Penny’s Oral Exam 05 – Interlude Sex Story

#Exhibitionist #Group Sex #Voyeur

By kinkbugs

Ethan attends a mixer and discovers Aubrie, a painal-loving, deepthroating, piss-guzzling, well-mannered divorcee.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait between updates. I’ve been pretty ill this month (Not COVID, thankfully). I know that this probably isn’t the direction that y’all want me to take, but I had plenty of time to think about Ethan and Penny when I was recovering. I have Thanks for reading and enjoying my stories 🙂

Ethan folded his arms and smiled indulgently at the girls who were straightening out their skimpy clothes. The opportunity to guide the young teens of today in their sexual submission was an honour and a joy. Ethan treasured the afternoons that he spent railing throats, drilling cunts and pounding asses at the community centre.

He let out a soft sigh as he watched the girls leave, giggling and limping a little from their hard poundings.

“You look like you’ve got something on your mind,” Sylvia said, leaning in close. She gave him a knowing look over her basket of sex toys.

Ethan mock scowled at her. She was one of the educators who helped organize the extra curricular fucking sessions for girls who lacked a strong dominant male figure in their lives.

He couldn’t deny that she was right. Watching these young girls learn and grow, he was reminded of his little biscuit, Penny. She had passed her Oral Exam with flying colours and was now working on her muffing skills for the Lesbian module. In a couple of months, the practical sex exams would be all completed, her results compiled and posted online on the school website, an advertisement to all potential suitors about what a stellar submissive slave wife she would become.

Soon, Penny would start dating these dominant men, who would eventually pierce her nipples and lead her away by the clit.

The thought of it made Ethan feel a little bit lonely. Fucking the teens at the community centre and random women at mixers was fun and all, but it was very different compared to coming home to seeing a kneeling wife who wore his marks of ownership. Penny did her best to be a good submissive little daughter, but the feeling was just not the same.

“It’s nothing, just thinking about how they grow up so fast,” Ethan said, following Sylvia over to where two other young women were washing the sex toys.

“You know, there’s a Foster Wife Drive this Friday, you should definitely go,” Sylvia told him, emptying her basket into a tub of water, “I mean… you’re single, they’re single….” A jingling sound came from her pussy as she soaped up the toys, a result of the many rings and accessories she wore on her cunt lips. “You’re lonely, they’re lonely.”

“Yeah, and it’s not like you have to commit right away, you know?” one of the other young women piped up. She threw Ethan a big grin.

Ethan hated to admit it, but the idea of being alone in the house was looming bigger and bigger.

Most of the unmarried girls were Penny’s age. Men usually knew what they were looking for and girls were almost always eager to assume their roles in society as submissive slave wives. So people married early, learned to get along, settled down, had kids. On average, girls married at 19 or 20. Some as late as 23 or 24, but rarely as late as 25. Fucking girls as old as Penny was one thing. But Ethan didn’t really want to marry someone that was his daughter’s age.

His other option would be foster wives. Foster wives were essentially women who lost their husband one way or another. Sometimes, it was due to accidents, sometimes it was illnesses. Other times, it was because their husband committed a crime and was sent to jail. Wives with male relatives were committed into the care of their male relatives. Those who had no male relatives capable of taking them in were instead sent to a group home for wives.

The thing was, healthcare professionals agreed that it wasn’t healthy for a woman to go too long without being dominated. Cunts needed cock. This was a widely accepted fact in society. Women needed to be fucked long and hard regularly. They needed a firm dominant hand to put them in place for their own good! The government provided twice-a-month punishment and poundings for these poor orphaned wives, but it wasn’t quite enough because nothing beat the constant, dominant care of a husband towards his submissive slave wife!

In order to reduce the number of foster wives, the government regularly held Foster A Wife Drives to encourage men to take one home and thoroughly dominate her.

Well, Ethan hadn’t been to one in ages, but now that it had been brought up, maybe it was time he just… took a look around. Right?

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

The Foster a Wife Drive was held at a private clubhouse, much like the mixers that Andrew Lundy threw from time to time. This time, however, no unmarried girls were allowed on the premises. Ethan had, for the first time in a long time, left Penny home alone to study and revise for her Anal exams that were coming up. He trusted that she would fuck her own ass responsibly because she was 18 now, old enough to know that good anal was one of the foundation stones of good submission and a happy marriage.

Ethan strolled up to the venue dressed in a business casual outfit. He knew that his light blue shirt and navy pants made him look like a million bucks.

He gave his name at the door, and was immediately shown to the viewing room.

There were about seven foster wives at the front of the room, all completely naked. They turned this way and that, posing for the men who were milling around, drinking champagne and eating bites of the snacks. From where Ethan stood, he could see more women on their knees and getting acquainted with the cocks of the men surrounding them.

Ethan strolled over to the line of foster wives at the front to peruse the available slave wives.

A young blonde caught his eye. He always had a thing for blondes and he motioned for her to approach.

The blonde girl looked flustered, but she made her way over to him.

Ethan stared at her, waiting for her greeting. The blonde seemed to think for a moment before putting her hands behind her and pushing her chest out.

“H… hi sir. I’m um. I’m Maisie….” she stuttered shyly.

Ethan hm’ed at her and reached out to fondle her tits. They were not very big, even smaller than Penny’s rack. He thumbed at her nipples, pulling at them to see their condition. Her piercing hole was still there, meaning that she had only recently been de-ringed. He nudged her legs apart and reached down to pull at her clit.

“Mmmnngh!” Maisie moaned loudly when Ethan pinched her nub. It was of a decent size, and he could feel the indentation where her wedding ring used to sit. A little rolling and teasing made her pussy gush, which was a good sign that her little clit was still sensitive enough to torture. It was a common practice for a man to propose with two nipple rings, and then seal the vow by staking his claim on his wife’s clit by piercing it. If a slave wife lost her husband, the courts would appoint a date and have her taken to a special slave care centre to remove her proposal and wedding rings. This would help signal her availability to other men. The process of removing the rings was often traumatic and sometimes caused the women to lose sensitivity in their clits. But here, it appeared that Maisie was still perfectly sensitive and functional.

“How long ago were you de-ringed?” Ethan asked.

“Mnngh ah ah, three months… sir!” Maisie gasped her answer.

Ethan pursed his lips. She was pretty enough, and obviously eager to please, but her manners left a lot to be desired. She probably hadn’t gotten proper submission education like she was supposed to. The government aided foster wife centres tried their best to teach those neglected slave wives the basic etiquette, but inevitably people slipped through the cracks.

“What happened to your husband?” Ethan prodded.

“Ah ah oooo I don’t know sir. He unnngh, ran off and never came hnngh back! OH OH HNNGHH!”

The teasing of her clit sent her into a loud orgasm, which made a lot of people frown and whisper.

Ethan sighed in disappointment. Asking for permission to cum was one of the most basic things that a slave wife should have learned. If Maisie hadn’t learned that in school, then it was up to her husband to teach her. Clearly, he had not.

“I’m sorry sir!” Maisie whimpered, tears starting to collect at the corners of her eyes, “I’m really sorry!”

Ethan shook his head and withdrew his hand. She was definitely not a suitable slave wife for him!

As he moved on to the next girl, an older man came up to Maisie, looking interested. He wasted no time in frigging her cunt and shithole. The undisciplined girl was swiftly fingerfucked into a second orgasm. He waved to one of the waiters and spoke to him softly. The waiter left and soon returned with a clerk and some paperwork.

Ethan couldn’t help but smile to himself. One man’s unruly slave is another man’s cumstupid slut, right? Or something like that. Well, at least one of the poor foster wives would have a husband soon!

Ethan drifted off to the side after perusing the rest of the wives.

They were pretty, young, most of them at least somewhat trained to submit. But there was just something… something missing. There was no chemistry. Ethan sipped his champagne, content just to soak in the atmosphere and watch as some greetings turned swiftly into fucking right on the floor.

“Hello sir, I’m Aubrie. May I greet your cock?”

Ethan turned to see a redheaded young woman, her arms held perfectly behind her and her tits presented nicely for his pleasure. Thick steel rings sat in her nipples, and a D ring adorned her clitoris. An unconventional choice for sure, but Ethan liked the look of them on her. Despite her confident words, she was fidgeting a little, and looked a bit unsure.

“You may,” he told her in a tone of voice that hopefully made her feel a little better.

Aubrie sank to her knees gracefully and knee-walked closer to kiss Ethan’s crotch. Her hot breath ghosted over his hardening dick through the fabric. Ethan gave her a little help, undoing his belt with his hands. But once that was out of the way, she made short work of his button and his zipper with only her mouth.

Ethan had chosen to go commando tonight in anticipation of fucking some slave wives and the decision proved useful now. His stiff rod sprung free immediately and Aubrie, quick as lightning, caught the tip in her mouth.

She looked up at him, locked their gazes, and gave the tip of Ethan’s dick a long, hard suck.

Ethan gave her an appreciative look and she batted her eyelashes at him. She placed tiny little kisses down his cock until she reached his balls. Then, she reverently, almost lovingly, sucked them into her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around each nut carefully, bathing it gently and sensually before letting it go.

“Ethan Wolfe, nice to meet you, Aubrie,” Ethan said as she continued to greet his dick and sack.

Aubrie flushed pink at his words, but her mouth never stopped moving. Ethan let out a groan of pleasure. He brought his hand up to her hair and began to fuck her face in long deep strokes.

To his surprise and delight, his cock slid easily into her throat and her tongue darted out to tease his balls, much like how he taught Penny.

“Good girl, yeah! That’s it Aubrie, take my cock!” Ethan growled out as he rolled his hips forwards.

Ethan loved fucking Penny and her peers, loved helping to mould young minds into a state of submissive joy. Everytime a teenage girl expanded her sexual repertoire under his tutelage and guidance, Ethan couldn’t help but feel accomplished.

However, sometimes it got a bit tedious. Teaching them all the basic etiquette, constantly reminding them to use their holes properly, having to deal with subpar technique until they got better at it, all of it got a little bit tiring.

It was nice to fuck an experienced slave from time to time. Ethan didn’t need to think about correcting behaviour or anything. He could just sit back and enjoy the way a girl was fucking her own face onto his cock. He could slam into her holes and enjoy the pulse of her inner walls on his cock without him needing to remind her a hundred times.

“Get up,” Ethan growled at last, yanking Aubrie’s head off his cock. Drool dripped from her lips and her face was completely red from the exertion. She needed little to no direction from him. The look in his eyes was enough. She turned around and bent over, placing her palms flat on the floor.

Ethan flicked her clitoris ring, making it sway and her moan. He pulled her asscheeks apart and jammed his cock into her shithole without warning.

Aubrie whimpered in pain, but she pushed her hips backwards, fucking her own hole onto his cock. She didn’t wait for him to start thrusting, instead taking the initiative to pleasure his dick with her shitter. Either Aubrie had had a premium education, or her husband had spent a lot of time in perfecting her sexual submission. Ethan couldn’t help but envy the man that got to lead Aubrie around on a leash.

She made these tiny whiny moans each time Ethan shoved his cock in deep. Her asshole was turning red from the friction and the stretch must have been agonizing. Yet, she never stopped shaking her hips.

“Thank you sir, thank you sir for fucking my ass painfully!” Aubrie moaned as Ethan continued to pound her.

If he hadn’t been enamored before, he was surely hooked now. Few slave wives had the presence of mind to thank their husbands or masters for painal during the act itself. Usually the agony would drive all thought of gratitude out of their minds until after the fact. Maybe Aubrie’s husband had trained her to do this? It was definitely not something in most curriculums!

Ethan grunted as his balls drew up tight. He pinched Aubrie’s hip. And as if reading his mind, she pulled away quickly, dropped to her knees, and swallowed him down to the hilt without hesitation. If she tasted anything foul on his cock, she made no indication of it. Instead, she gargled him.

Yes, she gargled him.

Ethan groaned long and loud, feeling the vibrations of a warm hot tunnel pulse around his dick. Combined with the wiggling tongue on his balls, it was more than enough to make him blast his load down her throat.

He didn’t even have to hold her down. Aubrie kept her nose to his pubes perfectly fine, her gaze becoming unfocused as her oxygen ran out. It was only when her eyes started to drift shut that Ethan realized that she would choke herself unconscious on his cock if he let her.

Out of curiousity, he let her do exactly that, watching as her eyes rolled up and her mouth begin to go slack. Ethan eased her head off his softening cock, rubbing it all over her face until she began to regain consciousness.

“Good girl,” he said softly, hoping it conveyed all the appreciation he felt towards her.

Aubrie gave him a dazed smile as Ethan helped her to her feet.

“You are really something special,” he commented, “Who’s the lucky fella that owns all this?” he asked.

Her pleased look disappeared immediately, turning into embarrassment.

“I’m divorced,” she whispered, looking down.

“Divorced?” Ethan asked, surprised. He tweaked her nipple rings and tugged them roughly, enjoying the way they made her squeak.

“He was jailed for tax and insurance fraud so the courts declared the marriage null. The court hasn’t appointed a date for my ring removal yet,” she explained.

“That’s a shame and I’m sorry to hear that,” Ethan said, shaking his head. Who in their right minds would go off and commit crimes when this wonderful submissive young woman was waiting for him at home?

Aubrie shook her head and said, “Well, my brother is taking me in so I don’t have to stay here with them, but thank you sir, I really needed that.” She turned her wide, earnest gaze upon Ethan and he felt his stomach do a little flip. The sensation surprised him because he hadn’t felt this way about anyone except his late wife Becca.

“I’d like to see you again,” Ethan said before he could stop himself.

Aubrie’s face turned that lovely shade of pink again and she bit her lip.

“I’d like to see you again too, sir,” She whispered.

Ethan couldn’t help but smile. Maybe he had found a second wife after all.

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

Ethan hadn’t dated in a long, long, long, long time. Even when Becca was around, they hadn’t really dated long. They had been introduced at a mixer, fucked around a bit at orgies, then Ethan had shown up to her school and proposed to her after class. She agreed and that was that. Becca was quite the introvert and preferred to spend their nights together at home, so even after they got married, Ethan hadn’t taken her on too many outings.

Which was all to say, he was a bit rusty and nervous.

Aubrie had left her old job as a clerk when the courts gave custody of her to her brother. She was searching for more clerical work, but for now, she helped out at the local patisserie, frosting cupcakes in the back.

It was twenty minutes too early, but Ethan pushed open the door to “Muffy’s muffins” and stepped inside.

“Hi, is Aubrie here?” he asked.

The girl at the counter giggled. Her dyed blue hair bounced as she laughed and there was a faint jingling sound coming from her body, probably from cunt bells or some other accessories. Her nipples were prominent through the thin fabric of her uniform, heart shaped piercings framing the dusky little nubs.

“Aubrie!” she yelled into the backroom, “A man’s here to see you!”

“Commmiiing!” Aubrie yelled back.

The redhead appeared at the doorway, looking flustered.

“Ethan, sir!” she exclaimed, quickly wiping her hands on a cloth as she pulled off her uniform. The thin shirt came off to reveal a white knit dress. The knitting had been done very loosely so that the holes would provide a glimpse of the skin underneath. Aubrie’s tits were held up by a matching white titstrap that went around the back of her neck.

Aubrie grabbed her purse and quickly came out from behind the counter. She dropped to her knees and kissed Ethan’s crotch eagerly, then looked up at him with a smile.

“Sir,” she said softly.

That single word was enough to make Ethan’s stomach do another flip. The earnestness on her face was addictive.

“I uh… I brought a clit leash,” he said, as he motioned for her to get up. He pulled it from his back pocket, a bright red leather strap with a metal clip on the end.

Aubrie’s eyes went wide in surprise.

“I hope I’m not being too presumptuous,” Ethan added hastily. Taking control of a woman’s clitoris wasn’t something that was taken lightly. A husband’s promise to care for her, dominate her, and guide her was made real in the form of a ring on her most sensitive area. In return, the surrender of her clit was a sign that she trusted him completely. As such, the privilege of leading a woman around by her clitoris was reserved for her husband.

Aubrie hid a giggle with her hand, then shyly withdrew a white one from her purse.

The two of them looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

“Please sir, go ahead,” Aubrie said at last, still giggling as she pulled her dress up to expose her piercing.

Ethan wasted no time in clipping the leash to the ring there. The click of metal on metal seemed to echo in the shop, and Aubrie let out a little gasp when the weight of the leash tugged on her sensitive nub. Her hazel gaze looked at the leash, followed it up to Ethan’s hand, then up to his face. She smiled, still a little shy, and then quickly looked away.

“Thank you sir,” she said.

Cute was usually a word that Ethan used for his daughter and her friends, not someone who was in their mid twenties. But in this instance, he felt that it applied to Aubrie.

He stepped back, feeling a little nervous, and then gave the leash an experimental tug. Aubrie moaned softly, then followed him out of the bakery.

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

“And I said to him, the cunt can’t not the cunt cunt!” Aubrie gestured with her hands as she recounted the tale of having a British roommate at boarding sex school.

Ethan couldn’t help but laugh.

They were wandering down the street towards a nearby restaurant. Aubrie was a little shy at first but Ethan managed to coax her into telling him a few stories about herself and with every new thing he learned, he liked her more.

Her impeccable slave manners had been what attracted Ethan in the first place, but her emerging sense of humour and secretly bubbly personality were really great too.

Ethan gave the leash in his hand a small jerk and Aubrie moaned.

“Thank you sir,” she rasped, managing to keep pace even though the tug had probably hurt.

Ethan liked the way she just took each bout of pain gracefully. No complaints, no protests, no resistance, just a soft acceptance and ‘Thank you sir.’ each time. Her clitoris, her pleasure and her pain was in his hands. The lead around his wrist led to the clip on her clit ring, weighing it down. The bright red colour of the leash caught the attention of every passerby, directing their gaze to where it was attached to Aubrie between the legs. Having a young woman moan while Ethan controlled and led her was such a powerful feeling.

“We’re here,” he said at last, gesturing to the restaurant.

The Ribbed Rod was one of Ethan’s favourite restaurants. It had a pretty great selection of food and it was one where patrons were allowed to indulge in displays of dominance and submission. The law allowed private premises like restaurants and stores to determine the extent of the sexual activity permitted on the grounds.

Ethan tugged on Aubrie’s clit again, grinning when she gasped and gave him another ‘Thank you, sir!’

“Table for two, please! One with a cuntal pounder,” Ethan said as he unclipped Aubrie’s leash and stored it back into his pocket.

The waiter nodded with a big smile. The young man led them to a table at the window. One chair was a perfectly ordinary wooden chair. The other had a hole in the middle, under which was a dildo mounted on a fuck machine. These sort of chairs were very common in restaurants that permitted sexual displays. There were cuntal pounders, anal pounders, and double pounders.

Aubrie didn’t hesitate at all. She straddled the chair and sank down with a soft moan, her cunt lips parting for the silicone slab. Her eyelashes fluttered as her pussy was stretched out and her inner walls were stimulated.

Ethan smiled to himself as he took his seat. The waiter handed Ethan the menus and looked at him expectantly.

Ethan opened the booklet and slipped the one for women out of it. The menu for men and women were often very different at these kinds of restaurants, and it was usually the men who ordered, not the women. But Ethan wanted to see what Aubrie would do, so he slid the slave menu over to her.

Aubrie looked at him with surprise, but then picked it up and leafed through it.

“I’ll have the fish and chips, and a large iced coffee,” Ethan pointed out the things he wanted and folded his menu.

Aubrie was biting her lips as she looked through her options. She looked up at Ethan, nervousness written all over her face, and then pushed the menu back.

“My brother packed a snack for me,” she said at last, “It would be irresponsible for me to waste it. But if it pleases sir, I’d like a piss cup.”

Ethan nodded. It wasn’t unheard of for men to pack a little cum snack in the shitters of their female wards. Aubrie was being very sensible and very honest, which was something Ethan appreciated a lot.

“Alright then. She’ll have a plain salad and a piss cup.”

“Right away, mister!” the waiter wrote it down on his pad and disappeared.

With their little audience gone, Ethan wasted no time in locating the remote for Aubrie’s chair and starting it.

“Ooooohgn!” Aubrie moaned as the dildo began to move in and out of her cunt. A wet squelch could be heard each time it plunged into her folds, proof of how aroused she was.

Like any good slave would, she folded her hands primly on the table, trying to stay still as her pussy was invaded by the silicone toy. Ethan turned up the dial with a wicked smile. Aubrie’s mouth dropped open and she choked as the machine began to pummel her core in earnest.


The sound was absolutely delightful and judging from the look on Aubrie’s face, it was driving her cunt absolutely crazy.

Ethan switched it off after a few more strokes. It wouldn’t do for Aubrie to cum right now. Instead, he enjoyed the sight of her heaving chest, the sheen of sweat that appeared on her forehead, and the way she looked absolutely dazed. He sat there, admiring the view for a moment. It only took a few strokes from a thick cock in her pussy to get her close. That meant Aubrie’s cunt was pretty sensitive. Which was perhaps a little unfortunate for her because Ethan was a man of anal predilections. His late wife’s anus had suffered a lot under his care and so had Penny’s little tush.

“Thank you sir, thank you!” Aubrie managed to whimper as she tried to catch her breath.

The waiter chose that moment to appear with the salad and a tall glass with the words ‘PISS’ emblazoned across it.

Ethan let Aubrie have a little moment to gather herself before speaking again.

“Salad’s here. I think you should put your brother’s snack on top, yes?”

Aubrie nodded with a wan smile, “Yes sir.”

Gingerly, she lifted herself from the cuntal pounder. Her pussy glistened with her juices. Her thighs and knees were slick with her cream as well. She moved away from the table and bent over, showing her slick cunt and her plugged shithole to Ethan.

Ethan tugged on the plug lightly. It was a steel one with a white jewel at the base. He teased Aubrie’s sphincter by sliding it in and out several times before finally yanking it out.

The little ‘pop’ sound made his cock jump in interest because he was now looking at Aubrie’s gaping hole. He had fucked it once before in a savage pounding that left her horny but unsatisfied. Ethan couldn’t wait to do it again.

Ethan set the plug down on the table and gave each of Aubrie’s cheeks a hard spank. He spat on her hole and then flicked her clit ring.

“Go on, get your brother’s snack out!”

“Yes sir!”

Aubrie squatted over the salad bowl, a look of concentration on her cute face. She grunted once, twice, and then white liquid began to drip from the stretched hole.

Long ago, Ethan had packed his wife’s lunch like this as well, putting a load of his cum deep in her shithole so she could shit it out and drink it if she felt peckish.

In another time, in another place, it might have been outrageous for a young woman to be squatting over a salad bowl and pushing a lovingly packed cumload out of her rectal cavity. But here and now? It was perfectly normal.

Ropes of gooey white jizz oozed from Aubrie’s turdcutter onto the crisp lettuce leaves in the bowl, covering the greens with creamy fluid. Disgusting yellow-brown droplets also dripped into the salad, turning the cockcream a light mustard colour.

Ethan’s cock jumped again. This was probably why Aubrie did very well with ass-to-deepthroat. If her brother or her ex-husband had regularly packed snacks into her shithole, then she would have gotten used to the taste of their cum mixed with her own ass musk. Ethan was going to have to start packing snacks for Penny too. No daughter of his was going to be bad at ass-to-mouth!


Aubrie’s anus produced a large cumbubble as she farted the last bits of her brother’s cumload into the bowl.

Ethan enjoyed the look of the orifice twitching several times, as if trying to make sure that everything had been expelled.

Aubrie straightened her legs, staying in her bent over position and offering her ass to Ethan for inspection. Ethan couldn’t resist spanking the open hole roughly.

“One, two, three, thank you sir, four, thank you, five six seven thank you sir!” Aubrie panted as Ethan slapped her shitter. Her loud counting of each spank made Ethan’s dick jump again. Every little thing she did only made him fall more and more in lust with her. He had never met a slave wife as well-mannered as her and he found it unbelievable that her ex-husband had taken all of this for granted!

Ethan stopped after twenty rough slaps. By that time, her hole and the surrounding area was bright red. He jammed the plug back in as hard as he could. Aubrie whined in pain, but again, her response was ‘Thank you sir!’

“May I fill my piss cup, sir?” Aubrie asked after a beat of silence. Without Ethan’s permission to get up, she had just remained in her position, red ass in the air, holes on display.

“You may,” Ethan said at last, hands going to his belt.

Aubrie grabbed her glass from the table and knelt at Ethan’s feet. She shifted closer and with a reverent look up at Ethan from between his legs, freed his half-hard cock from his pants and aimed it at her glass.

Ethan grunted as he relaxed his bladder. Strong, pungent urine flowed from the tip of his penis into the glass, splashing among the ice. In restaurants like the Ribbed Rod, everything on the menu for slaves was adulterated with either cum or urine. This was supposed to help enforce their lowly role in life. Ethan was a little surprised that Aubrie had ordered the cheapest item – a plain piss cup. She hadn’t even attempted to ask for juice to dilute the disgusting taste of urine.

“Oh!” Aubrie gasped from under the table. The next second, a pair of wet and hot lips sealed around the very tip of Ethan’s cock. She looked up at him to gauge his response and then began to swallow.

“Fuck,” Ethan groaned. She hadn’t asked him to stop when her glass was full. She just took his cock her mouth and kept drinking until he had emptied his bladder.

“Your fish and chips, and large coffee sir.” The waiter placed the plate on the table and left.

Aubrie did not release his cock from her mouth. She just held his gaze with a questioning look. Upon receiving a nod, she set her glass on the floor beside her and began to fuck her face onto Ethan’s rod.


The sweet sounds of a throat being used for its intended purpose rang out from under the table. The sight of a beautiful young redhead fucking her own throat onto Ethan’s cock was amazing.

“Down, whore,” Ethan said.

Upon hearing that command, Aubrie sank her mouth all the way down to Ethan’s balls and sealed her lips around the base of his thick cock. She held herself there, shuddering and twitching as she slowly ran out of oxygen.

Ethan held her gaze, enjoying the way she continued to flex her throat muscles and wiggle her tongue along the length of his hard cock.

One minute passed, then two. Ethan purposefully kept his hands away from her head to see if she would try and pull back, but Aubrie never did. The movement of her throat and tongue started to slow at the three minute mark. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body sagged forward. The tight seal of her mouth slackened as she passed out..

Ethan couldn’t help but stroke the hair of the unconscious girl. Her face was still turned up at him, her curly red hair messed up from her exertions. The older man brushed it out of her face and admired how peaceful she looked with his cock deep in her throat and her nose in his pubes.

“Shall I bring the smelling salts, sir?” The waiter asked.

“No need,” Ethan said. He knew how to wake her up.

But first…

He carded his fingers through her red locks and began to hump her unconscious face roughly. Her throat never once tried to expel the massive rod invading it, a testament to how well she had been trained and how much dick she had throated. The fact that Aubrie had willingly stayed down until she passed out was incredible. It showed just how dedicated she was to her cock servitude and how much she trusted Ethan. Being able to use Aubries insensate form as he pleased made him feel powerful and dominant.

“Ungh ungh ungh!” Ethan blasted his spunk down the unresisting channel of Aubrie’s face. As much as he wanted to take his time and enjoy using her, it wasn’t very safe for her to go so long without oxygen. Besides, they still had their lunch to eat!

Ethan eased his cock out of Aubrie’s slack jaw, carefully supporting her neck and head so she wouldn’t hit the table. He rubbed his softening cock over her face and under her nose, pressing the slit of his dick against her nostrils.

Aubrie gasped and coughed immediately. It was as if the masculine scent of cock had jolted the submissive side of her brain into alertness! Automatically, her mouth latched onto the tip and tried to suckle again.

“Ah ah ah,” Ethan said, pulling her away, “Enough of that. We still have lunch. Now get up. I want to pound your cunt while you eat.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir!” Aubrie managed to say. She looked dazed, her lips and face red from the rough throatfucking and her brief bout of unconsciousness. Slowly, she crawled out from under the table and got to her feet. Her shaking hands set her glass of piss on the table along with her cum-covered salad. She gave Ethan a wobbly smile before sinking back down on her cuntal pounder seat.

Ethan started the machine. But this time, he took pity on her and put it on a low speed.

Aubrie moaned out another ‘Thank you sir!’, then turned her attention to her salad.

The cum she had expelled earlier had congealed when she was getting her glass filled and having her throat railed. Aubrie showed not a single sign of disgust. She mixed everything together with a fork to ensure all her greens were covered in the white goo, then delicately speared a leaf.

Ethan cut into his own food, enjoying the sight of the beautiful redhead in front of him eating her salad.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

Aubrie nodded.

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

She picked up the glass of warm urine and took a dainty sip from it, smiling around the rim of the glass. Aubrie in her peekaboo knit sweater, eating a salad covered with her own assjuices and her brother’s cum, drinking piss fresh from Ethan’s bladder, was one of the hottest things that Ethan had seen in years. Ethan felt his stomach do a little flip flop. He couldn’t wait to get to know her more.

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