Piss Sex Urine Story

Read in the Pis Sex Urine story that I wanted to fuck the neighbor’s sister-in-law. When I talked to him, he called me home. what they did to me…

Friends, before starting the sex story, let me tell you that this story is about disgusting sex.
If you like dirty sex then only read this story, otherwise you read another story.

I live in Indore with my entire family.

In this piss sex urine story, there is a mention of the incident that how I found a wonderful sister-in-law and she made her brush her ass and pussy juice and made me drink urine.

There used to be a sister-in-law in front of my house who was a bit dusky but in true sense she was no less than a model.
Her thick big tits, thin bulging waist and ass raised like a cannon could make anyone’s cock stand up in a jiffy.

I used to try all the time to somehow see my sister-in-law, I used to keep looking at my sister-in-law as soon as I got a chance.

The amazing thing was that she too used to watch me all the time.
Our eyes often met.

One day when I mustered up courage and asked my sister-in-law for her number, she flatly refused.

Sister-in-law- I know very well what goes on in the minds of today’s boys.
Me- I didn’t understand anything sister-in-law… I just wanted to befriend you.

Sister-in-law- I don’t want to be friends with anyone… If you want to do something else then tell me?
I mean?

Sister-in-law did not say anything at that time, just said that if you are asked for something, then just say yes.

I didn’t understand anything for what to say yes.

The very next day, my mother said to me- Will he go to the house of the sister-in-law in front of him to study tuition… She was asking me.

I understood for what the sister-in-law was asking to say yes.
I said yes to my mother and the very next day I went to my sister-in-law’s house for tuition.

When the sister-in-law opened the gate, I saw that the sister-in-law was wearing a red saree and her wet hair was wreaking havoc on it.
She might have come after taking a bath.

Me- Sister-in-law, I said yes.
Sister-in-law smiled and said – then come inside and open the book and sit down to read.

I was a little disappointed by his talk of sitting and sat down.
I just started looking at my sister-in-law and didn’t make any effort to study.
How can I do it, I had not brought the book etc. at all.

When sister-in-law saw me sad, she said that you want to be friends, don’t you?
Me- yes sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law, then one thing has to be done.
me- what?

Sister-in-law wait two minutes, I just came.
Then sister-in-law got up and started leaving.

I was only looking at her ass.
The sari on the other side was inserted in the crevice of her ass.
I was watching there very carefully.

She looked at me and took out her sari while scratching by putting 4 fingers of her hand there.
Then she went inside smiling after seeing me.

I just kept looking at my sister-in-law wondering what I have seen.

Sister-in-law brought tea in a while and she said to me – If you want to be friends, you will have to do one thing for me.

I just wanted to fuck my sister-in-law in any way, because after seeing such an act of her, I had come to know that sister-in-law was wanting something from me.

I said – Yes sister-in-law, tell me, I can do anything for you.

Sister-in-law put the same 4 fingers of her hand on my cheek and said smell them and tell, what is the fragrance?

I understood that this is the same hand.
I said – Sister-in-law, what to smell the hand, if you speak, I will smell it straight there.
I meant his ass.

Sister-in-law said – that is not to be smelled, your mouth will go there, first do what has been said.

I like such a sister-in-law, who speaks on every face.
I immediately smelled that finger of sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law said – Now open your mouth!
I had just opened my mouth when the sister-in-law spit the tea she had in my mouth.

Then as soon as I closed my mouth, the sister-in-law said – Now keep your mouth open brother-in-law.

When I opened my mouth, sister-in-law put the same 4 fingers one by one in my mouth and rotated them and said- now P.

If I tell the truth, I got the taste of sister-in-law’s lipstick in it and along with the tea, I also got the taste of her ass.

She looked at me and said – How did you like the tea in my hand?
I said – you really have magic in your hands.

He asked – what else will he drink?
I said – yes, but now the magic of the hand is over.

That’s why sister-in-law said – You open your mouth, I will do everything.
I opened my mouth, sister-in-law drank tea and again put her finger in my mouth.

Then put the finger in both the pussy and the ass by raising the saree.
I kept watching all that. Her pussy was black but it was looking completely pink from inside. And the ass was like a completely black gulab jamun.

He again put his finger in my mouth and turned it around and this time spitting at the end said – now drink!
This time the tea was a little sour to me, probably finger soaked with pussy juice had gone in it, that’s why it felt like this.

Sister-in-law made me drink full tea like this.

Then it was time, so I came to my house because I had told the time to go to sister-in-law’s place at home only from 4 to 6.

After coming home, I first fisted my sister-in-law’s name and started dreaming of fucking her.
The whole night I was getting the taste of her ass and pussy in my mouth.

The next day when I drank tea in the morning, I picked up the cup and put some salt in it so that I would find this tea as salty as their ass and pussy tea.

I just started waiting for 4 o’clock when it is 4 o’clock and I should go to sister-in-law’s house.

Then when I went to my sister-in-law’s house and rang the doorbell, no one came.
I thought what if something happened to the sister-in-law, did not know.
So when I called one more time, sister-in-law came.

His hair was scattered all over and saliva was coming out of his mouth.
His mouth was full.
Maybe she woke up after sleeping.

She opened the door and moved away and gestured me to sit
Her mouth was full of spit so she was not speaking.

I could not understand so he pointed one more time.
I didn’t understand anything.

I once asked what are you talking about?
He went ahead and kissed me and put all the spit in my mouth.

I found his spit a bit strange, but I drank it all.
I was also feeling the smell of her mouth, but until sister-in-law did not remove her lips, I slowly went on drinking all her spit.

Then as soon as I drank the spit, he said – sit there!
Today’s welcome was very cool for me.

When I sat on the sofa, my sister-in-law also came and sat next to me.
So I said – sister-in-law, will you not drink tea today?
Sister-in-law smiled on this and said – why did you come for tea?

I also laughed and said – No, but still!
Sister-in-law said – Friend, I just woke up after sleeping.

I said – Hey sister-in-law, please hurry up… I want to drink your cool tea.
She said – come today I will teach you how to brush first.

he asked me to follow
I touched his cock with his ass and started following him.

He said don’t walk comfortably… I am falling for you.
I said – Sorry sister-in-law, this has become a big devil of mine.

He said – there is a cure for this, stop and go to the bathroom.
As soon as he entered the bathroom, he said – Come on, now take out your cock.

For the first time I heard cock from sister-in-law’s mouth, I immediately removed the cock.

Sister-in-law applied close-up paste on the cock.
I lost my life, that paste was feeling very cold because of menthol.

But as soon as sister-in-law kept the cock in her mouth, her face was so hot that what to tell.
When I caught sister-in-law’s face, sister-in-law said- Hey don’t stop… I will do everything, you just enjoy today.

Sister-in-law was thrusting the cock inside and out of the mouth.
Within a few minutes, my work was in position to be done.

I said – sister-in-law just do it.
Saying this I grabbed her hair.

Sister-in-law took out the cock and said – now remember that you have done such an act.
I said clearly – but I could not control my sister-in-law. I want to serve your pussy.

He said – I have no shortage of sex. I am doing all this with you to try something new.
I understood that let the sister-in-law do the game of her choice. If not today then tomorrow the sister-in-law will definitely give her pussy.

I said sorry to him.
He said – No sorry, now it is your turn.

I was happy to hear that I would get to lick my sister-in-law’s pussy.
Sister-in-law took a brush and put it in her ass and took it out and kept it on her dripping pussy.

By doing this, she grabbed my hair tightly and started making intoxicating noises.
A very hot voice started coming out of his mouth.

Sister-in-law’s black pussy started shining even more with her water. I was feeling like eating her black pussy.

Sister-in-law rubbed the brush on the top of her pussy, maybe she must be brushing it.
Then he held that brush in my hand and spit on it and gave it to my mouth.

The water of sister-in-law’s pussy was clearly visible on that brush. Water started dripping from my mouth immediately.

I found the taste of her pussy very strange. It was a bit salty and a bit like his halitosis.
Then as soon as I put my face forward to spit, sister-in-law caught my hair again and said – do not spit.

When I looked at her, she put her pussy forward and opened my mouth by putting a finger in it.
I also opened my mouth in front of her pussy.
He started pissing in my mouth.

I felt as if I was drinking hot water.
He told me that this nectar is not to be spit, it is to be drunk.

She was drinking her urine very well.
Little by little she was urinating in my mouth.

I drank all the urine of Sara.
Then sister-in-law said that’s all for today.

Before I could say anything, my sister-in-law told me to leave.
I was satisfied with this much. Sister-in-law had sucked cock today and also urinated from her pussy, so tomorrow she will take cock in her pussy too. Anyway, that’s why I wanted to befriend sister-in-law.

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