Poor Chef Don, Teaching At a Reform School is So Hard With Lilly Around Sex Story

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By DirtyDon

One student has a power over her teacher that cant be broken.

Just 3 more hours till I see Lilly, I have her in the the second class of the day. I hope she’s wearing that red thong. See Lilly sets at the back of the room and loves to tease me, she spreads her leg’s and I can always see right up her school skirt all the girl’s wear. She knows she’s driving me crazy, she’s made in clear that she would fuck me, And to tell the truth, I don’t know how much more I can resist.

To give you a little background, I’m 33 and Lilly’s 14, but not the average 14 year old. Lilly is a student of Cook County Academy. The school is a product of the 1960’s war on poverty. The school used to be termed a “reform school” in fact when the sun’s at the right angle you can still see the outline of the letter’s on the faded brick on it’s classic government issue facade. I teach culinary arts at the school. Since the kids and staff have to be fed the powers at be made a program out of it , to help the kid’s learn a skill.

Lilly’s not a bad kid, she just has had a problem with boundaries, she doesn’t have any, when it comes to her body. I’ve read her file. She was removed from her home at 7 because of abuse, she has been in three foster homes from age 7 till 12, in all the homes she was placed, she ended up in bed with the foster dad’s and there was even hints that one women had been abusing her. The system call’s it abuse, but I can tell you after being under her spell, It’s the adults that are being abused, she’s a walking minx, a sex kitten, and she knows it.

She doesn’t even have to try, she just has that look, that air about her. She has a fantastic body made for porn and a face like can you give you a innocent school girl smile one minute and a seductress like grin the next.

2 hours to Lilly. Today she will have that friend of hers in tow, the girls name is Camila, the kid’s call her “tater tot” , she’s 12 and about 5 foot and rather, well plump. and with her short kinky hair and brown skin, she does look kind’a like a tater tot.

She’s a very popular girl with the boy’s. After being starved for attention for so long that when some boy does show her any, she drops her pantie’s. I’ve caught her in this room before 2 times after class entertaining boy’s. They do it in my class because I know I wont tell, after all there just kid’s being kid’s…and I kind’a like to watch

The first time it was with 4 boys. I had stayed in my office late putting in a last minute food order, I heard voices then moaning from the attached classroom. I knew what the sounds were and thought she was being raped, till I heard her giggling. I recognized the voice, Camila. she was on all fours , laying on top a kid, Kelvin, he’s 15, his cock balls deep in her little 12 year old baby cunt. the room was dark and I just watched from the back. she had a cock in her mouth. he was kind’a small and she was taking it all in her little mouth. The other 2 boys where jacking off and feeling her lil tit’s, the ones all the chubby little girls seem to get. I soon had my cock out, I stroked it shamelessly watching that baby slut fuck. She was making grunting sound’s as the cock plowed her from behind.

No more than a minute after Kelvin shot his load in her, and had pulled out, she was reaching behind herself spreading her little milk chocolate pussy lip’s ready to take the next boy. I could see cum running down her thigh’s. That went one for a full 30 minute’s till the last boy had planted his seed, my seed had long since been on the classroom carpet. I ducked back in my office, feeling no shame in what I’d just done, it was so hot watching a little girl willfully letting herself get gang banged.

1 hour till Lilly. The next time was also in my room after all the kid’s should have been in there dorm area’s. This time it was just one boy, he was older about 16. I Didn’t have him in any of my classes and didn’t know his name. He had Camila bent over a work table in the kitchen area of the classroom. her skirt off and her panties down. The first thing I noticed is his cock, it was big, Camila was moaning like a whore as he fucked her. The kid spotted me there in the corner , looking like a “peeking tom”. He just smiled at me, then slowed his pace down, pulling his cock all the way out of her baby twat, then making a show of slowly pushing his head back in her. I could hear the wet sound his big cock made as it fucked her, like slapping wet meat. I could hear Camila begging for him to “put it back in”. The kid watched me as a pulled my cock out and stroked it like a perv. at a glory hole. I didn’t care, watching her dark, fat little pussy taking cock was more then I could stand. At full stroke her little chubby legs would come off the floor, he was that big.

15 minute’s to Lilly. I got ready for today’s class by laying out carrots at all the desk. Today where going to be working on knife skill’s, you know chopping and slicing. The first aid kit is always close by. If I can turn a few of these kid’s into cook’s or even chef’s when the “graduate” then I’ve done my job. Graduate at Cook County Academy means turning 18, that’s when the county’s responsibility for these kid’s ends. The kid’s are literality “shown the door”. I cant help but think what would happen to Lilly out on the streets.

Zero hour. As the kid’s slowly file into the room, I watch for her, she knows she has me. There, there she is, white school blouse, pleated skirt, white knee socks. I see she has the top three button’s undone in her blouse, the rules require they all be buttoned but the top one, I of course won’t reprimand her for it, after all her budding “B” cups need to have room to grow. As she takes her seat at the back of the class, beside tater tot, I mean Camila. Camila is flirting with the boy at the desk in front of her, Lilly is laser focused on me. She stares at me with that sexy little grin as I explain the day’s lesson.

As I stand at the front of the class and show the kid’s how to chop a carrot without chopping there finger’s off I’m aware that the mirror over my head, put there so the kid’s can see what I’m doing on the work table, maybe showing the bulge I have in my white chef’s pants. I can tell she’s watching me, I can feel it, and just that quick….I cut myself, not bad but all the kid’s think it’s the greatest thing, after all I’m always on them about knife safety. I go to the back of the class to the sink and wash my finger. I feel her as she walks up beside me, taking my hand, as she say’s “poor chef Don, here let me help” she takes my finger and after running water on it, puts it to her lips and takes in it like a sucking a cock. I just stand there, watching, motionless. As she pulls it out of her glossed lips, she says
“See.. Lilly can make it all feel better”, smiling.

As I make my way up to the front of the class on weakened knee’s, mind racing. I try to get the class back on track. When I look to the back of the class, Lilly has a school skirt pulled up, I can see under the desk she’s wearing no panties. I can also see the end of the carrot protruding from her little pinkness. she see’s me looking and smiles.. She makes a show of pushing the carrot out using her tight cunt muscles, like she’s giving birth. then just using only her muscles takes it back in to the root, fucking herself. she then takes it out, all slick with teen girl honey and puts it in her pink lip glossed mouth and begins to suck it like a cock, tongue flicking off the orange tip.

It’s at that moment I know I have to have her for my own. I don’t just want to bed her, I want to give myself to her. She has a power over me that I cant fight.
I’m sure all those foster dads felt that power, that power that makes men and boys melt under her gaze. I also know what has happened to those men after Lilly has had her way, but I don’t care.

And the law say she was the one abused, they don’t know luscious Lilly.

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By DirtyDon
#Group Sex #PreTeen #Teen #Voyeur

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