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This story of sex with plumber is of my wife’s sex. Today I will share how the plumber fucked my wife, my wife Niharika looks good, she is very fair and has a good figure 34 29 35. It was a month ago, I was leaving home for office at 10 am as usual. The plumber came, I was getting late, so I asked Niharika to fix the plumber’s shower. I left for office, when I rang the office phone, I noticed that the account file was left at home. When I came back home to take the file, the door was locked, I opened the door with the extra key and went inside, there was no one inside, so I was going to take the file, then I heard a sound from above, I understood that Niharika is above to give her a surprise. For this I went upstairs with my feet down, went upstairs and saw that the plumber was sitting on the stool in the bathroom and Niharika was holding the stool.

I was watching that plumber’s cock was very close to Niharika’s mouth, I also wanted to see what response my wife gives. Meanwhile, the plumber opened the shower and all the water fell on Niharika and the plumber and both were drenched, Niharika was in her nightie, her boobs were clearly visible and her panty too. The plumber was watching Niharika’s youth and her cock uncontrollable. It was happening, then he got down from the stool and said, Madam, I am wet, I will have fever, I will come tomorrow. Niharika thought anyway if there is no one at home then she said it is okay. The plumber took off his pant and stood only in his underwear, his cock was looking very thick and very long, he again climbed on the stool and told Niharika, madam, hold tight.Gir na jou.

Niharika caught the stool in a fit and Niharika’s eyes were looking at his cock. Then she intentionally twisted in such a way that her cock touched Niharika’s lips and kept standing like this. Hanged in his underwear and asked Niharika to give grip, as Niharika went to remove the grip, her underwear broke down and her cock started to look very thick. Once again he held the grip in such a way that his cock came completely in front of Niharika’s face, he touched his cock on Niharika’s lips. Seeing his hard and thick cock, Niharika was also excited, without thinking anything, kept touching his cock on her lips. In this she pushed her cock. Now Niharika also opened her lips and her cock came between her lips, she pressed more cocks, Niharika could not resist, now she was eager to take this powerful cock and quickly opened her mouth and kept opening her mouth. Hey his cock entered the mouth.

He kept pushing and kept putting cock in Niharika’s mouth, Niharika looked in front of his mouth and gave a sexy smile, and started sucking his cock with pleasure, she said, Madam, you are cool, Niharika said for the first time with a man. I have taken the cock in my mouth, she said, why sir’s lack of agility, Niharika said that if I had a cock like yours, I would have been agile, Niharika took the entire cock in my mouth, then she got down from the stool and started kissing Niharika and pressing her boobs.Niharika She was very hot, she slowly took off Niharika’s nightie, looking at Niharika’s hips said. Wa madam, what a cool ass, round soft soft and started moving his hands around Niharika and took off Niharika’s panty, and holding Niharika from behind kept telling her just and kept rubbing his cock around Niharika. Niharika said that your hard cock is feeling very cool on my soft cheeks.

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I want to take this powerful cock. Your cock is twice as big as my husband’s and very thick, if you feel so good in your mouth, then he said that you liked the taste of my cock, Niharika said that she will be active all day, Niharika says like this, kneel She sat down and took his cock in her hand and opened her mouth and started sucking his cock like a hungry lioness, she said Niharika is not going to live anymore, I just want to tear your pussy and ass, then she started kissing Niharika Leaned forward and held Niharika’s waist and pushed her hard, while his cock went inside, Niharika screamed, Ram is dead. He said, Madam, you are shouting as if you are having sex for the first time. Niharika said that she has never taken such a big cock.

Then he continued to fuck Niharika loudly, Niharika said and how much will you fuck, my water came out twice. He said not now, your pussy should get the pleasure of my cock..he said, he started fucking loudly and Niharika’s sobs came out and she said, today I came to know what real fuck is called, wow what a man and how strong your cock is. Then he said, madam, if you love my cock, then kiss it. While saying this, Niharika turned around and started sucking cock, he also started putting cock in her mouth, then he said get up madam and let me fuck you pussy. So what a cool ass, now I want to kill your ass, Niharika didn’t say much but he came behind Niharika and put his cock on Niharika’s ass, his cock was so hard that it penetrated Niharika’s ass.

Tears came out of Niharika’s eyes but he did not stop and started hitting Niharika’s ass. I continued to fuck for 5 minutes, then Niharika also started liking it. And bounced bounced and started taking his cock. She said what happened madam, how are you feeling, Niharika said, today I came to know how fun it is to kick ass, and said, fuck me in front of my hubby, so that he can know what real fuck is. I wish you could keep kicking my ass all night. Then he kept holding Niharika’s waist and thrusting her into her ass, Niharika kept saying, oh my king, your cock has shown me heaven. He said, Niharika, your ass is very cool, Niharika said, hit me with your cool cock. soft ass What can I tell friends, seeing all this, I could not believe that my such a shy and simple wife would be so wild, then she took her cock out of her ass and put it in her pussy again, Niharika said that your cock is very strong but My pussy can’t take any more.

Then she said but calm it down then Niharika said ok and put the plumber on the stool and she herself sat on her knees and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking hard, after sucking for 10 minutes, Niharika got excited again Went and kept the plumber on the stool and herself started sitting on the plumber’s cock. Wow madam, what a cool ass, come sit on my cock and ride my cock, Niharika slowly started sitting on his cock and took the whole cock in her ass. Then Niharika started moving up and down on his cock, her cock completely inside He was leaving, he took Niharika’s ass in his hand and started rubbing it on his cock. Said, press the king, he started pressing hard on Niharika’s boobs, Niharika got intoxicated. That’s why she said, madam, my water is going to be extracted, tell me, where should I leave the loan. Hey, I want to test it, she quickly got up from the top of the cock and took the cock in her mouth, holding Niharika’s head, started moving back and forth quickly to fuck Niharika’s mouth, only then she squirted loudly. Niharika’s mouth was filled with Niharika’s mouth, Niharika said wow, nice taste, and started licking his cock. How was the plumber sex story, share

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