She swallows like a pro Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #PreTeen

My cute adorable little sister can be annoying some times, but she loves my white candy.

I walk in to my 9 year old sisters bedroom, with my erect cock in one hand, and my mobile phone in the other, I’m recording a new video for my online followers on my top secret website.

My sister is sitting on her bed playing with her dolls are teddies, she sees me come in and that I’m jerking on my cock, she smiles and jumps off her bed then runs over to me, “You want my candy?”


“Okay open up. Hurry up, it’s coming.”

She tilts her head back and opens up her little mouth as wide as she can and sticks out her tongue, I perch the tip of my cock on her tongue and jerk myself really fast, then I record the whole thing as I ejaculate and my thick white semen runs out of my cock, directly in to her mouth, “There we go…” I say, seeing a white pool of semen in her little mouth, “…You going to eat that?”

She nods.

“Go on then.”

She closes her mouth with her rosy cheeks puffed out, then gulps it all down her throat, “Show me. Open up.”, she opens her mouth and all my semen is gone, she ate it all, “That’s my girl. Did you like my candy?” I ask.


“What are you?” I ask her.

“Your girl.”

“What else are you?”

She’s not sure how to respond, even though we’ve done this every few days for weeks, “Mm – Your girl.” She says.

“You’re my little cock slut. What are you? – Say it. Say I’m a little cock slut.”

“You’re a little cock slut.” She replies.

“No. Say you are a little cock slut.” I instruct.

“You are a little cock slut.” She says, giggling.

“Stop trying to be funny. Say I’m a cock slut.” I say.

“I’m a cock slut.” She says, finally.

“Good girl. Okay, you can go play now.” I say, and she runs back to her bed to continue to play with her stupid dolls.

I love my kid sister, she is so cute and adorable, and swallows like the pro’s.

#Abuse #Incest #PreTeen

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