Sex Addict Girl Story

I am a sex addict girl. I was a very good girl, but I did not get my love, so I kept leaning towards sex. I made many friends, had sex with them.

Listen to this story.

Hello friends, I am Venus with a new name and a new story!
All of you read my previous stories on other site Antarvasana 3 and appreciated them and also fisted them with all your heart.

Now I have started writing on this new site with the new pen name ‘Venus’.
I hope you will continue to give me the same love.

This is the story of a new girl in the office being cooked and made old.
How a superintendent only considers all the girls working under him as objects of enjoyment and uses the girls only for his work and play!

It was a few years ago, about six months had passed since I got my new job.
I didn’t socialize much in my new office.
No one had any idea about my crazy life and crazy mind.

So I used to keep my feelings, hopes and my sexual thoughts inside.
In the office, I was known as a naive and shy girl, whereas in reality I am a sex addict girl.

My colleagues working at a higher position than me used to make fun of me and use double entenders in front of me.
But I would be busy with my work without paying attention to them.

My co-workers were all older than me and thirty Markhan people.
There used to be laughter in the office in the morning and by the afternoon everyone would calm down and get busy with their work, by the evening an atmosphere would be created to go to the loft for liquor.

I came at eight in the morning and used to leave at seven in the evening.

Some of the girls in my office used to go drinking alcohol in the evening with our superintendent and colleagues.
No one had any idea what used to happen in those evenings.

I never dared to ask because I was fed by my own sensual thoughts and didn’t want my job to be affected by my endless workaholic.

Every six months in our office, each team went on an out-of-town trip, which was called a ‘learning event’.
This event was sometimes for one night, sometimes for two or three nights.

Holi was about to come and half yearly learning event too.

An email was circulated to everyone that this time the event will be held on Holi and we all are going to go to a resort in Corbett in Uttarakhand. We will stay there for 2 nights.
On the first day, there will be some sports programs in the evening and how the work has been so far this year and what are the future targets will be told.
Awards will also be distributed to those who do good work in the team.
There will be a naach gaana and dinner party in the evening, which will have some dance performances and musical performances.
There will be a program of Holi in the morning on the second day, in which arrangements for bhang, pakoras and breakfast will be made.
After lunch there will be a cocktail party and team building games in the evening and on the third day morning everyone will leave for Delhi by bus!

On the day of Holi, girls were ordered to wear saree and boys to wear kurta pyjama.

Everything seemed very good to read but I was afraid of only one thing.
As soon as the evening sets in, the soul of a prostitute enters me, lest it spoil the whole atmosphere.

My suppressed desires which become stronger with the setting evening, which after drinking alcohol does not see who is the man in front of me, just keeps on pulling down all the curtains of shame.

Well, there was the satisfaction that I had another female colleague to share the room with.
Maybe I can control myself with someone’s presence.

I packed a black mini-skirt and a beautiful red croptop to wear to the party.

Now I was thinking from where to get the saree!
And even if I wear mother’s saree, what about blouse and petticoat?

Then I saw on youtube how the underwear can be worn as a top/blouse.
Even old leggings can be cut to make a full sleeve blouse.

What was it then, I took out my old white legging and cut it into a blouse.
Because I was doing this for the first time, I accidentally cut my throat too deep.
I thought in my mind that I will cover it with a saree.

Now the petticoat also had to be juggled.

So I looked online how to tie a saree without a petticoat, even with a nada.
This time I practiced first and after two or three attempts, I was able to wear the saree without the petticoat.

Keeping my essentials, I also prepared the rest of my bag.

We were about to get a bus from the office, at eight in the morning the bus was about to leave Gurgaon and reach Corbett Park via Delhi and UP.

I reached the office on time and boarded the bus.
The list of all the people going was already ready, after everyone’s presence, the bus left at around 8:30 in the morning.

Everyone in the bus was laughing and joking, songs were playing on the speaker at one corner and some people were singing.

All this went on for a few hours, then gradually everyone got bored and sat at their respective places.
The journey was long, the guide map showing us a five-hour route.
Had to stop for refreshments, bhajan etc. on the way, so adding 2-3 more hours, we had to travel for 7-8 hours. And then the bus also gets stuck in the jam.

I put the sex audio in my ears and started enjoying with my eyes closed.
Forgetting the whole world, I got lost in the sex audio.

Although it was not possible to point fingers in the bus at that time, but I was getting hot while lost in my thoughts.

As I have written in my previous stories, I get sexually aroused just by thinking about it, there is no need to touch or kiss anyone; The pussy itself gets wet.

After a while my eyes fell.
When I woke up, my phone was not with me and my head phone was also missing.

I searched a lot but couldn’t find it, I thought I lost my phone.
I also asked the nearby colleagues but they told that no one has seen anywhere.

I sat down sadly.
After some time, the superintendent sitting on the back seats got up and showed me my phone and asked – is this phone yours?
I replied yes and took the phone.

Now the fear was that somewhere they saw or heard what was going on in my phone.
If my phone is locked, then you would not have been able to open it at all, just hope that the audio is over, till the phone is in their hands!
Thinking this, I consoled myself and sat quietly.

The superintendent’s name was Deepak, he must have been about 20 years older than me. At that time I used to be 25 years old and had removed my first and second lover from my life.

Although my manager Dheeraj was very nice, but he used to keep asking when I was going to get married.
Now who will explain to them that prostitutes are not married.

My phone’s battery does not run out, so I put the phone on airplane mode and put it in the bag.

Now I started listening to people’s words.
In no time the antakshari started, the left seats of the bus became one team and the right seats became the other team, I was a part of the second team.

The manager and superintendent sitting in the back seats were the score keepers.
Gradually the atmosphere started to settle down and the songs started to be enjoyed.

My team was moving forward when the letter ‘Z’ came to us… Everyone got confused that only then I remembered the song.

“Zara zara touch me… touch me… touch me… zara zara kiss me… kiss me… kiss me” I was singing.
And Superintendent Deepak was looking at me intently and talking to Dheeraj in whispers.
It went on like this for some time.

Our team won.

Meanwhile the bus stopped at a dhaba on the outskirts of Dhampur, it was about 1 o’clock, it was time for lunch.
Everyone got down from the bus one by one, I also got down with everyone.

There was arrangement of parathas and kachori vegetables, bread pakodas, roti, dal, rice and tea coffee at the dhaba.

I ate a little and got back on the bus.
Had to pacify the chudas that emerged from the morning sex audio.

I felt like sitting on the back of the bus driver!
But there was not so much time to first stand the ball and then fuck with it.

That’s why I went to my seat, stuck the bag towards the window… put someone else’s bag on my left side, put my hand in my tight pyjama and started fingering.

Don’t know why by closing the eyes, only the lamp was visible.
I really like men twice my age or even older.

I started caressing my pussy thinking about him.
It was not known when the lightly moving finger started coming in and out rapidly.
I felt Deepak licking my wet pussy.

In those days, my pussy used to come out in a sensual atmosphere with unfulfilled desire for the mat.
Deepak’s face entered his pussy thinking, I fell while fingering loudly.

Cleaned his hand with the face tissue kept in the bag and put both the bags back in their place.
All this happened in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Now I wanted to pee… But I don’t like to go to public toilet so I controlled my urine by stopping it.
The intoxicating aroma of my pussy was still coming from my finger, which was making me more excited by smelling it again and again.

After some time everyone returned to the bus.
Deepak came and said – We were looking for you at the dhaba to count, even your phone was not working. where were you?
He said worried.

I lied and said – I had gone to the toilet, the phone was in the bus. Sorry… if I hurt everyone!
How could I tell them that I was kissing you with your lips by dipping my legs.

He said – let’s go, but at least keep the phone on and keep it with you, if someone stays here, there will be a lot of trouble.

I made a sad face and sat back on my seat.
Now once again the count was done and now all the people were complete.

Everyone had come to laziness after having food and slowly everyone fell asleep on their respective seats.

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