Sarah’s birthday party part 3 Sex Story

#Incest #Mature #PreTeen #Virgin

By Jason420

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Me and Amy retreat to the master bedroom to put on pajamas and I tell Amy every detail about taking Courtney’s virginity in the pool. She listens intently, hanging on every detail. I tell her all about Courtney’s tight little cunt. How she told me she had never , and I just pushed into her. Watching Amy get dressed while I talk. Picking out some cute white sheer panties pulling them up , covering her smooth hairless pussy, then adds a victory secret white babydoll slip. With no bra, her tits on display by the completely sheer fabric used. Something you would expect to see your girlfriend wearing in a hotel on your anniversary. Not at a slumber party with a bunch of 12 and 13 year old girls. I put on some plaid pajama pants, no boxers underneath. The fabric lays over My cock , showing a perfect outline of my large member swinging as I more around. I slip on a thin t-shirt. Showing off my muscular arms and chest.

We listen from the room to the 3 drunk girls running around the house. Laughing and talking so loud that they’re basically yelling. Music blasting. Amy walks up to me touching my cock over my pants and says. “So what’s the plan now. “

“ I don’t know, I was thinking we should slow them down on the alcohol. Or we are just going to have 3 sick little girls on our hands. “

“ ya, they are already pretty fucked up. Sarah was stumbling into the house. I was going to get them all to eat some more pizza before we get them any more alcohol. But I want to keep the party going. I want to see you fuck Courtney in your bed tonight “ Amy says with a horny little grin on her face looking me in my eyes. I respond

“ why just Courtney?” Her slight grin turns into a huge big cheesy smile. She squeezes my cock and says

“ god , I want to see you inside all of them. Especially Sarah. “

“ ok, what do you think about slipping them all some Molly with the late night Pizza. “

“Molly? What’s Molly?”

“ have you ever done ecstasy? Molly is 100 percent pure ecstasy.”

“ oh fuck yes, I did ecstasy in high school. It made me fuck my bed post I was so horny.”

“ I’ll go make them a cocktail with not much alcohol, but I’m going to spike all of our drinks with Molly “

Amy gives me another kiss whispers in my ear “ I’m so glad I met you. I’ve wanted a man to take control of these girls for years “

“ mmm good mommy, what have you wanted to happen to your little girl “

“ god, I’ve been wishing I could watch Sarah get bent over her bed and fucked hard. And then I want to suck your cock clean and taste her pussy all over your cock. “

I grab her ass and give her a kiss. “ good mommy, now go get those girls their pizza.” I slap her ass as she walks out of the bedroom. I walk over to the mini bar . Making us all fruity cocktail, taking a capsule and breaking it into each drink. I load the 5 drinks on a tray and walk them over to the group standing around the kitchen island eating pizza. “ here you go girls. These ones are strong. So get ready to party all night” my offer met with happy cheers and laughter. I walk around the island to pass out the drinks. Patting Courtney on her ass secretly as I pass behind her. She looks at me with a guilty smile. Courtney’s phat ass stretching out her grey cotton pajama shorts. Frayed around the edges and tight because she has obviously out grown them. Her bikini pantie lines easily visible. And a peal jam tank top , with No bra to hold her bouncy b-cup breast.

Amy holds up her glass and says “ cheer’s girls! And happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Sarah. I’m so happy I can hang out with you and your friends on your birthday.”

“ awe thank you mommy , you are my friend ! I love hanging out with my mommy” Sarah gives her mom a big hug before everyone clinks their glasses and Amy says “bottoms up girls chug it” We all down our drinks. Melinda chokes a little about half way through , but quickly catches her breath and finishes her drink. “ YAAA WOOOO” we all cheer.

20 minutes later, I can feel the Molly starting to kick in. I’ve noticed a couple things so far. First Melinda definitely has a major lesbian crush on her friend Sarah. The way she looks at her and follows her around. This fact becomes more and more clear as the Molly starts to work its magic. We all start laughing at just about everything uncontrollably. I can feel the muscles in my stomach getting sore from all the laughter. Melinda is definitely the first to feel the effects in full force . She can’t keep her thoughts to herself. Every thought spills out of her mouth. Saying things like “ I think I want to date girls not boys” and “ Sarah has the best ass in school, don’t you think“. looking around for someone to say something, to cut the tension. I chime in. “ she definitely has a cute ass. “ I hold my hand up giving Melinda and then Sarah a hi-five. Sarah’s ass definitely looked cute the little pink romper with unicorns she is wearing. The more she moved around the more that romper pulled against her crotch .showing off her little mound and slit in front , and up her ass in the back. Her little white ass cheeks out for us all to see. Shaking her ass to the music. Melinda getting behind her and slapping her ass when she drops her hands to the ground and starts twerking her ass in the air.
Melinda wearing simple white pajama pants with kiss marks all over them. And a white t-shirt. No bra, no need for one either. Melinda being the flattest out of the 3. Her little breast barely budding. Her tits , however are now hard poking out of her shirt.

We turn up the music, Amy grabs Courtney and pulls her close, starts dirty dancing on her. Amy’s entire body on full display in her little victory secret babydoll slip. She grabs Courtney’s ass and pulls her close. The two girls grinding on each other’s legs. Their bodies pressed against each other. Amy grabs Courtney face and pulls her in for a kiss. The two start frenching on the dance floor while they grind their bodies into each other. I dance along with the girls. My cock swinging pushed against the front of my pajamas.

After 20 more minutes of all of us dirty dancing. I can feel how sweaty I’m getting. I look over at all the girls starting to sweat through their pajamas. I walk to the kitchen and fetch us all bottles of water. Interrupting the dance party to pass them out. “ everyone drink water, so nobody gets sick tonight “ the thirsty little girls start chugging water talking and laughing. The girls Lost in how jubilant everyone is. Sarah makes a comment to her mother. “ geez mom, you just going to walk around naked and make out with my friends “ everyone giggling at the comment. “ I’m not naked!” Amy responds to her daughter. “ you might as well be! I can see through everything you have on.” Amy get a big smile. “ So” she says goffing at the allegation. “ I don’t mind” Melinda says confidently. Her pupils dilated and Twitch in a way that only happens when you are on cloud9 high as fuck and euphoric on molly “ me either” i say and give Amy a passionate kiss in front of the girls who start hopping and hollering. “Wooo get some” the cheers continue and amplify when I grab a big handful of Amy’s ass.

Courtney stairs at Amy’s breast and announces to the group : “Your mom has the nicest tits”

Amy : “awe thank you”

Melinda “can I touch them!” Everyone burst out laughing.

Amy : “ya you can “ turning towards Melinda , Melinda gropes Amy’s breast for a second. Then Courtney yells out. “ i want to touch them!”

Amy responds. “ go ahead “ Courtney reaches out molesting Amy other breast. The three girls giggle and start talking about how nice her breast are and how they wish they had breast like Amy. This conversation leads to another and another. Our high brains spend an hour talking about everything and nothing. Courtney sits on the love seat and I sit next to her, close so ours legs are touching . and the other 3 girls sit crammed close together on the other couch. Laughing and pushing each other and wrestling around while we all talk. The conversation makes no sense, everyone is talking over each other and everyone’s minds are so far gone we don’t know where we are or what’s going on. Melinda is babbling to herself about Smurf’s or Elves or something talking about how happy they all are living in the forest behind my house, and she gets Courtney on the same delusion. Courtney starts telling and entire detailed story about daddy Smurf fucking baby Smurf in the pool. Everyone is cracking up at the thoughts pouring out of their mouths. Melinda keeps trying to add in but she makes no sense. Me and Amy are playing footies across the floor from couch to couch. My hand caressing Courtneys upper thigh. Inching my fingers toward her crotch until the tips of my fingers reach up her shorts and I feel the edge of her panties near her crotch. I leave my hand there moving slowly teasing her little high pussy. Amy watching me the whole time . Smiling and making faces letting me know how horny she is. She yells over at Sarah “ Sarah , Truth or dare”

“ ummmmmmm TRUTH”

“ have you ever sucked a cock”

Hahhahahahha everyone bursts out.

“ OMG MOM! “

“ Tell the truth now” Amy says looking at her daughter. “ tell us” Courtney yells out.

Sarah finally responds “ Yes”

Hahahahahah everyone laughs and Sarah actually falls out of her seat onto the floor. laughing with embarrassment. “ omg who’s“ Amy asks her daughter.
“ I did it when I dated Josh a few months ago. “ she responds, having a hard time getting the words out, cracking up laughing . I loudly interrupt “Now Melinda . Truth or Dare” I say going out of turn knowing the rules aren’t going to matter right now.
“ Ummm dare”
“ I Dare you to French kiss Sarah’s vagina” I say in a loud confident voice.
“What” Melinda looks stunned , she is frozen by my words. Sitting with her jaw dropped. “Do it” Courtney yells. Everyone still unable to control our laughter. Except now frozen Melinda. Amy jumps up out of her seat. “ ya do it” she yells and grabs Sarah by her arm picking her up off the floor. Sarah has a hard time standing while her mom claws and pull at her romper . Untying strings and pulling it down. Trying to get it off her daughter. Sarah not even realizing she is being stripped naked, asks. “ wait, what’s happening…… mom ….. omg mom….. “ Courtney jumps up to help strip Sarah of her romper. After the romper is off Amy grabs Sarah’s panties and pulls them straight down to her ankles , before pushing her ass on the couch naked. Amy sits on the ground in front of her daughter and pushes her legs apart. Exposing her hairless cunt for the group to see. She then reaches up and grabs Melinda’s hand and pulls her down to her knees in front of Sarah. I pull Courtney back down next to me on the love seat. This time pulling one of her legs over one of mine. I caress her inner thigh right up to her crotch and watch.
Amy pushes the back of Melinda’s head . Pushing Melinda’s face into her daughters crotch. “ kiss it” kiss it” everyone keeps chanting. Her tongue makes contact with Sarah’s pussy lips. She is frozen for a second but then starts kissing and probing softly. 10 seconds later Sarah’s head is back and she is starting to breathe heavily while her friend gently eats her cunt. Amy, watching ever stroke of Melinda’s tongue. Saying “Get in there more, flick the part at the top. Don’t be shy about it. “
I move my hand up Courtney’s shorts and start running the tips of my fingers up and down her slit over her panties. Pushing her cotton panties more and more into her wet cunt with every stroke. She starts breathing heavily. She gasps and moans in pleasure. both of us with our eyes straight ahead watching Amy give instructions to Melinda as she timidly eats Sarah’s pussy. Then suddenly Amy says “ Here let me show you how” she pulls Melinda back by her shoulder and pushes her out of the way. Positioning herself in front of Sarah’s little hairless cunt. Sarah raises her head. Looking around confused. She had been in her own little world enjoying her friends tongue probing her slit. She looks down at her mom, making eye contact with her . They keep that eye contact without blinking until Amy’s mouth hit Sarah’s pussy. Pushing her tongue deep. Sarah’s head flys back as it was before. But not quietly. A loud out-bust. “ OOOOO OOOOO OH MY GOD AWE AWE AWE AWE OOOOO OH MY GOD MOM” with Sarah unable to stay still , arching her back and convulsing. Amy grabs both Sarah’s ass cheeks and pulls Sarah’s crotch into her face. Probing , licking , flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue Aggressively lapping up juices as they flow out of Sarah. Melinda still on her knees next to Amy watching intently with her eyes wide. My fingers still rubbing over Courtney’s panties. That are now soaked and completely pushed into her pussy lips. I then stand up and pull Courtney to her knees in front of me. She first stairs at , and then Reaches up and touches my hard cock pushing against my pajamas. I take my shirt off first. Her looking up at me. I move my crotch close to her face when I pull down my pajamas pants and let my long thick cock spring out and hit Courtney’s face . I hold her head by her hair with one hand and grip my cock with the other. I slap my cock against her face repeatedly. She smiles and giggles and tries to catch it with her mouth as it slaps against her face. I then shove it in her mouth. She starts sucking eagerly . like a good little slut. I run my fingers through her hair. Feeling her scalp with my hands. The Molly going strong. Making every touch euphoric. the walls are glowing and look like they’re pulsating with music. Courtney sucking my cock like it’s the greatest thing she has ever tasted. I enjoy my blowjob and enjoy the show Amy and Sarah are giving us. I watch Sarah’s eyes role in the back of her head. She gasps for air and can’t get a breath , she convulses and then finally explodes. Drenching her moms face. A waterfall flowing off Amy’s chin soaking the front of the couch and making a puddle on the floor. Amy continues to try to eat her daughters pussy while Sarah squirts into her mothers mouth . Amy choking and gagging as she tries to continue eating Sarah’s pussy. her mouth being filled with her daughters juices. Amy finally stops, Sarah sinks into her own puddle on the couch. Unable to move. Her legs still spread wide. A smile on her face. Her eyes closed . Amy then looks over at Melinda and says “ your turn” quickly pulling up and off Melinda’s shirt. Then making her stand up and pulls down her pants. Amy pushes Melinda making her sit on the couch right next to Sarah. Amy waste no time moves her face down to Melinda’s tiny little cunt. Melinda had the most perfect slit I had ever seen. looked like a little child’s cunt . Amy starts slow warming the little girl up. I watch Amy get more and more aggressive licking and probing Melinda’s little tiny slit. Then I start looking at Sarah. laying there with her eyes closed, still smiling. Naked legs spread wide open. Definitely a girl in her own heaven . I pull my cock from Courtneys mouth and stand her up I look her in the eyes and say “ take your cloth off “ she strips quickly like a good slut. And stands looking at me waiting for her next order. “ sit down” i point at the love seat. She sits. Smiling up at me. I grab I beer bottle from a side table. I push her legs wide apart. I lean in and kiss her. As I’m kissing her I slide the mouth of the bottle between Courtney’s phat pussy lips. When I get the tip into her opening I push forward sliding the bottle a few inches into her cunt. She gasps. We look each other in the eyes as I start fucking her with the bottle. I say “ keep going” putting her hand on the bottle. Helping her make the movements herself before I stand up and walk over to Sarah. I grab each of Sarah’s legs and lift them. Pulling her ass to the very edge of the couch. She tries to open her eyes but she can’t keep them open. Her head flops from side to side. Completely incoherent. I look over at Amy and she looks up at me from Melinda’s crotch. Watching me position myself in front of her daughter. She takes a few second break from eating Melinda’s cunt , to watch me take the head of my cock and rub it up and down her daughters wet slit . Then slamming my entire cock into her in one push. “Awwwww” she yells out “awwwwwwwww” she keep yelling while I start fucking her hard right off the get go. Slamming into her incredibly tight cunt over and over. My balls slapping against her. Her yelling and squirming next to her friend Melinda who is already on her second orgasm. Amy eating her little pussy aggressively. Melinda and Sarah look at each other. They hold eye contact , moaning and yelling out. I reach forward and push Melinda’s face over to Sarah’s face. “ Kiss her” I say. No objections . They starts kissing. I look back at Courtney watching us from the love seat. Furiously fucking her pussy as fast as she can with the bottle. The fattest part of the bottle getting closer and closer to her opening as she pumps that dirty glass cock substitute into her cunt. Amy getting distracted from the little pussy she was eating , by the desire to watch her daughter get fucked hard for the first time. Amy moves over to her daughter. Melinda continues to sit next to Sarah and kiss her. Amy starts touching her daughters body’s running her hand over Sarah’s little perky breast . Pinching her nipples . Running her hand down Sarah’s body and feeling my cock sliding in and out and her daughters cunt with her fingers. Rubbing her clit while I pound away. A steam of Sarah’s juices flowing off my balls dripping down adding to the puddle Sarah made that I’m standing in. Sarah grabs her friends leg and squeezes it as she braces for the orgasm she can feel building. Sarah’s head then suddenly whips back and she yells “ MOMMY” looking at her mom. Her cunt contracting hard on my throbbing rock hard cock. Feeling like I’m close to cumming . I pull out of Sarah. Take a quick look over at Courtney who looks like she had an orgasm and past out . Head back with her legs spread and the bottle still in her cunt. Completely unconscious. I move over to Melinda who looks up at me from the couch with a scared look. Amy moves and sits on the left of Melinda with Sarah recovering on her right. Amy pulls Melinda’s legs apart. I run the tip of my cock over her little slit. Pushing forward opening her little lips with the head of my cock. Reaching her tiny opening. I push the head of my cock against her little hole over and over harder and harder. Her little opening only letting the very tip of my cock in. I push over and over . Her little cunt lips sliding over the ridge of the head of my cock. her whimpers of pain go unnoticed while the head of my cock forces her little hole open . She yells out loud “ OOOOOOOO MMMMMY GOD!” I keep fucking her slow with just the head of my cock. Working in more and more into her. Her tight little cunt squeezing my cock hard. I push more and more into her. Maxing out her walls . The pressure builds and I can’t hold back anymore. I cum hard inside Melinda’s tiny cunt. Stream after stream of cum overflowing out of her. I pull my cum covered cock out of the young girl and Amy immediately rushes down to suck it clean. Melinda passes out cold as soon as it’s over. Sarah watches intently while her Mom licks and sucks my cock and balls clean. My cock never softens. I lead Amy by the hand and sit on the love seat next to Courtney. Still passed out with a bottle hanging out of her cunt. I pull Amy onto my lap. She straddles me and pushes the crotch of her panties to the side and lowers herself onto my hard cock. I look over at Sarah on the other couch watching as her mom rides me . Amys pussy had been acing all night . She rides hard and fast on my cock. Talking dirty as she dose. “ yes daddy yes, please daddy. Im going to cum so hard on your cock daddy” Her Pusey had been waiting to explode all night. Her dirty talk gets nasty as she is about to cum. Sarah listens to her mom loudly saying to me “ I want you to fuck my daughter every day. I want to see that fat cock open her tiny cunt everyday, daddy I want you to fill her with your seed. Knock that little slut up. “ Amys pussy gushes out just like her daughter did. Soaking me and the couch cushion . Amy pulls herself off my cock and takes my seat as I stand up. The sun starting to rises. A red glow coming through the windows. Amy pulls the bottle from Courtney’s cunt and lays her over putting her head on the cushion. Pulls her legs up on the couch, getting her comfortable. I walk over to Sarah and take her hand . Pulling her off the couch to her feet. “ come on birthday girl , we’re going to watch the sunrise. “ I say leading her to the back door. Amy staying behind getting blankets getting the two girls comfortable on the couch. Me and Sarah walk outside. The cool crisp morning air hitting out naked bodies. I lead her over to a railing looking toward the sunset. I move behind her. I give her ass a little rub , then a little spank standing there. She giggles . Then I push her forward bending her over the railing. I push her feet apart. Take my cock with my hand and position the head on her slit. I push into her tight cunt from behind. She grips the railing with her hand “ OHH OHH” I start slow and gain speed finding a good rhythm. I spank her ass and demand. “ tell me your daddy’s good little slut.” My balls slapping against her cunt. I keep fucking her harder and say “ tell me now, tell me your daddy’s good little slut” she complies
“ I’m daddy’s good slut”
“ good girl , say it again “
“I’m daddy’s little slut”
“Louder!” I demand
Her cum dripping off my balls. I spank her hard and start slamming her pussy from behind. Gripping her waist I brutally fuck her tiny cunt. He legs give out a couple time s and I have to catch her little body from collapsing and pull her back up. Never relenting on pounding her little pussy. My cock throbs and I feels my balls tighten. “ tell me you want daddy’s cum” I yell. She responds. “ I want your cum daddy, please daddy. Please. “ I blast her pussy full of cum . I slow my rhythm. Our cum dripping out of her. I pull out and she rest , still bent over the rail. Still trying to catch her breath. I turn her around and help her down to her knees. I slap my cum covered cock across her face. “ clean up your mess” I say as I push my cock in her mouth. She dose as she is told. “ lick the balls clean to”
“Yes daddy”

By Jason420
#Incest #Mature #PreTeen #Virgin

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