Phoebe runs to daddy Sex Story

#Abuse #Cuckold #PreTeen

By Zandydad

I told you I would fuck her. Real daddy fucks his daughters lil preteen pussy. The best fuck her dad ever had. I stream so much spunk into my lil girl

meet up with my daughter and we go back to mine. She’s a sexy little girl. She had on a slutty top with black leggings on. I could see she had no nickers on. She had white Nike trainer’s on. I say as soon as we get to mine pheebs I’m fucking the fuck out of you. She said I will swallow all your cum daddy. I slap her lil youg all and say you better you little slut. She smiled and said I’m going to ride you so good daddy. I want your cum deep inside me..
We get through my front door. I lock it. Phoebe turned at me and jumped onto me wrapping her legs tight around me. I cup her round ass and we kiss so passionately tongs wrapping around each other moth. Ohhhh daddy I’m so wet for you. I say I’m going to make you never want to go home. We kiss as I carry her into my living room. She jumps of me and bends over putting her hand on my sofa..
Pull my leggings down daddy… I slap her ass and grip it tight. I pull down her leggings not AFF all the way but down her thighs. She crawls forward and dips her back in poking her pussy out at me. Wow baby wow,, I started eating her pussy up like I was starving… Ohhh my god daddy that feels so fucking good, I stick two fingers inside her. Finger fucking my lil girl she moans out oh daddy very loudly. Her juices start pouring out of her. Keep going daddy right there. I’m going to cum. I say cum baby cum for your daddy. I slip it up and down while she’s in the doggy position. Shes screaming ohhhh myyy goooddd daddddy imm cumming..
A massive squirt spayed out on my arm. She was shaking… She span around fast and pulled my cock out. It springs out in her face a big nine ince cock. She waisted no time. She wrapped her big blow job lips around my cock a started sucking like there was no tomorrow… Oh baby yes… How the fuck do you do how to do that .. deeerrr I practice on moms dildo look. She pushed hard on my cock deep throating me. She pulls off with spit dripping down n off my cock head. All round her chin… Look at me I say I’m going to fuck you like the who’re you are… Please daddy that’s what I want you to do. I grab her chin and kiss her then shove her back on my cock. I push push push the pull off then push it back then pull off.

Tears rolling down her face… I push back till she’s gags so bad I need to give her air. I slap her face Abit then push it all the way down. I mean so she head butted my belly button…. I’m cummingggggggg ohhhh baby take it all I shoot it right down her kneck. I pull her off. Her mouth still wide open full of cum.. it treacles down her lips I say what did you say earyer. She swollows it all and said I told you I would daddy….I pull her up so she’s standing.. I rip her leggings off and top leaving her white trainers on…. I place her on her back while she pulls her legs behind her head… I quickly shove my shaft up and down her slit. And I slap her clit with my cock before putting it in. I fall on top ohhhh baby…..

Your dripping and creaming all over my cock wow it looked amazing.. I start fucking her with smooth n furm strokes….
Tell me daddy how long have you wanted thing.
I slam slam slam her and say you know baby I told you when you was nine …. remember…
Yes dad that’s when I started wanting you too

Slam again… She starts orgasming already…
Oh my god what a beautiful site I think her orgasms get bigger so I pull out a sec.
Dad wtf put it back in now I don’t want you to cum yet baby….
I wait two seconds then show it back in but I put my arms all the way around her and picked her up…. We kiss as I go deep in her while standing. I cup her ass
while. I slam her towards me and I thrust into her we do this for 20mins till she started exploding juices all over me stream after stream. Shaking in my arms. While having an uncontrolled orgasm… I fll back on my sofa. I say ride me Phoebe’s…

She slid on my lap like her mom use to but way better. Bouncing on me while bringing herself to another climax.
Ohhhh daddy you fucking dirty bastard fucking your real daughter.. I thrust up n say you slutty lil slag fucking your blood daddy…
SHe rode me like a pornstar while we both talked dirty to each other.
Her phone started ringing both of us panting. I say who is it. She looked and said it’s mom. While still sliding on my dick she picks upand says hello…where are you Phoebe…

I’m at daddy’s atm and I’m to busy to talk I’m doing something for daddy.. still bouncing I say ‘m I’m I’m …….. Ccccccummminggggg phhheeebbbzzzz
Is that you dad Chloe said

she said I’m living here now mom then put the phone down. ….I was still streaming cum deep in her she said…. I’m going to cum daddy….. Ohhh myyy goooddd this one’s going to be massive ahhhahhhh ahhhh ahhyyyeeahhh squiiirrrtttt all over me

all over my lab up my chest down my balls…… I was soaked Oh daddy that was amazing…. Said my 12year old daughter ino baby ino.
My cock still deep in her.

She pulls off my cum starts pouring out her pussy…. I said ly back on your back a second and spread your legs.. she did so. I took a few pics of my daughters cum filled pussy to always remember….
Plus I want to show her off to people online….
I love my daughter Phoebe
and she loves her lover daddy d…
Xxxxxxx Phoebe is a natural born fucker WOW

By Zandydad
#Abuse #Cuckold #PreTeen

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