Pretending to Resist Sex Story

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By TeasingSlutKim

My mom taught me that pretending to resist gets many men extra hard.

When I was young, my mom taught me that teasing and pretending to resist gets many men extra hard, because lots of guys like feeling like they are forcing a slut. And truthfully, it makes me extra hot when I play that role with a guy…. that I’m a slut that has to pay for being a tease. So obviously, I’m very attracted to dominant guys, and I found out it is very true that many guys get really turned on when they feel they are forcing a girl.

The first time it happened was with one of the guys my mom was dating. I wasn’t a virgin, because I had been sucking and fucking some older boys from my school for a couple of years. I started noticing Ben, my mom’s boyfriend at the time, always checking me out, and I loved the attention. Teasing him became an everyday activity with real short skirts and sitting carelessly so he could see up to my panties. I was just starting to get tits, and I always had pointy nipples, so they really showed under tight tops of thin material.

I was surprised to see him at our trailer one day when I got home from school about 3, because my mom didn’t get home from work until a little after 5. He said he was going to hang out and watch tv, because he and my mom were going out to dinner when she got home. I was wearing one of my tiniest pink skirts that day, and I went into the bathroom to take off my bra, thinking it would be hot to tease him a little. My nipples really showed through the thin white material. Ben was watching a movie when I came out of the bathroom and sat on the couch opposite his chair. He had a nice view up my skirt to my tight white thong that my mom had started letting me wear. I was pretty sure he could see the outline of my slit as I watched the tv and pretended not to notice him staring at me.

After a little while he got up, walked over to me, and put his hand on my thigh, about 4 inches above my knee. I asked “what the fuck are you doing” and tried to push his hand away. He said I was a cock teasing whore and it was about time I learned a lesson. When I tried to push him away again, he slapped me across the face, grabbed the hair on top of my head with his left hand and ran his right hand up my skirt. He had my head pinned to the back of the couch as he started rubbing my slit and especially my clit. I squirmed and pretended to resist, even though I was getting so wet and thinking about him fucking me. He kept calling me a teasing whore and told me my panties were already soaking wet.

When he stood over me and unzipped his pants I said, “I can’t do this,” and he just slapped me again and said, “Well you’re gonna do it, you little cock teasing bitch.” His cock was already rock hard, I think from the thought of forcing me, and it was much bigger than the boys from school that I’d sucked and fucked. Grabbing my hair he pulled me toward his cock and told me to “suck it like a good whore.” I opened my mouth and pretended to suck it reluctantly. He pulled his cock out and slapped me again, a little harder this time, and said, “if you don’t suck better than that I’m just gonna fuck your ass.” And that scared me a little, because I’d never been fucked in the ass, and friends told me it kind of hurt at first. So I started sucking him real good, the way I knew guys liked. As I sucked him, he pulled my skirt up and ran his hand down inside my panties. He told me he loved that I was smooth with no hair and my slit was soaked.

After a while he told me he was going to “fuck that smooth pussy real good.” I pretended to beg him to let me just make him cum in my mouth, saying I wasn’t on birth control (even though my mom had me on birth control for almost a year). She had also told me that guys get real turned on when they think they are forcing a girl to get “knocked up.” He was all over me on the couch, and I continued to pretend to resist as he pulled my panties to the side and slipped his cock into me. It wasn’t anything resembling love making as he fucked me. It was more what I’ve heard friends refer to as a hate fuck. He fucked me so hard, calling me names the whole time, and I pretended to beg him to stop for a while, saying he was going to get me pregnant if he kept it up. But after a while I just gave in to the feeling and started urging him to fuck me harder. He made me cum twice, so good, before he finally shot his load in me.

That’s the first time I played that resistance game and learned how hot some guys got when they felt they were forcing a girl. I fucked several of the guys my mom dated, and she knew about it and actually got off on it, even watching sometimes. Some of the guys get a little too rough, but most know it’s a bit of a game and just really get off on being dominant. Someday I’ll have to teach my daughters the same lesson my mom taught me.

By TeasingSlutKim
#Abuse #PreTeen #Rape #Teen

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