claim. At last, uncle’s speed increased a lot and the room was filled with his breath and my sigh, then uncle raised his face. And like a bull, a sound came out of the throat in pleasure and inside me, I probably shot such a fun hot pichkari 7-8 times on the uterus that I became infatuated, Uncle slowly lay down on me, both of us for about 2 minutes. He kept lying like this. After this uncle kissed me and then straightened up and lay down next to me on the bed.
My eyes fixed on his black cock, I also looked in the middle of my thighs, I understood that uncle has violated my virginity.

His black fat cock was withered but his skin was still behind. Uncle’s withered cock was also about 5 inches, ufff. Shirred up. Uncle’s eyes were closed, I started crying, uncle silenced me, and said that just for the first time all girls come out, uncle cleaned my genitals and his cock with his tehmal.

All my hesitation was over. I got up and put on my salwar, uncle told me how did you feel honey, I bowed my head and said uncle what have you done to me? He said that men do like this with every girl. But don’t tell anyone, I said that uncle liked me very much. He told me to come here whenever the mood strikes, after that he asked me to make tea and went to the market, he fed me 2 pills and said that Now the child will not stay in your stomach.
Uncle said to get up quickly and go to the bathroom and urinate with your hands, my semen will still be inside you.
When I was urinating, about 2 spoons of thick white ghee like substance came out from my hole, which they pushed inside me.
Then what happened afterwards?

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