Rich Little Sluts – Part 2 Sex Story

#Abuse #PreTeen #Rape

By PimpDaddy

A group of thugs make a group of rich little girls in mini dresses into sluts for a weekend.

This story and the characters are purely fictional.

See Part 1…so the story continues.

I put my pants and shirt back on and went to find the rest of the gang. Most of the guys had already finished round 1 and were upstairs having a drink and chatting about their sexcapades. Not long after I joined them, the last two guys came into the room and shared their stories. Needless to say, the conversation was getting me super horny, and I was ready to go again. For round 2, we agreed that you could keep the girl you already had, or you could trade with someone else. It was a no-brainer for me, I still had some unfinished business with Tiffany. So we quickly finished our drinks and went to our chosen girl.

When I walked into the room, Tiffany was crying and had that look of fear in her eyes. I just smiled at her and licked my lips. I had grabbed her overnight back earlier and went through it to see what she had brought. Bingo – the kids were going to go in the hot tub, and she brought her skimpy neon green bikini. I grabbed the bikini, brought it over to the bed, then untied her arms and legs and told her to put it on. She started to shake her head no, but quickly changed her mind as I pulled out my piece and said, “You either put this on, or I’ll kill one of the boys, it’s your choice bitch!” It didn’t take much before she put on the bikini. She looked so hot in that bikini – what a tight little body she had with perky boobs and a nice firm ass. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to an oversized chair in the corner of the bedroom. I proceeded to sit in the chair and told her to “Dance like a little hooker.” She began to dance slow, moving her hips, shaking her ass, and running her hands all over her titties. She could tell I was enjoying the show and began to pick up the tempo and make her moves even sexier. She seemed possessed and as if she had been a stripper in a past life. My cock was getting super hard and constrained in my pants, so I told her, “Bitch come over her and take my clothes off!” She came over and did as she was told. “Now get down on your knees and suck my cock!” She knelt down and began running her tongue up and down my cock. My cock was quivering at the sight of this beautiful 12-year-old sucking my cock. She wrapped her lips around my head and began going up and down my shaft. “God you’re one sexy bitch! Suck my cock like the slut you were meant to be!” I grabbed her head and forced my cock deep down her throat making her gag and tear up. My cock felt so good in her mouth, but I wasn’t ready to cum yet. So I pulled her off my cock and made her lick and suck my balls. She would roll her tongue all over my balls, then gently take my balls in her mouth and suck on them. The feel of her preteen mouth on my balls was orgasmic.

I knew what I wanted next – so I sat back in the chair, lifted my legs and ass and told her “Lick my hole bitch and I want to feel your tongue deep inside my hole.” She stopped and pulled back, looking at me in horror. I simply waved my gun and then watched her head reluctantly go down to my ass where she was soon eating it. I wasn’t in a hurry and was enjoying the moment, so I made her eat my ass for a long time. It felt so good and was so hot. Soon I was ready to blow my load, but I didn’t want to cum quite yet.

So, I grabbed her hair, pulled her head away from my ass and stood up. She looked a little perplexed and I am sure wondered what was going to happen next. I had her stand in front of me, then I moved behind her. I began running my hands up and down her bikini clad body, massaging her nipples and rubbing her clit through her bikini. I could feel her getting wet and I could tell she was getting horny. I pushed her face down on the chair and ripped her bikini bottoms off. I began kissing her back and continued kissing her as I moved down her body stopping at her ass. I spread her legs, then her cheeks and began eating her sweet young ass.

My cock was so hard as my tongue penetrated her little rosebud. As I was doing this, my fingers were rubbing her clit. I could feel her body quivering with pleasure. I took my wet fingers, with her pussy juice as natural lubricant and began to penetrate her tight asshole. I knew she wasn’t expecting it and heard her wince in pain as my finger penetrated her little hole. I then pushed a second finger in and began finger-fucking her little hole. I could feel her loosening up and knew it was time. I got up, sat on her ass, lubed my cock with some coconut oil that I had brought, and then lubed her tight hole. She began to fight as she knew what was going to happen next. I moved the head of my cock to the entrance of her sweet little hole and teased her rosebud a bit. Then with one thrust, I forced my cock deep into her ass. She cried out in pain, so I pushed her head into a pillow, muffling her screams. Her hole was so tight and felt so good as I plunged in and out of her. “Now you’ve had it all bitch! You’re a seasoned little slut and should know how to please cocks in any way.” My cock was so hard and ready to bust. I thrust harder and faster, destroying her virgin hole. I could feel my balls tightening and I was ready to unload in her. I thrust a couple of more times deep and hard, then exploded and filled her ass with cum. I sat there for a moment, admiring her sweet young ass with my cock still in it.

Soon, I was ready for another drink, so I pulled my cock out of her ass, grabbed her head and said, “you know the drill, open wide and clean my cock off good!” She did as she was told. I grabbed a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt from her bag and threw them at her. “Put these on for now.” She did and I then tied her back up on the bed.

I went to meet up with my gang for another drink and another round of sharing our sexcapades. We also had some important business to discuss – what we were going to do for Round 3.

To be continued……

By PimpDaddy
#Abuse #PreTeen #Rape

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