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#Exhibitionist #Incest #Teen

By Smutdaddy51

At first she thought she didn’t like being peep on by her little brother by turns out she was wrong.

Daisy in her room, standing in front of her bedroom mirror in her bra and panties. She takes the bra off, looks at herself in the mirror. Daisy was proud of how she had developed over the summer. Turning eighteen and going from a B cup to almost a D cup. Which got her plenty of attention from the boys at her school. Then looking towards her bedroom door.

“Brian, you’d better not be looking at me!”

From outside her room comes a voice.

“What? Daze, I was just passing by!”

Brian, her fourteen year old brother, walk away, Daisy starts thinking to herself, how her fucking brother, Brian had become a little creep peeping on her ever since he accidentally seen her naked over the summer.

Later that day, Daisy was back in her room, stripping out of her clothes, before laying in the middle of her bed. She thought for sure her pervert brother was out with his friends, so Daisy decided to have a little me time. Daisy started by rubbing and caressing her enlarged boobs and twisting and pulling on nipples, making them hard and pointy, while quietly moaning.

She closed her eyes, as one of her hands moved downward, sliding along her stomach, so she could rub her fingers up and down her slit. As she continues playing with herself, enjoying the wicked feeling of sliding her finger into her wet twat. As works herself towards her orgasm, she bites her lip, furrows her brow, and starts to writhe on the sheets, breathing hard.

Suddenly, her eyes pop open. She didn’t know how she knew, but Daisy suddenly realized her little brother was watching her. Brian was indeed watching her sister masturbate.

Daisy closed her eyes again, she wanted to yell at him, but she was too into it. Daisy hadn’t wanked in weeks, and was desperate to just cum.

Somehow, knowing her brother was watching her no doubt getting a stiffy, actually made Daisy hotter. As Daisy continues to get off, starting to buck her hips, her other hand moves under her and she inserts her middle finger in her ass.

“Oh, fuck!” she squealed through her clenched teeth, the closer Daisy got, the more her body tried to force her up, and toward the door. In her head, Daisy was actually starting to think of her brother’s knob, hard and throbbing in his pants. Soon, her impulses became too hard to control. Suddenly, panting and starting to visibly sweat, Daisy leaped off the bed, and wrenched open her door.

“Uh, Daze!” Brian says, panicking. “I was just-”

“Shut up and get the fuck in here.”

Daisy pulls her brother into the room, slams the door behind him, then pushes him up against it, and shoves her tongue in his mouth. Brian didn’t resist for a second; as soon as he felt his sister’s tongue was in his mouth, he met it with his own. As brother and sister kissed, Daisy rubbed the obvious bulge in her brother’s jeans. Just as Daisy suspected, Brian was about ready to tear open the front of his pants.

Daisy lowered herself to her knees, and started undoing Brian’s pants, then, she pulled out his hard cock, and started to suck him off, lips sliding up and down his rigid member, while her hand tightly grips the base. Daisy thought har brother had been hard in his jeans, but she actually felt it grow harder in her mouth as she sucked on it.

“Oh, Daze…” Brian moaned, as Daisy stroked his shaft, while she sucked on his swollen head. “Oh, fuck, Daisy…”

Brian was so excited, Daisy could taste his pre-cum on my tongue. The realization of what she was doing was making her heart leap out of her chest, and her cunt started gushing.

Brian must’ve smelled it, because…“Daisy?” Daisy stopped, and looked up at her fourteen year old brother’s face, “Can I eat you out?”

Smiling, Daisy climbed on her bed, spread her legs, offering him her sweet pink twat. Brian, stripped naked and laid on his stomach between his sister’s legs, and went down on her, lapping up his sister’s juices, and her twitching and wincing as his tongue caresses her dripping snatch.

It felt so insane, never in a million years did Daisy ever think she’d be letting her brother eat her pussy, nor did she imagine he’d be so good at it.
Brian continued to lap on his sister’s clit while banging her practically gushing pussy with his first two fingers, causing Daisy’s twitches to turn to full-on convulsions as she orgasmed.

“Oh, fuck, Brian, take your fingers out, and shove your cock in there!”

Brian didn’t need to be told twice, in seconds he was on his knees in front of Daisy with his cock moving in and out of her wet pussy. Daisy began to sweat profusely, and her tits were bouncing and jiggling, her nipples fully erect from the moisture, while her upper teeth biting down hard on her bottom lip.

This…was really happening, Daisy thought to herself, as her brother’s cock fuckiled her hard and deep. As Brian was banged her, daisy’s mind started to wander to even more fucked up places. Daisy thought about their father, and what it might be like to be fucked by him, and she thought about thier mom. While Daisy was not a lesbian by any stretch, she found herself thinking about her mom and her naked on her bed, eating each other out.

All those nasty thoughts suddenly, set her off, screaming and clutching at herself, Daisy climaxed. Brian faught of his need to cum as his sister’s cunt clamped down on her rigid cock that was up inside her.

While Daisy had a tremendous orgasm, Brian was still in need of getting off. Daisy was feeling like a pretty nasty little slut feeling her brother’s cock all the way up in her, filling her up, making her cum repeatedly. Little did she realize he was about to top her when it came to nastiness.

Daisy moans throatily, as another orgasm hits her. As Daisy worked to catch her breath, Brian pull his cock out of Daisy’s pussy, then press it against her pink, sweaty butt-hole.

“Brian…” Daisy gasps, “Brian, what are you doing?”

Brian response was to push his for teen year old cock up Daisy’s eighteen year old ass.

“Ooohh!” Daisy groans deeply, as Brian’s cock slowly and laboredly drilled in and out of her stretched out butthole.

Daisy had never let any guy put his cock in her ass, and now her brother done it without asking. Somehow, this act of insolence made Daisy even hotter than she already was.

Suddenly, Daisy’s arms buckle, and she screams, “I’m cumming!”

Her ass squeezing down on his was finally to much, suddenly, Brian started groaning, and pulled out, as spurts of hot, white jism shoot out of his dick, covering his sister from twat to neck. Once he stopped shot off, he put his cock back in her pussy, and slowly fucks her, before taking it back out, as he finally his cock going soft.

“Hmm…” Daisy sighed, as she rubbed her brother’s cum into her body.

“I can’t believe we just fucking did that.” as she sucks Brian’s jizz off her fingers. Daisy looked up at her brother, and giggles, finger in mouth,

Brian doesn’t peep on Daisy anymore, because she let him watch her undress, and, of course, she sometimes let him fuck her, but under one condition; that he doesn’t put his cock in her ass without asking first. He sometimes listens.

Should the story continue?

By Smutdaddy51
#Exhibitionist #Incest #Teen

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