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Hello my dear friends, today I have also brought a story of my own on hot sex story, today you will be shocked while reading the whole story, and if any aunty bhabi or girlfriend is reading then your pussy will definitely get wet. So now I put my story in front of you. This story is from 1 year ago, this story is about me and my friend Vikas’s mother Kalyani Aunty.

The figure of Kalyani Aunty is 36-32-36. Just seeing them makes me want to fuck. Many times I used to chant his name and used to dream of fucking him. Her husband was an army officer and my friend works in a private company.

Whenever I go to their house, my attention remains only on the aunt, then the aunt also came to know that maybe she also wanted the same thing from me and she also wanted to fuck me because her husband comes home only once in a month. Were.

One day Vikas Nai called me and said that he will come home this evening for a party. At 7 in the evening I got ready and went to his house.

As soon as I rang the doorbell, Aunty opened the door, I was shocked to see Aunty, Aunty was in night gown at that time and Aunty’s figure was clearly visible, I was happy to see her, Aunty called me inside and I When asked where is Vikas, the aunt said that his maternal grandfather was unwell, so he has gone to my house and will come till tomorrow evening. So I said that he called me in the morning and called me here.

So the aunt said that the call was received from Waha at 5 o’clock, so he left at 6 o’clock. So I told aunty, okay, I am leaving. So aunty said, now you have come, then go after drinking tea, then I went to the same place, aunty went to make tea, then I started playing with my mobile.

After some time aunty came and aunty bent down to give me tea, then my eyes fell on her boobs and my eyes got wide, on seeing her boobs, my cock started to panic. What are you looking at, your tea is ready.

So I took tea and started drinking it and I started getting worried that aunty should not tell anyone. For Aunty also came to me with her tea and started drinking it. After drinking for a while, Aunty said, do you have any girlfriend? So what did I say??

Aunty: Do you have any girlfriend??

Me: No? Why?

Aunty: Looks like you are looking at my boobs for the first time?

Me:’s nothing like that, she was just seen like that.
Aunty: So you could not take your eyes off there?

Me: I don’t know what happened..

Aunty: Have you ever had sex?

Me: Yes, I have done it once.. After hearing all this, I started getting some courage and I also understood that aunty also enjoys doing all this.

Aunty: Would you like to fuck me?

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On hearing this, I caught hold of the aunt and started kissing her on the lips. Aunt also started supporting me. After kissing slowly, I caught hold of aunt’s boobs and started pressing them. Aunty started sobbing, then I lifted Aunty in my lap and threw her in the bedroom, took out Aunty’s gown, now Aunty was only in bra and panty, then started kissing Aunty’s whole body. When Auntie’s bra was opened slowly, two of her imprisoned Panchchi became free.

I caught hold of aunt’s boobs and started pressing them. One was pressing the boobs and the other was sucking. Aunty’s sobbing increased and Aunty also started caressing my cock over the pant. Aunty’s nipples were being rubbed, when I used to touch aunty’s boobs, aunty used to jump up and shout.

After a while, I took out Aunty’s panties and started rubbing my finger on Aunty’s pussy. Aunty started feeling nauseous. Aunty was not able to stay anymore, Aunty took out my pant and took out my underwear and started playing with my cock.

I told Aunty to take 69 then Aunty came over me and started sucking my cock with her mouth, I also started licking Aunty’s pussy, I used to take the test of her pussy to heaven.

I started leaving her pussy with my tongue. Aunty also started rolling her ass on my face. Her pussy was also so big that I used to enjoy seeing her ass too.

Aunt also started sucking my cock vigorously and I also increased my speed, then after a while we both splashed water together. Aunty’s pussy water test was very tasty. She also drank all my water and started playing with my cock.

After a while my cock got tight again, then went on top of the aunt and started rubbing on the top of the aunt’s pussy, the aunt was yearning but I was enjoying seeing her yearning, the aunt said don’t yearn and I started rubbing my cock with my pussy. I kept it on the hole and as I pushed, half of my cock went into her pussy.

Aunty started screaming and told me to break it slowly, it is hurting a lot, I am thirsty for many days, I understood that uncle does not treat aunty properly and I started pushing slowly and aunty also calmed down, then I pushed again. When I gave it, my full 7” cock went inside and aunty screamed loudly and I broke it and started leaving aunty slowly, I used to rub her boobs too so that her attention would be diverted and her pain would reduce, aunty’s boobs Used to do it sometimes too.

Then after some time aunty started enjoying, she started jumping, so I understood that now the pain of aunty has reduced, so I also increased the speed of my thrusts, now aunty started enjoying even more, aunty loudly Aunty was sobbing, her voice was echoing in the whole room, after some time aunty came over me and took my cock in her pussy and started fucking her. Aunty was not going to stop now, both of us were enjoying even more. .

Aunty was not able to control her feeling, so sometimes she used to kiss me and holding both my hands, she was pressing her boobs very hard. Her boobs were so soft that I used to eat them.

So I used to pass in between, then the aunt jumped up and lay down on me, then I got down to the aunt and told her to be doggy, then the aunt became doggy, I put my finger in her pussy and played for a while. Felt and then putting my cock in her pussy, started pushing.

I used to pull them by holding both their hands and they used to make loud aaah.. aaah.. strange sounds, the fun of both of us was doubled.

After about 10 minutes I straightened the aunt and put a pillow under her ass and started thrusting by placing cock on her pussy. When I was about to take off, I increased my speed and started pushing hard.

Then both of us left the water together and I kept taking it on the aunt, then the aunt got me down and sucked my cock and cleaned my cock, that night I stayed at her house and I fucked her about 3 times.

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