Premature ejaculation to elder brother, then younger brother fucks sister-in-law

I don’t want my brother to fuck my bhabhi

The elder brother had the problem of premature ejaculation and the younger brother took advantage of it. Sent elder brother to the city for treatment, and started fucking sister-in-law knowingly at home. This is a great Bhabhi Sex Story, which you will enjoy reading. Knowing the name of the story “Bade bhai ko early ejaculation, to chhote bhai ne choda bhabhi ko” you have understood what this fucking story is about.

This Desi sex story is from Aligarh, a city in UP, where two brothers lived, the elder brother used to do business in the village itself. And the younger brother had returned to his village after studying in the city. The younger brother had returned to his village as he had to take care of the family business. There was a lot of love between the two brothers and the two brothers could have known each other. And very soon there was talk of marriage of both the brothers.

His parents just wanted to make his hands yellow quickly. Meanwhile, the elder brother was already in love with someone else. And he had also made up his mind to marry her. His parents were also very open-minded, they did not oppose it. May the happiness of both of them get them married well. The girl whom the elder brother married was very beautiful and very attractive.

She was so beautiful and attractive that everyone used to say that Ramesh (elder brother) was lucky. And younger brother (Sooraj) also liked sister-in-law very much because her figure was very strong. Suraj often used to have fun with sister-in-law like a common brother-in-law and sister-in-law joke.

And used to joke with him a lot. One day Suraj jokingly said – and sister-in-law, how was your first honeymoon?

Because sister-in-law was very friendly with Suraj and used to tell all her things. So he told – he did not enjoy much on the day of honeymoon.

So Suraj asked him why? What happened sister-in-law? Brother is very good to me.

Sister-in-law said – Brother, you are good, but he does not have that power.

Suraj said – Why sister-in-law, what happened like this?

So sister-in-law told – On the day of honeymoon, I was very happy because my mind was married.

I got married to the one I loved, what could be better than this. And your brother also loves me very much and he wants to keep me very happy.

Even before marriage, we both used to meet a lot and used to do everything like a loving couple. Which can make a good romantic lover couple. But your brother never had sex with me.

If I were to ask, why common boys are so eager to have sex. But how do you have so much patience. So Ramesh used to say that I have a lot of travel and we will do all this well after marriage.

But when the honeymoon came and I (sister-in-law) was very happy and

I said – that now we can do anything.

And your brothers were also full of curiosity. And then both of us started kissing and licking and he started kissing me lovingly. We both kissed each other profusely, hugged each other, as if we were one body, one soul.

And then your brother started celebrating the honeymoon with me. But hardly a minute must have passed and your brother got cold.

Sooraj asked – why did this happen, was his stomach upset?

Sister-in-law said – No, his stomach was not bad, but don’t know why he suddenly became cold, all his enthusiasm was over.

Then the next day I talked to my brother in private. And said brother, what happened on the day of honeymoon, didn’t you enjoy?

Brother said to me – Hey where man, as soon as I was going to insert my penis, mine fell off.

I said – No problem brother, try again.

But brother said – Hey you are not understanding! I have premature ejaculation problem.

Hearing this, the ground slipped under my feet, and I was very surprised. It meant that brother was not able to give satisfaction to sister-in-law.

He was also not able to give the physical satisfaction that sister-in-law wanted. For this reason, sister-in-law often used to make dirty jokes on me, which I used to enjoy listening to.

By the way, Ramesh’s younger brother Suraj loved his brother very much. But who could pass up this golden opportunity when his sister-in-law is so attractive.

Younger brother said to elder brother – No problem brother, this happens all the time, it is just a disease. And we will find some solution for it.

Till then you go out somewhere to get your treatment done. Bhaiya had a lot of faith in Suraj, and he agreed to go out for his treatment. It was a golden opportunity for Sooraj, and he took advantage of it. When brother went out. And he was completely satisfied that he would not come back and would return home only after getting his treatment done.

Then Suraj turned on his sister-in-law and started talking to her. Suraj said to him – I know, brother is not able to give you satisfaction because he has a problem.

Sister-in-law was very innocent and she got scared. She thought what happened, what will happen to our future now.

Suraj said – There is nothing to fear, this problem of brother can be cured, and he will come home soon after getting his treatment done.

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Suraj said – I like you very much sister-in-law and I like you very much.

At first the sister-in-law showed tantrums and said brother-in-law, what are you saying? This is not correct.

Suraj said – Sister-in-law, I also know what you want and brother is not able to give you physical satisfaction.

But don’t worry, I can give you physical satisfaction. And as soon as I spoke this, I quickly kissed my sister-in-law on her lips. Sister-in-law also did not refuse and we both became two bodies one life.

Suraj always wanted to kiss Bhabhi’s soft lips, so Suraj was kissing very loudly on Bhabhi’s lips.

Sister-in-law was saying – Hey! Hold on, I can’t breathe

But still he was kissing her very hard. Then Suraj suddenly opened the buttons of sister-in-law’s blouse. And started pressing their beautiful, lovely tits. Her breasts were so beautiful and soft that it was as if I was pressing a cotton pad.

And sister-in-law was very attractive as well as fair.

“So the color of her nipples was pink”.

Seeing this, Suraj got even more excited. And jumped on sister-in-law and started kissing her hard, as well as pressing her breasts hard. After that Suraj opened the petticoat to the sister-in-law without seeing anything.

And with a jerk inserted his cock. Sister-in-law screamed loudly,

And said – brother-in-law, slow down.


Suraj did not agree and he started fucking them by holding both their hands. Suraj was fucking so hard that the bed started shaking a lot. Then Suraj put both his legs behind and started hitting with all his might.

Seeing the face of sister-in-law, I was getting more curious. And sister-in-law was also making noises, naughty-naughty, Suraj’s cock was getting erect after listening to these naughty voices.

Suraj fucks sister-in-law a lot and as soon as he was about to ejaculate. He took out his cock and jerked it on sister-in-law’s breast.

Sister-in-law said – brother-in-law, it was fun!

So Suraj said – We can do this everyday till brother comes. Your happiness is my happiness and I also want to keep you happy.

Next day Suraj asked sister-in-law to have sex in doggy position. At first the sister-in-law hesitated, then she agreed.

Suraj said this because sister-in-law’s ass was very thick and round. Seeing his ass, water always started dripping from his cock.

“On seeing her ass, Suraj inserted his cock with a burst”.

And started hitting him loudly, along with slapping his ass.

Sister-in-law said – Brother-in-law is having a lot of fun, and say loudly, “I want more fun”.

Hearing this of sister-in-law, Suraj put his thumb in her ass hole while fucking her. And the sister-in-law suddenly screamed,

And said – what are you doing? “But whatever you are doing, you are having fun”.

Suraj was filled with enthusiasm after hearing this and started banging sister-in-law’s ass loudly. And then as soon as he was about to ejaculate, he took out his cock and dumped all his goods on the sister-in-law’s ass.

After this Suraj started kissing sister-in-law very forcefully.

Sister-in-law said – Now calm down, brother-in-law, how much will you do.

Suraj said – Hey sister-in-law, what should I do? You are so attractive that how can anyone be calm just by looking at you.

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And until brother returns home, for about 1 month. Suraj kept enjoying with his sister-in-law.

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