Professor fucks sister-in-law. hot sex story

Professor Bhabhi ki chudai

Hello all friends, girls, sister-in-law and aunties, my 8 inch cock salute to all. I am from Jangra Gurgaon. I am 20 years old and studying in BA final year in Delhi University. My height is 6 feet and my face is cute and more attractive. All my friends call me a hero, I do boxing too.

That’s why the body is made very well, natural. Now coming to the story, friends this is my first real sex life story. Everyone has a desire to have sex, mine was also there since I understood it.

A sister-in-law lives in our neighborhood, she is a professor in a college. They got married 2 years ago but they haven’t had a child yet. Her husband is in defense and he mostly stays on far away postings due to his job. Sister-in-law goes to college everyday at 8 in the morning and comes home at 5 in the evening.

She gets bored at home alone, so she knows the owner of the flat where I live, so she also comes to pass some time. I live on the top floor and I have a good relationship with the owner of the building, so I eat food near her and I am also free, then I go to my aunty to talk. New such stories are added daily on! (And ads don’t even open on this site!)

That aunt’s name is Shweta and sister-in-law’s name is Isha.

I used to watch her when she used to come, I like her figure which is 34-28-36, her boobs are very round.

One day I told Shwet Aunty that I face problems in Economics, so Aunty introduced me to Isha Bhabhi, who is a professor of Economics in the college. When I used to go to study with her in the evening, she used to wear a gown.

While studying, she used to sit on the chair exactly in front of me. When she teaches, she bends a little in front of me due to which I can see her boobs. I always look at her boobs, she also notices me staring at her boobs.

She doesn’t say anything, maybe she deliberately bends to show me. Sometimes she doesn’t even wear a bra inside, then I can see her full boobs, sometimes even the nipples are visible standing.

Once my aunt Shweta went out of town for 3 days, she requested Isha Bhabhi to cook food for me, Isha Bhabhi also agreed because she lives alone. I would go to college in the morning after having breakfast at his house.

Then after hanging out with friends, he would come back to the flat at 4 pm. Sister-in-law used to come at 5 o’clock, by then I would have freshened up and finished my rest of the work and would have fisted her name. When my sister-in-law came, I used to go to her house, she used to get fresh and cook food for us.

Then we sat down to study after having food. As usual she sat in front of me and bowed down while teaching. I was looking at her boobs, I was not concentrating in my studies. I was thinking in my mind that today I will continue to fuck my sister-in-law.

After some time sister-in-law got up and went to the kitchen, I followed her and caught her from behind. At first they protested, what are you doing? I said that sister-in-law, I like you very much, I love you very much. Please make me yours

I held her tightly and started pressing her boobs, started kissing her neck. He stopped protesting. But he said that this is wrong. So I told her that you too live with difficulty without your husband. Then she became silent. Then I straightened them and started kissing them on the lips.

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She wanted to separate me from her but I held her tight, then while kissing her boobs were rubbing hard, she slowly started supporting me and started giving me response in kissing. Then I started kissing her on the neck and ears.

Then I took her to her bedroom and made her lie on the bed, I took off her gown, she was also only in bra and panty, looking very sexy. Then I started pressing her boobs over the bra and then took off the bra. Then started biting her boobs, she started sobbing.

I started sucking her nipple and started pressing the other boob with my hand, sometimes even biting it lightly, she screamed, then sister-in-law pulled my cock out of my lower and smiled seeing my 8-inch tight cock. Started moving back and forth.

Seeing her big round boobs, I went crazy and started pressing hard, and started sucking again one by one, she started enjoying a lot, she started moaning. Then I went to her pussy while kissing her from top to bottom, the pussy was completely wet, I moved her panty down and seeing her pussy, I went mad.

I immediately started licking it. While licking I put my tongue in her pussy and started moving back and forth, I was enjoying my tongue very much. She was also making a sound out of excitement, along with put a finger in her pussy. In a short while, she became impatient and started biting her lips, taking my name again and again.

She started taking out her tongue, I started finger-fucking her, slowly slowly I put three fingers in her pussy. She got stuck in silence, my whole hand got wet with her water.

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Then sister-in-law took out my lower and underwear and started sucking my cock in her mouth. I was in heaven. She was sucking my cock like a lollipop, after 15 minutes it stuck in her mouth. Sister-in-law drank all my water, I made her lie straight and started rubbing my cock on her pussy, she started crying and said please put it inside.

I gave a blow and half of my cock went into her pussy, she screamed and said that it is paining a lot. I stayed like this for 2 minutes and started sucking her boobs. When she calmed down, I hit one more blow and put the entire 8 inch cock in her pussy, now she was in complete heaven, kept fucking like this for 25 minutes.

In the meantime, I made her sit as a mare and made her stand up and inserted my cock in her pussy from behind a little bit, after that it got stuck in her pussy.

Then sister-in-law got up and started sucking my cock, after 5 minutes my cock got erect again. Then I made her sit on the coach and put one leg on my shoulder and put her cock on her pussy and jerked, the cock slipped, then I spit from her mouth with my two fingers and put it on the cock and then slowly with love my whole pussy The cock got absorbed, I slowly started jerking again.

Started pressing her boobs, she was making noises, she was getting very hot. She was saying come o come on fuck me hard baby fuck me please both were enjoying a lot. After 30 minutes of fucking, I was about to get stuck, then sister-in-law took my cock in her mouth and started sucking, I fell in sister-in-law’s mouth.

In the same way, we had sex throughout the night, in 3 days we had sex many times in different ways. And I used to lick her pussy too, I found it very tasty. Now when we get a chance, we fuck hard.

Sister-in-law is very happy with me and she got me to fuck two of her friends, Neha and Poorvi, that she will tell me sometime again. So this is also my story of Chudai..

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