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Pati ne dost se chudwaya sex kahani: My name is Deepti, I am 27 years old, I have two daughters. Son is not happening. Someone told my husband that you will not be able to have a son because there is no seed in your semen to have a son. Husband is single so he wants to have a son so he took me to many places. Showed it to many beggars, fed many herbs to many sages but still haven’t had a son.

Now my husband has handed me over to his friend, he fucks me whole night so that a son is born. Both my daughters and my husband sleep in one room and me and my husband’s friend Nikhil in one room. Today I am going to tell you that first day of my sex, the day I handed over Nikhil to Nikhil, how he had fucked me, what happened on the first day and how my husband felt about it all on this website I have been

I live in Delhi, I had a love marriage. Husband is fine, he never pleased me in sex, he likes only one thing, he licks my pussy a lot and rubs his tongue a lot on my ass, at that time I think about some handsome boy, close my eyes That handsome boy is licking my pussy like this. I used to feel like kissing another man, but you also know that it is not easy, there is an earthquake in the family when someone’s wife fucks with a non-man.

But when the husband himself brings someone and makes him stand and says, I have no problem, you fuck with them. And in that when the husband cooperates. With such an order, my desire to fuck and a non-man was also fulfilled. The husband is also happy, I am also happy and the third man is more happy than both of us, for the one who gets the pleasure of free sex, he has become different. Now coming straight to the story.

Both the daughters are still young, so they go to sleep earlier. It is about Sunday, my husband called Nikhil for dinner, actually Nikhil works in his company and Nikhil is a divorced man, his wife left him, so he used to have a lot of sex with his wife and had sex thrice a day and night. used to do. So Nikhil was invited for dinner, I also made mutton and rice.

All three of us sat down to eat at around eleven in the night. The daughters were asleep. Even if there was alcohol, I used to drink before marriage because my father was an officer in the army, so it was common for me. I also took two pegs and both of them drank a little too much while narrating their woes.

I am not very much but yes I was also very drunk. It felt like I was flying in the air. My body had become very light, now I was feeling that someone should fuck me. So both stood up and the husband went to the other room and said, you both enjoy. And they closed the door. I said to Nikhil what happened? So he said today he asked me to sleep with you so that you can give birth to a boy.

I felt a little awkward, but when she was drunk, she said, then let’s go to the room, because if the husband agrees, what will anyone else do. When he himself is ready to fuck his wife, then it’s all over. Nikhil kissed me holding my hand and then both came to the bedroom. I closed the door. And we both started swinging in each other’s arms.

After that Nikhil kissed me on the lips while removing hair from my face. A fire broke out inside me. I could not stop myself and started kissing Nikhil, both of their lips were pressing each other with teeth. We both were caressing each other. Suddenly Nikhil’s cock touched my thigh and I became even more mad. I quickly grabbed Nikhila’s cock, she immediately lowered her panty and I sat down and grabbed the thick cock and took it in my mouth.

About 9 inches of land used to go up to my throat, even then it was remaining outside, it was so thick that it was difficult to fit in my mouth. I started licking the land. He was caressing my hair. After that I took off all my clothes. Nikhil started pressing my nipples and started grinding the nipples with his finger. I was feeling like fire in my body.

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I lay down on the bed, he separated both my legs, first caressed my pussy and then put his cock in the middle of the pussy and inserted it forcefully. My pussy was already very wet, so there was no problem in going to the cock. Now both started helping each other and supporting each other.

Today, for the first time, I had the care of a man, in which the thick and thick cock was being pounded loudly. I was enjoying the fuck with my eyes closed. Loud voice started coming out of my mouth. Ah ah ah louder and louder ah ah uff uff ouch ohh ohh ohh and louder and louder. Nikhil was thrusting his cock into my pussy.

We both were making each other happy. We both were enjoying the fuck. The sound was coming out loudly. Then there was a sound from the door, both of us became calm, someone knocked. As soon as husband Dev calmed down, he said, reduce your voice a little, even the neighbor will listen. And then he left.

But friends, both of us had become sensual. Nikhil now started fucking me by making me a mare and was giving cock in my pussy from my ass. And was caressing the ass with both hands, sometimes he would have inserted his finger in my ass, then I would have become even more mad. Like this, I fucked for about an hour and put my entire material in my pussy. We both slept naked holding each other.

Again at seven in the morning there was a knock on the door. Immediately she got up wearing a nightie and Nikhil also wore a pant, he remained lying down. When I opened the door, husband Dev came into the room with three cups of tea. Taking a sip of tea, he said how was the night. We both started smiling. Nikhil said that you will soon become the father of a son.

So the husband said that now everything is in your hands. Then what friends, now my husband stays in Khatirdari only, I fuck daily, now that night stays at my place only.

But now I have made a plan, now I will leave my husband and live with Nikhil. Whenever I do this, I will definitely tell the friends of through the story.

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