Rough walk to the car Sex Story

#Rape #Teen #Threesome

By ABBY2030

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Hi. I’m Abby, 24 years old. Brown hair down to between my shoulders, small breasts and long smooth legs, im roughly 5ft 5ft3. Wearing a white button up with a purple blazer and purple skirt that stops just above the knees… no bra but black panties

One night (11pm) I was walking to my car after a long shift at work. When two young men approached me they don’t seem any older than 16 or 17. Both were around 5’11 tall and pretty muscular looking. One had red hair so we’ll call him red. The other had black hair we’ll call him Hunter.

Red “hey there. You here alone”
Me “Yeah. Just got off work”
Hunter moves to behind me as red gets closer and says “I bet you could use some help relaxing”
Me “uh.. I’m good thanks” hunter grabs my hips, I jumped a bit. He starts rubbing my hips with his hands as red starts unbottoning my shirt.
Me “hey quit” I shove red. Hunter grabs my wrists and as I try to pull free I realize he’s much stronger than I thought. Red undoes my top and suckles on my right nipple

In my head I think to myself “don’t enjoy it Abby don’t enjoy it.”

Red “mmm sweet” He licks down my tummy as hunter starts grinding his crotch against my ass. I try to wiggle free but for the most part I’m just rubbing my ass against him “quit it! Let me go!”

Red yanks my panties off and pulls his pants off, he’s bigger than my boyfriend and a bit thicker too. He slams into me and starts going back and forth back and forth
I’m biting my lip trying not to moan. But then red bites my left nipple as he’s ramming me causing me to let go “oh God! Mmm yes!” I blurt out. Then red grabs my wrists letting hunter get his pants off. He and red rhythmically fuck my ass and pussy I’m moaning and wiggling begging “more mote please don’t stop!”

I don’t know how long it went on but they cummed in me thanked me for the good time and ran off. Leaving me both satisfied and tired.

By ABBY2030
#Rape #Teen #Threesome

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