Sarah fucked old neighbour Lenny Sex Story

#Abuse #Cuckold #Pregnancy #Rape

By Radox

Always wanted to watch my respectable, faithful, teacher, wife fucked by an older man. Specially unprotected.

Sarah is my wife. I have always had ideas about other men fucking her, but she was brought up by religious parents and I know she would not have sex outside marriage.

We needed to move due to Sarah’s job as a reception class teacher and rented a flat in a distant city centre. It was not the best block of flats or the best area, but as we had to move quickly it was all that was available.

Sarah started work the following week. I had bumped into a couple of the people living in neighbouring flats and I got chatting with a 60 something guy from the flat below named Lenny. He was unemployed, four times divorced and seemed lonely. I started to pop into his place for a coffee and chat and invited him back to our flat to return the hospitality. Sarah had seen Lenny on the landing and she called him “lecherous Lenny” because she said she felt his eyes undressing her each time she passed him. She said he gave her the creeps.

One afternoon Lenny came up and as I was making the coffee, he pulled a half bottle of rum from his pocket. He said he was an ex merchant seaman and enjoyed his grog. He poured a good measure into each coffee and we drank it. The conversation turned to women and marriage. Lenny said his previous wife was his 4th and had left 2 years before. He said how lucky I was to have a beautiful wife like Sarah and then started telling me about sexual experiences he had participated in with women. He asked if Sarah liked oral and when I said yes, Lenny led the conversation, asking more and more intimate questions about what she liked to do. We drank some more coffee with rum and my tongue loosened. I told him about my fantasies of men having sex with Sarah . He said it was normal. He asked what sort of underwear Sarah wore and I went into the bedroom to get a pair of her panties. I turned around and Lenny had followed me. I pulled open Sarah’s knicker drawer and he looked inside. He began picking up her panties and saying how much he liked her see thru one’s. It got me very horny watching Lenny handle Sarah’s underwear. He said
“Are there any she has worn in the laundry?”
I went into the bathroom and Lenny followed. I lifted the lid of the wash basket and picked up a lacey pair of Sarah’s panties. Lenny took hold of them and held them to his face. His voice was muffled as he breathed deeply
‘Oh God yes, lovely. I can smell her pussy.’
We were both pretty merry by now and Lenny’s face was red. He said
‘Every time Sarah passes my flat, I want to fuck her.’

I said
‘ I wish you could Len, but she would never have sex with other men.’
I told him about her religious upbringing and how she worried about committing sins. Lenny said
‘Thats a shame. I bet she is nice and tight and even though she won’t do it, you would like her fucked wouldn’t you?’
I nodded. Lenny said
‘Where there is a will, there is a way. We will have to think what we can do.’

A couple of days later Lenny invited me for coffee. He said
‘I have been thinking about what we talked about. Does Sarah drink?”
I said
‘Her family background is Irish. They all like a drink, but Sarah does not drink all the time. If she starts drinking, she drinks like a fish, but sometimes goes a long time without drinking at all.’
Lenny said
‘ That’s good’.
He reached to a table and picked up a brown bottle and said

“These are some tablets my wife had. They are one’s she was given to take before she had an operation.They put you spark out for about 4 hours and you cannot remember anything afterwards’.
I said ‘ Are they safe?’
Lenny said
‘Yes, no problem. They are strong but not long lasting, so if we give Sarah some, we can have some fun and she will come round a bit groggy, but none the wiser.’
Lenny’s face sort of changed to a leering expression and almost to himself said
‘ I will be able to give Sarah a good, slippery, seeing to. I want to get my cock in her.
I was excited and said
‘This sounds really good Lenny but are you sure it works?’
He said
‘Yes 100% certain. My wife was completely sparko while they took a mole off her stomach. Didn’t feel a thing and was out all afternoon.’

I knew Sarah was going to be having a night out with her friends the next weekend and she usually arrived home by taxi with Anna her best friend, who looked after Sarah when she was really drunk and make sure Sarah got up the stairs and through our door before running back to get back in the taxi to go home. I then usually got Sarah to bed to sleep the night off. I told Lenny this and he said
‘Perfect let’s work towards next Saturday then. We will crush a few of these tablets and you get Sarah to have another drink when she gets in from her night out.’

We started planning after that. We chatted for ages trying to think of everything. I knew Sarah had a night out planned with her friends for a leaving party at the weekend. Time seemed to stop now we were waiting. I knew Lenny was impatient and feeling frustrated. He had started to hang around and was sometimes still in the flat when Sarah got home from school after a hard days work. She said
‘What are you doing spending time with that creepy pervert? He gives me the heebie jeebies the way his eyes follow me about. I hope he never comes up here when you are out?’

I said that I had no company and was lonely when she was at work and that Lenny had lots of funny stories from his time as a sailor. Sarah seemed to reluctantly accept this but I knew she would never get on with Lenny.

One morning Lenny said
’ You know that fire escape down the back. It goes right past your bedroom window? ‘
I nodded. He continued
’ If you left the curtain open a little, you know a gap at the top, I would be able to see in your bedroom when Sarah is in there. I keep looking at her and I can’t wait to see her sexy, little, body!’
The thought excited me.

I said
‘She gets a shower most nights about 9.30 and we watch TV in bed afterwards. She gets dried in the bedroom’
Lenny said
‘OK. Perfect. Give me a text when she goes for her shower and I will come up the fire escape.”

That evening Sarah and I had tea as usual and I could hardly concentrate on the programmes, watching the clock go round. Sarah said
’ What’s the matter with you? You seem like a cat on a hot tin roof?’

I laughed it off and tried to keep calm. Then at the usual time Sarah got up and said
‘Going for my shower Darling. Do me a favour and put the TV on in the bedroom for me.’
I went through and texted Lenny. In a couple of minutes there was a tap on the window. Lenny motioned for me to draw the curtains and then directed me with his hands so that the gap in the top was not obvious from in the room, but gave him a clear view of the whole bedroom. I clicked the TV on and went back into the living room. After about 10 minutes the bathroom door opened and Sarah crossed to the bedroom. She was towelling her hair and this meant her body was completely uncovered. She walked into the bedroom and stood facing the window, as that was where the mirror was placed, to make the most of the light during the daytime. I knew Lenny would be getting a fantastic, full frontal, view of Sarah as she dried herself. My phone pinged and Lenny had texted a thumbs up and a heart. I waited a while, then I went into the bedroom. The programme Sarah was watching was finishing. I went over to her and kissed her on the lips then led her to our bed. She lay back and reached up to unfasten my pants, then parted her legs. I was totally turned on, knowing Lenny was watching and stiff. I moved on to Sarah . I penetrated her quickly and we fucked energetically. Knowing Lenny was probably watching and wanking a few feet away, on the fire escape got me massively turned on. I heard a small sound outside as Lenny went back down the fire escape, but Sarah did not seem to notice anything and quickly went to sleep.

The next day Lenny came up and knocked. I let him in.

“Fuck. What a body Sarah has got. I saw everything!! Got a fantastic view of her pussy and tits. My cock shot up and I had a raging hard on through the whole show. You lucky bastard being able to get into her and fuck her like that. I need my cock in her ASAP!! ”
I laughed and said
” Glad you enjoyed it Lenny. I was thinking about you watching the whole time, it made me cum quicker. Don’t worry. You will get your chance, if all goes to plan.”

That week and the next dragged on until finally it was time for Sarah’s night out. She was dressed and had her hair and make up done by 6 pm. She had put on a pink, pleated skirt, not too short, about mid thigh. A white top with blue buttons all the way down the front and a powder blue denim jacket. She had some short leather boots on and looked irresistible. She was gone by 6.45PM and Lenny came up to our flat.
He said

‘I saw her go out the front door. She looks so sexy. Thanks for the show last night. Oh God I was so jealous. Your Sarah is a peach, beautiful. I have five kids, two sons, three daughters. Sarah is so fresh, she is nine years younger than my Amy, the youngest of my brood.’

Then he gave a whistle and his eyes widened. He said

’ Shit if it all goes OK tonight I am going to get to fuck a girl a lot younger than Amy. Unbelievable!!! ‘

He took the tablet bottle from his pocket and I held out my hand. He tipped quite a few small, oval tablets into my palm. I said

‘ How many will it take? ‘

Lenny said

’ Four, maybe five. With alcohol she will go out and not know anything till morning. ‘

Then he said

’ I want to use the toys on her as well. Shove that biggest dildo right up her tight, little, cunt.’

His tone was rough and he quickly looked at me questiongly, a leering, lustful, expression on his lined, world wise, face and said

’ If that’s OK with you?

I said

’ Whatever you want Lenny. ‘

He relaxed and said

‘ I could not believe it when you moved in and I saw her that first time. I had to go and wank. Then when we had that chat, drank rum and you told me what you like. It was like a dream come true. Soon I am going to be deep inside her, sliding my cock up Sarah’s sweet, juicy, pussy.’

He looked at me. He was red faced and sweating. There was lust and desperate look in his eyes.

’It wont be as good if I cannot cum in her. You don’t want me to have to use a rubber, do you?’

I felt my cock stiffening. I knew I should say

‘ It’s her risky time and she doesn’t take the pill.’

But I shook my head and heard myself saying

‘ I want to watch you fuck Sarah and I want you to cum in her’.

Lenny did a funny thing. He moved towards me and hugged me. He whispered

‘I know what you want and I will do it for you.’

Then he said

‘I have been thinking about this non- stop for weeks now, fantasizing and dreaming at night about Sarah . I imagined her laid on the bed, helpless, not being able to stop me from giving her a baby.’He looked at me “.’ I hope you don’t mind Ray, thinking about Sarah like that. She is your wife and I know I should be happy, just getting the chance to fuck her. I know one day when the time is right, you will make plans and Sarah will come off the contraception, so she can conceive a baby with you. It is a natural thing for a couple like you two.’
I smiled and said nothing.

Just before midnight I heard the doorbell. I opened the door and Sarah and Anna were standing outside. Anna was holding Sarah up and she said laughing
‘Same as, same as!!!’
She looked at Sarah, who was grinning in a lop sided, vacant way and continued
‘ She started fast and kept hammering it. There was no way she was going to last the pace’.
I moved to the side of Sarah and put my arm around her to let Anna let go. I sort of half walked, half carried Sarah to the sofa. As I sat her down the there was a
from Anna as the flat door closed, then a clump, clump, as she went down to get back in the taxi. I spoke to Sarah and she was slurring as she tried to tell me something I could not understand. I said
‘ What you need is another drink darling. ‘I went to the kitchen and got a bottle of vodka.
I poured a big measure then tipped the four, now finely powdered tablets into the glass, poured in some fresh orange and mixed well. I went back to Sarah and held the glass, encouraging her to take gulps. When the glass was drained. I sat next to Sarah waiting and watching her reactions. After five minutes her speech was incomprehensible. Then she leaned and fell against me, her eyes closed and after 10 minutes her breathing was deep and slow and her mouth had dropped open. I waited another couple of minutes and shook her. I shouted to try to wake her. Nothing. I shook her harder, then tickled her which would normally guarantee a big reaction. Nothing. Then I pinched her inner arm. Nothing. She was spark out, unconscious. I picked up my phone and texted Lenny.

He was up in 20 seconds tapping on the door. I let him in and he crossed over to the sofa. He said

‘ Is she out?’

I nodded and shook Sarah to show him she was completely unresponsive. He said

‘Fantastic. Let’s have a look at her.’

He sat on the sofa and touched Sarah’s left breast. Then put both his hands on her breasts and squeezed. He was eager and impatient and he was speaking as if Sarah was awake.

‘ Come on then darling, lets get your tits out’

as he unfastened the blue buttons of her top. He pulled Sarah forwards and I held her to stop her falling face first. Lenny’s hands reached and pulled her top open then went behind and he fumbled to release the clasp of Sarah’s bra. As it came off, he said

‘That’s it Sarah. Let Uncle Lenny touch your firm little titties’

as he took them in his hands and squeezed her nipples. Lenny got onto his knees and leaned forwards to suck her tits, as his hands pulled her skirt up. After a few minutes he sat back and said

‘Lift her up a bit Ray so I can get her skirt up!’

I went behind the sofa and put my arms under Sarah’s armpits.I pulled her up and Lenny tugged her skirt up past her waist. He looked down and said.

‘ I love white panties’

He hooked his fingers into the top and pulled Sarah’s knickers down to her knees, then further down and took them off over her boots. He moved her thighs apart

‘That’s it. Lets see your gorgeous, little, pussy.’

He leaned forward and pushed his face into Sarah’s crotch, sniffing and tasting her female scent and taste … His hands were busy unfastening his zip as licked her pussy. He surfaced, red faced and said gruffly

‘ I cant wait anymore!!! I need to fuck her Ray.”

He unfastened the button on his pants and dropped them. He was wearing baggy, string, underpants and as he pulled them down his cock sprang out from a bush of greying pubic hair. He got hold of Sarah’s knees and pushed her legs apart, causing her labia to part, to reveal her pink, inner lips. He shuffled forwards on his knees. He took hold of his cock and pulled back his foreskin to reveal a very large, plum like, red. purple, glans. As far as cocks go it was not long, maybe six and a half inches, but it had a very thick girth and I could see a big blob of pre-cum oozing from Lenny’s large, urethral hole. He was talking as if Sarah was listening again.

‘Uncle Lenny knows you don’t like him! He can tell when you look at him that he disgusts you, that he repulses you. Even when you pass his door, you move fast so you are not close to him for long. But Uncle Lenny has got close to you, very close.’

As he spoke Lenny was rubbing his glans between her pussy lips. He continued

‘ Now Uncle Lenny is going to get where he needs to be.’

Lenny’s hips moved forwards and the tip of his cock entered Sarah’s pussy, with another push his glans penetrated her vagina, spreading her labia. Then with stronger pushes he entered her fully. He moaned and said
‘ Thank God I don’t have to wear a rubber. She is soooooooo tight!!! I can feel everything, all the soft, little ripples and ridges of her cunt.’
Then to himself as he gave another firm push

‘ Oh yes, there we are. I can feel her cervix now.

He moved his buttocks in a small, circular, movement and said

‘ I can feel the end of my cock against her womb.’

Lenny began to thrust slowly and firmly into Sarah’s pussy. He was rubbing his thumb in her slit at the top to massage her clitoris. He looked up at me and his voice was hoarse.

’ I can’t hold it Ray, it’s too much.’

He leaned forwards over Sarah, gave a deep, hard, thrust, then was jerking and making a

‘ mmmuuuuuhhhh, mmmuuuuuhhhh, mmmuuuuuhhhhh,’

sound as he emptied spurts of his warm, slippery, fertile, sperm, deeply, into her unprotected vagina. His hips stopped jerking and he gave a big sigh. Then gave a last couple of deep, twitching, thrusts to make sure Sarah got the last drops of his semen, then he fell forwards with his head on her upper chest. After about 3 or 4 minutes he straightened and his soft penis slid from her. As he stood pulling up his pants and underpants. I looked down and could see his white semen between Sarah’s labia, I noticed a globule had dropped onto her onto her soft, brown, triangle, of hair. Lenny almost fell backwards into a chair, breathing fast and hard. After a couple of minutes he Said

“ Good, that was so good. She may always despise me, but she cannot change the fact that me and her have been joined together as one.
Then almost in a bragging tone he said

‘From day one she has tried to avoid me and looked down her nose at me, but I got there in the end.’

He pointed towards Sarah still sitting, spark out on the sofa
‘ She never thought she would end up full of my spunk.’
Lenny got up and went to get a drink in the kitchen then went to the bathroom and without closing the door, he urinated loudly.

After about 15 minutes Lenny said
” How about we get her to the bedroom. Have you got video on your camera?”
I nodded.
” We can get all her clothes off.”
He hesitated, chuckled and said.
“Apart from the boots.”
“Get some film of me on the bed with her.”
I took the top half and Lenny got hold under her knees and we carried her through to the bedroom. We laid her on her back and I took her top off as Lenny unzipped her skirt and tugged it down her legs and off over her feet. Without asking, he opened the bedside cupboard and took the dildos and vibrators out. He said

” Grab the camera Ray!”
I went into the living room and had to search to find my camera. When I came back Lenny was laid on his side next to Sarah . He had got the biggest dildo up her pussy and was working it in and out of her. He said
” Good set it up on the cupboard “.
I positioned it and turned the video function on. A red light came on. Lenny said
” Here you use the dildo”.
Then when I got onto the bed He unfastened his pants and rubbed till he was erect again. He moved up the bed until his groin was level with Sarah’s face. He was on his side and tilted further to get the tip close and rubbed her face with it. Then he got it between her lips and pushed his cock into her mouth. Her jaw was slack and I could see her cheek bulging as he moved it in her mouth. After a while he said,
“God I am horny again Ray. Take the dildo out of her.”
I slid the dildo out and Lenny moved on top of Sarah in missionary position. his cock was stiff. He guided it between her legs and with one firm slippery push penetrated her up to his balls. He moaned and said
“There is nothing like a woman less than half your age. Her cunt is gripping my cock, it’s so tight.”
Then to me “What’s she use, then pill or coil? ”
I said quietly
” Nothing.”
He said
I repeated
Lenny lifted himself up on his arms, cock still deep in Sarah and looked at me with a surprised expression. I said
“She is Catholic. Wont use contraception. We do it after her period when its least risky”
I explained.
Lenny said
“And is it that time now?”
I shook my head.
“She is fertile.”
He said
“I am as well, you know. Never got round to getting the snip. I suppose you want me to stop now?”
I said
“No. I have always wanted this. It’s the most exciting thing I have ever been.”
” Well fuck me. I like it too”
said Lenny, ” but what will she say if she gets pregnant?”
” She wont know who”s it is and if she did, she would not get an abortion. But she wont know!! ”
Lenny began to push into Sarah , driving his cock deep into her belly faster and faster. Knowing he was having her without contraceptive precautions and she could get pregnant, must have excited him massively. Suddenly he was cumming and gasping. His voice was croaky as he groaned and said
“There you are Sarah . Get some of this in you. MMMMM There you are love, here’s plenty of baby seed. That’s it!!!, there you are darling. If it’s not this time, there are going to be other times, I hope. Dirty, old Uncle Lenny is going to give you a baby”,
as he ejaculated and finished off filling Sarah’s pussy with his warm, fertile, sperm. Lenny was gasping and panting with his face going almost purple as he made several short, jerky, thrusts to get the last drops of his sperm into Sarah . Then he lifted his hand to the little cleft in her jaw below her bottom lip and pulled down opening her mouth. He put his mouth on hers and kissed her. I could see his fat tongue pushing inside and the liquid slurpy sounds as he explored inside. Then his head moved back and he rolled off her onto his back. Sarah was laid motionless. Her breast and stomach were shiny and wet with Lenny’s sweat and hairs fom his chest were stuck to her smooth, white skin. Her labia were splayed open and she looked like a bitch that had just been mated, with semen leaking from her pussy.

Just over a month later Sarah was sitting across from me at breakfast. She suddenly took my hand and said
“Ray, my period is late!!!”
My heart beat increased and I got a butterflies feeling in my stomach. Sarah continued.
“I know it is not a foolproof method using safe period and I think I could be pregnant!!!”

By Radox
#Abuse #Cuckold #Pregnancy #Rape

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