Pervs dating my Mom Sex Story

#Abuse #PreTeen #Teen

By Diane Filthy Thoughts

My mom loved dating filthy pervs, and she used my sister and me as bait to get even more.

When my sister and I were still young, my mom started dressing us really slutty and putting heavy makeup on us. When I recently looked at some of the photos, I couldn’t believe how slutty she made us look…. really tiny skirts and tight tops, lacy ankle sox and heels….and heavy whore makeup. We looked like prostitutes but didn’t totally realize it at the time. We were young and loved the attention.

My mom dated a lot of guys, but we also realized much later that she was whoring for money some of the time. She did a lot of that while we were in school or staying with a friend or relative, but many times she’d take guys home when we were there. The guys would often be surprised to see us in the apartment and even then, we could tell they were interested in us. Mom used to leave her door only partially closed, and we’d hear her sucking and fucking. Eventually, we started hearing her talking about us as guys fucked her. She’d ask the guys if they thought we were sexy and if they ever thought about fucking young girls. The guys would pick up on the fact that it turned her on thinking about men fucking us, so they started initiating even more filthy talk as they fucked her. Some guys made her admit that she wanted to see pervs fucking us, but then she’d always say, “but for now it’s just a fantasy.” Kim and I started spying on her while this happened a lot.

Over time, the filthy talk became more and more graphic, until one day, when my sister was at cheerleading practice, and I was alone watching tv, my mom called me from her bedroom door. She said that Dave wanted me to watch as he fucked her. He was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking his cock (had to be at least 8″), and my mom kneeled in front of him sucking his cock. He didn’t take his eyes off me as she sucked him, and finally he said “rub your pussy…. your mom says she’s seen you rubbing your pussy when she’s spied on you watching porn.” I went under my skirt and started rubbing almost without thinking about it. I love rubbing my clit on the outside of my panties, because
the extra friction of the panties makes me cum so good.

He told me to come closer, and as I stood only a couple of feet away his hand replaced mine. It made me cum almost immediately, and I’m a squirter, so my panties were soaked, and it was running down my thighs. My mom asked if i wanted to suck Dave’s cock and she held it for me. I had only sucked older boys from my school before, and none were close to the size of Dave’s cock. But I did my best, and it obviously turned him on to have a little girl sucking his cock because in less than a minute he was shooting a huge load down my throat and almost choking me with his cock. After a few minutes he dressed and left, telling my mom he’d see her again soon, and next time he’d like to try Kim too.

That was the first of my many experiences with one of mom’s “dates,” and I didn’t learn until years later that she was making money off of men using us. It makes me so hot to remember so many of the pervs we sucked and fucked for her, and it makes me soaked when I think I might do it someday with my daughters when they get a little older.

By Diane Filthy Thoughts
#Abuse #PreTeen #Teen

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