Simone Part 41 – Sara’s Humiliation Sex Story

#Abuse #Blackmail #Rape #Threesome

By Night Hawk

“I am not your whore.” Sandra growled before slamming the car door. Sperm coated her lips. I drove away.

After I drove away from Sandra, I returned home to Simone and Lena, worrying about what Lena’s reaction would be to our wedding plans.

I was wrong to worry. As we gave her the news, and the message sank in, she squealed in delight and jumped to her feet in order to take Simone into her arms.

“One big happy family.” She sang, and clearly, the thought that we might want her to leave had not crossed her mind. Not that we had even thought about her leaving. Both Simone and I had sat the night before and discussed how things would be in the future, and we both wanted to keep Lena’s beautiful body in our home, in our bed. In fact, there was just one change we wanted to make, which I now put to Lena.

“Lena, sweetheart.” I started, and only now did a small flash of concern cross her face as she let go of Simone and turned to face me.

“Yes, master.” She whispered.

“Lena, Simone and I have discussed how our future will be once we are married. Our future together with you.”

“Master?” Again, her worry deepening.

“Look.” I continued. “We love you. You are part of this family. What we want to suggest is that from now on, you no longer call me master.”

“I don’t understand.” She whispered. “What should I call you?”

“Well, sweetheart, we figured you should call me daddy from now on. If you would like to.” I stated and her face exploded into a smile.

“Oh my God, yes please, master, erm I mean daddy.” She cried and ran over to where I was sitting. She dropped her tight ass onto my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck and showered me with kisses.

“Wait, wait.” I laughed, “There is more, sweetheart.” Deciding to go on with what else Simone and I had discussed. I grabbed Lena by the shoulders as I stood her up and stood myself. I held her shoulder and stared into her face.

“Listen, Lena. Simone and I thought that perhaps once we are married, you would like us to adopt you legally. What would you say to that?” I asked, and smiled at her warmly. She flung her arms round my neck and laid her cheek on my chest.

“Yes, please daddy. Please adopt me, yes. I promise I will always be a good girl and do everything daddy and mammy tell me to do without a word.” Simone blushed at Lena’s use of the word mammy, but smiled and I could tell she was secretly pleased. Our dirty little fuck-family was complete. All we had to do now was marry and sort out the legal stuff with Lena, but at eighteen, she was free to agree to adoption, I would imagine.

“Ok, Lena. Then that’s sorted.” I whispered, pushing her back to look at her face again. “Now why don’t you run and find the strap-on that you used with mammy last night. I heard you have quite a big fantasy about being double penetrated and daddy really wants to fuck your tight asshole right now. Let’s meet in the bedroom where mammy can start by sucking my cock while you eat her pussy. Then mammy and daddy will fuck both your tight holes, you dirty little girl.”

Lena jumped to her feet without speaking further, and ran excitedly into the bedroom, where she knew the strap-on was.

“Are you really going to keep calling me mammy?” Simone chuckled.

“Right now, once my fat cock is in your face I am going to call you my suck-bitch again.” I smiled back.

“Then everything is still ok.” Simone smiled and stood. “You had me worried.”

“Then off you go, suck-bitch, get in there, get naked and get on your fucking knees, sitting on your future daughter’s face. Daddy wants his fucking cock sucked before he pushes into his future daughter’s ass.” Simone left the kitchen in a more orderly and adult manner than Lena, but I could see she was aroused, and she went quickly, whilst I followed, my cock already rock hard in anticipation of the entire weekend and six perfect fuck-holes that all belonged to me.

The weekend was perfect. My two fuck-toys and I did not leave the apartment the entire time, nor did we get dressed. We fucked, sucked, licked and ate cunts, asses and the girls sucked my cock the whole two days. Stopping to eat and drink and to recover, but getting back down to sex once my cock was hard or a cunt was wet enough. I only had to go to the bathroom once to shit because the girls took turns drinking my piss directly from my cock. On the Sunday, mid-afternoon, Lena had a request. Something I had forgotten about.

“Daddy, can we please watch the recording from Petra’s office, now?” she asked as we all three laid resting on the bed, Simone idly playing with my soft cock, kissing it gently and twirling it in her soft hands, after she had just sucked it dry of cum. My head was on Lena’s belly as I relaxed, and she was stroking my hair as she begged me to put on the footage.

“Ok.” I said, and got off the bed to go download the files.

We watched the footage together. What we saw was less violent than the brothers had been with Sandra, with Petra calling more of the shots, but she took those three brothers to the max. That, however, is a story for another day.

Once the footage was over, Lena begged for double penetration again.

“Please double fuck me again.” She bleated, but instead of grabbing the strap-on for Simone, she handed her the biggest dildo we own. “But bigger, please. More. I want more inside me.” She wanted stretching, and Simone and I obliged.

Sunday stretched into an early night’s sleep. Petra had called me saying she was taking a day off work, and I was not surprised. She would not be sitting down for a week or two from what we had watched on the recording, and I was surprised she was just skipping the Monday. Not only had Ian and Stan managed to double anal her as they had done with Sandra, they had managed it whilst Frank had his monster cock in her cunt.

“Jesus, Kurt. I feel like my ass has been used as a fucking parking space for a bus.” She had groaned on the telephone. Of course, I did not mention the secret cameras installed in her office allowing me to watch what she had taken in her holes. I simply agreed to go into the office next day to keep an eye on things.

My girls were a little disappointed when I told them, especially when I told them I would not be home before possibly two or three in the morning on Tuesday. I had plans for the Monday night.

Sarah would be getting off work at 10.30 that evening, and I was not going to wait on forcing her to submit to my full demands. I had been too kind to her the week before, letting her off the hook before I had gotten round to taking her ass. I had told her that she still owed me her butt. Tonight I would force her to pay that debt, plus a very large portion of interest. I had plans for Sarah that she could not even begin to imagine.

Work was uneventful. The day dragged on and yet, rather than going home on time, I stayed and did overtime, passing the hours until I could walk the short distance to the hotel where Sarah works and where I go Wednesdays to fuck and abuse Rachel. Both of them married, both of them my unwilling fuck-toys. I was blackmailing them both into submitting to my sadistic and carnal wants and needs. During work, I had intended on having Rachel suck me. However, to my surprise she was not in the office. Petra had apparently given her a free day to stay at home. I wondered if that might be deliberate, to keep Rachel away from me. It might work for the Monday, Petra, but come Wednesday Rachel would be at the hotel taking my cock in all her holes like a good little fuck-toy. My fuck-toy.

Rachel had fallen into my evil trap. She had not actually really done anything I could have used to blackmail her. In fact, I had raped and abused her forcefully, but made it look like it was consensual on recordings that I had made. She was desperate, freshly married and in love and terrified of her husband finding out, and so I get to fuck her guts and face every Wednesday for a period of six weeks. I agreed to the six weeks because she threatened to commit suicide if I blackmailed her into a permanent situation. However, she had turned into a good little fuck-bitch, and I was sure she was starting to like some of the things I do to her. We would see next week. This week on Wednesday would be week five and so next week officially the last time she would need to give me her holes to fuck, to cum and to piss into.

Sarah is a slightly different matter. I had gotten a few compromising photos of the girl with another man simply by chance. She chose the wrong street at the wrong time to suck some stranger’s dick in his car, and I had been passing and managed to get the images. However, whilst also happily married with a small daughter, Sarah turned out to have a thing for sucking strangers and swallowing their sperm. She had a real fetish of sucking men off for cash, and now I had a lever with those images to make her do my bidding. Tonight, I would see how badly she would want to keep them away from her husband. She knew fine well that if I exposed her strange perversion, she would lose not only her marriage, but possibly also her child. I could make her do anything, I hoped.

I arrived at the hotel in good time. Sarah looked up as I walked into the lobby.

“Oh.” She said quietly. “Tonight? So soon?”

“Yes, Sarah, so soon. I gave you a break, allowing you to go check on your daughter and now you owe me big time.” I said simply. “Lock up, call your husband, get your shit and come with me.”

The menace in my voice was clear. She darted uneasily to the tasks I had set, gathering her coat first, locking reception then quickly speed dialing her husband.

“Yes, hi, it’s me again sweetheart. I know, I promised but that bloody pipe has started leaking again and I have to wait for the plumber to come or the whole floor down will be flooded. I promise I will try not to be so late. I will call you a bit later if I can. Yes, I love you, too.” She added and hung up.

As we left the hotel and Sarah locked the door, I was laughing inside because she had actually gotten the leaky pipe idea from me the first time I had forced her to lie to her husband so I could fuck her.

“Where are we going?” She asked in a worried voice as I took her arm and led her along the street.

“To deal with some leaky pipes. Now shut the fuck up. You do not speak unless I tell you to.” I growled under my breath.

“Ok.” She whispered and we walked on. I walked her to my company offices but passed them heading for the carpark, where only three nights ago I had bundled Sandra into a car. I now did the same thing with Sarah.

“Get in.” I commanded, unlocking a small compact. I did not open or hold the door for her, but simply got in and started the engine. We both put our seatbelts on and I pulled out of the carpark into the darkened street, turning on my own lights.

Driving with just my left hand, I reached over to Sarah’s lap with my right and forced my hand under her tight skirt, sliding up her inner thigh until my middle finger touched her panty-clad crotch. I prodded a little, and then removed my hand.

“Take them off. Take the panties of.” I growled, and she hitched her skirt up so she could reach them.

“Please.” She started but I shut her up by grabbing a handful of her red hair and sharply yanking her head back.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch.” I growled. “Do what I tell you, when I tell you.” Now hitch that fucking skirt all the way up and get your fucking pants off. I want your cunt naked in three seconds.” I growled and a tear slipped down her cheek. Yet she complied with my demands and was soon sitting effectively naked below the waist with her white string in her hand.

“Give them to me.” I demanded and took the soft material from her hand, pushing it under my nose.

“Your cunt smells nice and powdery.” I laughed. “Is that talcum?” I pushed the sweet-smelling fabric into my jacket pocket. “You will not need them for the rest of the night.” I whispered. “Now answer my fucking question, bitch. What is that smell?”

“It’s a so-called intimate deodorant. A deodorant for women’s pubic arias and vaginas.” She whispered. “It’s called..”

“I did not ask you what it is fucking called, bitch. I asked what it is. Now shut the fuck up.” I had slapped the back of my right hand onto her left cheek, shutting her up. She started to sob. “And quit that fucking crying or I will give you something to cry for. Now spread those fucking legs.” As I added the last part, I grabbed her left leg and pulled it towards me, opening a clear channel to her now naked cunt.

“Let’s see how tight your fuck-hole is today, Sarah. Has that hubby of yours been loosening it up this weekend?” I chuckled as I slid my middle finger into her exposed hole. She was moist and warm, not soaking wet, but enough to insert my fingers easily.

“Tell me fuck-whore, I want to know, and tell me the fucking truth. Did he bang you this weekend at all?”

“Yes.” She whispered as I continued to poke, prod and pull at her vagina with my fingers. The angle was awkward and I could not get much penetration, but that was not about that. This was about humiliation.

I removed my fingers. They were a glistening a little from her juices. I raised them to her lips.

“Open your mouth.” I commanded. Suck your cunt juice off my fingers, suck-bitch.” I growled and she responded as instructed, closing her mouth over my index and middle fingers and sucking gently.

“You really do have an excellent fucking cock sucking mouth.” I jibed and forced both my fingers deep into her throat. She gagged.

I removed my fingers and went to my own groin with my right hand. I unzipped my pants and loosened my belt, but went no further.

“Take it out.” I demanded. “Get my cock out of my trousers, suck-whore. It’s time for you to get your fucking wet mouth on my leaking pipe. I want you down in my lap sucking my fucking fat cock, bitch. Now!”

Sarah twisted in her seat, so she was sitting more towards me than to the front. Her hands reached for my open trousers and she fished out my now swollen cock with dexterous and very skilled fingers. She had done this before.

“I have another question before you start slobbering over my cock, bitch. Have you blown a man whilst he was driving before? We all know you are a pro at blowing in cars, I have the fucking pictures, but how about when the fucker is driving? Do you blow your husband in his car while he’s fucking driving?” I asked, and she was very candid with her answer.

“Yes. I have. I mean I do. He likes it and I enjoy doing it.” She whispered.

I fished a bank note out of my pocket and flicked it at her. It was ten Euros. She looked at me confused.

“I don’t understand.” She whispered.

“You are a fucking whore. You suck cock for money. So, let’s see what you can do with this.” I hissed as I pushed her head down into my crotch with my right hand.

Sarah did not resist or complain. She popped her seatbelt to make it easier to get at my throbbing cock, then simply opened her mouth and engulfed my glans. The sensation was remarkable, and as this incredibly skilled woman sucked and licked my cock, I struggled to concentrate on the road.

“That’s what I’m talking about you filthy suck-whore.” I moaned. “Suck my fucking dick, bitch.” She did, expertly, throating me, licking and twirling her tongue around my glans. I knew I would not last long.

“Not long now you dirty cock-sucking whore. My pipe is just moments away from bursting into you fucking throat you dirty cum-whore. I am going to send my thick juice into your mouth and throat, and you will fucking swallow it, bitch.” I growled, but still not quite there yet.

As I navigated the streets of my hometown, knowing exactly where I was heading, Sarah continued to blow me. We passed cars, but the drivers were unaware of the wonderful pleasure that was mine, because Sarah’s head was deep down in my lap. However, just as I moved right to signal and turn right, the light ahead switched to red and I had to stop. To my left a tram came up alongside my car and the driver, sitting centrally and way higher, had a clear view into my front seats and Sarah’s busy head, bobbing up and down on my cock.

“Stop sucking, bitch.” I whispered as the Tram driver gazed on, first with a look of shock but then with respect, even giving me the thumbs up. “Sit up and show this guy your cunt.” As I spoke, I pulled Sarah’s head out of my lap and she looked up in horror at the driver staring down at us.

“Oh my God.” She exclaimed, but I pulled at her left knee.

“Spread your legs, bitch.” I demanded, and as she complied, opening up her vulva to the stranger, I flipped the inside light on to make sure the driver could see everything.

“Use your fingers.” I ordered her. “Spread your pussy so this fucking stranger can see your dirty fucking hole.” A tear ran down Sarah’s cheek, but she did as I told her, and even pushed a finger inside herself as the tram driver watched on in awe.

Suddenly, he got a straight white on his signal, indicating he should move forwards, and I got a green to turn right. We parted ways as I pushed Sarah’s head back down to her duty. He had a cool story to tell his mates, later.

“Ok, now make me cum, bitch. Earn your fucking money.” I demanded, and she did. Of course, ten Euros cannot get you a blowjob in Germany. That would cost you fifty with s street hooker. The small amount I gave to Sarah was about more humiliation. The whole night would be about her humiliation.

In about a minute and a half that wonderful tingle radiated up and down my spine. I felt about two tons heavier and then my entire body contracted into a spasm as I shot my load into Sarah’s skilled mouth. She liked this; she had admitted it to me. This is what she wanted. For me, however, this was just the start.

“Oh God, yes. You cum-hungry whore. Eat that fucking seed, bitch.” I groaned as she gulped and swallowed my semen as it entered her mouth and throat. She continued to bob her head and used her right hand to squeeze and tug at my cock, trying to drain it of all the spunk it could give her. She did not spill a drop as I unloaded into her mouth and throat. Then I was done, and just in time.

“Sit up.” I said. “Put your seatbelt on and pull your skirt back down. We are almost there.”

As Sarah sorted herself out, I drove just a few more hundred meters, then turned left across the road and pulled into the carpark of a busy Roadside Burger-Bar, or diner as the Americans say. Sarah recognized it.

“Why are we here?” She asked, still wiping a glob of spunk from the corner of her mouth, pushing it onto her tongue so she could swallow it. “I might know people here.” She added.

“I told you to shut the fuck up, bitch. No fucking questions and only speak when I tell you to.” I growled as I parked the car. Still sitting, I put my semi-soft cock back into my pants, fastening my zip and belt then undoing my seatbelt.

“Get out.” I commanded and started to do the same.

I stepped out of the car and walked round to the boot, popping it open. Sarah questioned me with her eyes as she joined me at the rear of the car.

“Put everything in the boot.” I said. “Everything. Your bag, your coat the lot. All you need with you is you and your fuck-holes. Keep your skirt, blouse and shoes on for now, though.” I smiled at her.

Sarah looked reluctant, but put her bag and coat into the boot, which I closed after throwing my own jacket on top of her things. I made sure I had my wallet, locked the car and took the woman’s arm. I turned her towards the entrance and we started to walk towards it, navigating round a large number of motorbikes.

We entered through the front door and I guided Sarah to a table at the back, where I had deliberately reserved for two. The waitress who would be serving us smiled. She knew me well and knew I had reserved the table.

“Sit down.” I told Sarah, pointing to where she should sit. I put her on a bench with her back to the wall and sat down next to her as the waitress approached.

“Good evening Kurt.” She smiled. “Beer? And what about the lady?”

“Two beers.” I said, ordering for us both. “I will have the medium cheeseburger with fries and she isn’t hungry.” I finished and the waitress set off with a smile.

“Sure thing Kurt. Coming right up.”

“As you have just eaten I thought you might like to wait a while.” I laughed at Sarah, and she actually chuckled at my corny joke. We waited for our beer, which did not take long.

The food was also quick, and I ate the meal in silence, as both Sarah and I sipped beer and looked around the bar-diner. It was not fully booked but well visited for a Monday night. The bikers were easy to spot, all in leather and laughing loudly as they played pool and drank beer.

Once I finished my food, I ordered more beer but just one for me.

“No need for beer.” I smiled at her. “I want you to stand up and go out through this door to our left. Once in there you will find the toilets. Two doors. Do not go in the female toilet. Go in the gents. Go into the last stall, close it, lock the door, and wait for me there.” I stated flatly, and despite a new look of reluctance on her face, Sarah stood and walked away, going through the door marked as toilets. I took a large swig of my beer, waited just a minute or two, then stood, and followed.

I had timed it. Watched the flow of men going to the toilets and now taken a gap where I knew no one was in there. I walked into the men’s room and straight to the last stall.

“It’s me. Let me in.” I said knocking on the door and there was a klick as the lock released. The door swung open.

“Ok, Sarah. Now the fun starts.” I smiled closing and locking the door behind me. “Sit down.”

As Sarah perched her ass onto the toilet lid, I slipped another ten Euros from my pocket, dropped it into her lap and undid my trousers, zip and belt. I pulled out my cock, which was still soft from the sucking she had already given me. I needed to be hard again, and I told her so.

“Ok you cock-sucking cum-whore, get me hard again.” I said, feeding my cock into her mouth. “I want you to get my cock nice and hard so I can finally fuck you in your tight asshole, you fucking dirty whore.”

Sara did not speak. She simply leaned forward, parted her lips and I pushed my cock into her warm, soft mouth. Her expert tongue was already getting to work on my glans. This was not about shooting in her mouth again; this was about getting ready to make her give her last hole to me. I was going to sodomize her in the filthy, grubby stall that stank of piss and was smeared with the most obscene graffiti.

“Maybe we should add your mobile to others on the wall.” I laughed. “Let guys know where they should call if their pipe needs draining or cleaning.” My cock swelled under her perfect tongue, and I knew I was almost ready.

“That’s it, Sarah-suck-bitch. Get me hard enough to stick my fat fucking cock in your nice tight ass.” I growled and pumped into her throat, exciting myself. I decided this would do.

“Ok, stand up. Hitch up your skit and turn around. Bend over and rest your hands on the tank behind the toilet.” I commanded. “I want you to spread your legs so I can see your cunt and butthole.”

Sarah did exactly as I told her. She bent forward, her legs slightly spread and presented my now rock-hard cock with her naked butt, exposing that oh so sweet puckered hole for me to ravage. I reached past her and raised the toilet seat so the open bowl was beneath her face.

“Now, Sarah, it is time for you to keep your word. I am going to fuck your filthy asshole in this dirty stinking toilet. I am going to push my cock deep into your shithole and fuck the living shit out of you. Do you understand?” I was whispering, though no one had yet entered the toilets.

“I said, do you fucking understand, bitch?” As I growled my question, I slapped her right butt-cheek as hard as I could.

“Yes, Kurt. I understand.” She squealed.

“Does your husband butt-fuck you Sarah?” I asked. “Tell me, I want to know. How many times have you had a cock up your shitter, bitch?” Again, I slapped her, this time on the other cheek.

“Yes, he does.” She cried. “He often he fucks me in the butt. I don’t know. Once sometimes twice a week, maybe.” She wailed as I continued to slap her naked ass.

“Well, that’s a pity for me fuck-toy, because I like ripping open tight virgin ass, but I guess it’s good for you as you should be more used to it so it won’t hurt as much.” As I spoke, I now used my left hand to pull Sarah’s left ass-cheek a little further away from the right and pointed my hard cock at her dark puckered hole. I pushed.

“Is my cock bigger or smaller that your husband’s, Sarah anal-whore?” I asked, and again she was candid with her answer.

“You are bigger.” She groaned as my swollen head forced her sphincter to open in order to accept the meat pole I was inserting into her butt. “Please go slow.” She panted, and that was my signal to do the exact opposite.

“I will decide how deep and how fast fuck-whore. Shut the fuck up, bitch.” I growled as I grabbed both her hips and forced my cock forward with a quick thrust, fully impaling her back passage until my balls touched her cunt.

“Ouch, arg!” She screamed quite loudly, and I slapped her right ass-cheek hard to shut her up.

“Shut the fuck up you silly cow.” I said. “If you can’t cut your crying, bite on your own fucking hand, or I swear I will gag you with the fucking toilet brush.”

“Ok, ok.” She whispered, taking a deep breath as I started to thrust in and out of her butt with long and deep strokes.

Considering she was used to being ass-fucked, she was still tight enough, and her ass massaged my cock nicely as I used her hips for grip, and slapped my thighs against hers with every thrust. I would normally have forced her to tell me where my cock was. Have her say it was in her ass, but I worried I might miss someone coming into the toilets who would then hear some random woman in the gents talking about being sodomized. I picked up the pace, increasing my own pleasure, but by the movement of Sarah’s hips as she pushed back to meet me, I think she too was starting to get into having my cock in her butt.

“Oh, you filthy fucking cum-guzzling, anal-whore.” I whispered, straining my ears for any door sounds as I continued to pound her. “Just look how this filthy bitch, likes having cock in her fucking ass.”

“Oh, God, yes.” Sarah whispered reluctantly, and now genuinely did bite on her own hand as I started to pound her bowels even harder with my swollen cock. I was about to explode.

“Where do you want my filthy seed, bitch? In your ass or in your mouth?” I asked, and she panted her response and meant it.

“Both. Please fill both. Or fill all my fucking holes with your dirty cum. I want it in my guts, shoot in my ass then stick it down my throat. Put the rest in my belly. I want to eat it, swallow it, but I want to feel it oozing out of my ass.” She groaned and I felt the first shiver go through her body. She too was close to climaxing. I started to shoot.

“Ok, cum-whore, here I am shooting into your dirty fucking asshole. I am filling you with my fucking seed, bitch.” As I growled, I sent two short bursts deep into Sarah’s anus, filling her with cum. However, I now used the thumb and index finger of my right hand to stem the flow and pulled out with a loud plop. I had to be quick or I would lose the moment. I did not want to kill my own orgasm.

“Ok, turn round. Get on your fucking knees, bitch.” I said as I helped her up from her bent position. She turned to face me and sank down. Not to her knees but until she was sitting on the edge of the toilet bowl.

“No.” I snapped and slapped her over her right cheek with my left hand before using the same hand to grab a handful of hair. As I pulled her forward onto her knees, her hands went to my hand in her hair, but she followed where I was pulling and sank to her knees on to the filthy, piss-stained floor.

“When I tell you to get on your fucking knees, bitch, I mean fucking knees not ass. Now open your fucking mouth.” As her lips opened, I released the pressure on my cock and shot the next load of cum onto her upper lip, just under her nose before pushing my swollen cock deep into her mouth. She started greedily sucking as I shot my final burst into her waiting mouth. Then she started tugging at my shaft, sucking the final drops of sperm out of me.

“What a dirty fucking fucked-up whore you are Sarah. A filthy fucking perverted cum-eater who likes it in the ass.” I said softly as she continued to squeeze along my shaft, making sure not a single drop of seed escaped her mouth.

This woman was the definition of a cum-slut. I was about to tell her that once again, but I heard the door open. Footsteps echoed on the tiled floor. A zip opened and then we heard the splash of piss going into a urinal. Sarah removed my now soft cock from her mouth and used her index finger to push cum from under her nose into her mouth as she looked up at me and swallowed it. I put my index finger to my lips and she nodded. I squatted a little to pull up my pants, and then fastened my zip and belt.

We listened silently for a moment. The sound of urine was now fading. I signaled with the flat of my hand for Sarah to remain seated and turned to open the door. I stepped into the room and a big leather-clad biker was in the process of shaking the last drops of piss from his cock. I waited for him to finish and zip up his pants.

“Hey bro.” I said softly, “What would you say if I told you there is a fucking hot girl in this stall who will blow you for ten Euros? A cum-hungry whore who will suck your balls dry and swallow the fucking lot.” The biker turned towards me, pulling a flick-knife out of his jacket pocket.

“And I will cut your fucking balls off and feed them to you, motherfucker if you are trying some stupid fucking shit here.” He growled, and I was in no doubt he meant it.

“Shit, no, bro. This is for real man, and I wouldn’t mess with a dude like you. Look, I will stand over here, you just look inside.” I said moving away from the stall door. Sarah quickly got to her feet and pulled her skirt down, covering her exposed cunt, casting me a WTF-look as I backed away from the door, facing her and giving the biker safe distance to pass me. He walked across the room to look inside.

“What the fuck?” He gasped as he saw Sarah, who was now once again sitting on the toilet lid. “You ok there, sweetheart? Is this man hurting you or molesting you in any way? What the fuck is he telling me about you wanting to suck my cock?” He asked, stepping forward a little further.

“It’s true.” Sarah whispered coyly. “Give me ten Euros and I will suck you off. I will swallow every fucking drop of your man-batter. But it’s only head. No fucking, cunt or anal, no touching and no hard-core deep throat. No Slapping, biting or scratching. You just have to stand there and let me suck you dry.”

“Jesus fucking Christ.” The biker exclaimed, but he was already unbuckling his belt and trousers, pulling out his cock. “Go for it sweetheart.” He whispered as Sarah took his hardening shaft in her right hand and began tossing his off.

“Relax and enjoy.” Sarah said in an erotic voice. Then leaning forward she engulfed his glans in her mouth. He groaned.

“Oh sweet heaven, baby. That is some fucking good head there. Suck my fucking cock. I can tell you now sweetheart, this will not take long.” It did not take long at all. Sarah used all her skills, skills I now knew well and brought they guy off in less than three minutes, him emptying his full load into her waiting mouth as she tossed him and sucked him.

“Oh. Oh, oh here it comes baby.” He panted as he started to shoot his load. “Drink up, sweetheart. All my fresh cream just for you.” Sarah sucked and tossed until she knew there was no more to have. She had not swallowed. Her cheeks were puffed out and her lips tightly pressed together in order to not spill any of her valuable sperm.

“Don’t you go spitting there darling.” The biker laughed already fastening his leather trousers. “The deal was you swallow, baby.” Sarah tilted her head back and opened her mouth. It was full with slimy white goo. She raised both her hands and spread her fingers, signaling the number ten. Indicating her money, her ten Euros.

“You need to pay her man.” I said from behind. “First the cash then down the hatch.” I laughed.

“Jesus.” The man breathed and grabbed at a wallet in his back pocket, attached to his belt by a thick chain. He pulled out a ten Euro note and offered it to Sarah, who took the bank note in her left hand before closing her mouth, trying to smile, which was clearly difficult with such a mass of cum in her mouth. Then she gulped and swallowed the sticky mess in one.

“Ah.” She giggled, opening her mouth again and sticking out her tongue to prove to the biker that it was now empty.

“Fuck me.” He whispered. “You swallowed the lot, baby. What a fucking woman.” He turned and started to leave the toilets.

“One at a time.” I stated flatly. “No queues.” Same rules for all your mates. He turned back to face me.

“Are you fucking serious dude? She will blow us all?” He asked and I nodded.

“Every last one of you as often as you want and can.” I said. “Ten Euros each blow.” He turned and left in a hurry, shaking his head and saying he would also be back later.

“Are you actually fucking serious?” Sarah now gasped. “I am getting the fuck out of here now. There is a fucking bar full of dudes out there. It could be hundreds. I cannot seriously suck them all off.” She objected, getting to her feet. I stepped forward blocking her escape and slapped her hard across the face.

“You will suck as many cocks as I tell you to, you fucking filthy whore.” I said with real anger and threat in my voice. She stepped back, the toilet hitting the back of her legs as I placed my hands onto her shoulders and pushed her down, until she once again sat on the toilet seat. She raised her butt off the seat slightly and reached back to close the lid.

“If you want to save your marriage and keep custody rights for your daughter, you will swallow every cum-load that comes through that door with ten Euros to give to you, you stupid bitch. I will tell you when it stops. You will smile and give every single one of these hairy bastards your full attention. You will suck and lick their fucking cocks. You will lick their balls and you will drain those balls with your fucking filthy cum-whore mouth. You will swallow every fucking drop of every fucking load that is shot into your fucking face. If you spill a single drop, I will make you lick it up off the fucking piss-covered floor. Do you understand?” She stood, staring defiantly for a few seconds, then I saw her will break and she sank back, resigning to what was about to happen.

“Good girl.” I whispered without her even having to answer. “And besides, I know you fucking like it, Sarah. I know you love having stranger’s cocks in your mouth. I know you love swallowing their filthy, fucking sticky loads. So just shut the fuck up.” I said as we heard the toilet door swing open and the sound of boots on the tiles.

“Just tonight then you are free.” I said, putting my right hand onto her cheek.

“Do you swear, Kurt?” She begged.

“Of course I do.” Now sit down, I whispered. “Your next drink is here.”

“So where is this beauty who wants ten Euros to drink my fucking seed?” A gruff voice bellowed behind me.

“Smile. Be nice.” I whispered but did not get chance to answer the new arrival.

“Right in her, honey.” Sarah called. “My soft warm mouth is just dying to get onto your cock. I want your juice baby, right in my belly.”

I turned and left the toilets, walking past a massively tattooed biker, who smiled at me as I passed. He was already unfastening his trousers. Sarah was on her own now.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock.” I heard the biker groan as I left the toilets.

Returning to my table, I could see every biker who went into the toilets. One would go and when he came out the next would stand up. Fuck, some of them went two and even three times. I also saw other male customers coming back with smiles on their faces. Some of the women in the place were starting to look suspiciously at their boyfriends and husbands who were suddenly frequenting the toilets a little too often. Sarah was busy, that was for sure.

The waitress kept bringing me beers and she even asked where Sarah was. She too had noticed the rush to use the toilets by male guests. She even asked me if there was there anything to worry about. I assured her everything was fine, but I could see the suspicion in her eyes. She finally disappeared into the toilets and I stood and followed, just in case. I slipped into the gents without her seeing me, just as a biker with a great big smile on his face came out. I held the door just ajar until I saw the waitress return to the main area. I followed passing Sarah’s next customer on his way in.

After Sarah had swallowed what I had calculated to be around thirty loads of semen, the barmaid came over to my table with the manager by her side, but she spoke first. I also knew the manager very well.

“Hi Bernd.” I smiled at the pale-face overweight and balding man.

“Look, Kurt.” She said. “I am worried. You friend went to the toilets ages ago and she has not been seen since. These bikers here are suddenly going in and out of the gents like they can’t hold their bladders, and I went to look in the ladies. She isn’t there. Where did she go? Is she in the gents, Kurt?”

“She is fine. Alice.” I smiled at the waitress, using her name. “Just relax. She will be back in a short while and you can ask her yourself.” Just then, a loud cheer went up from the bikers as the youngest of their group came out of the toilets. He was no more than twenty. The idiot was still fastening his belt as he walked across the wooden floor with a grin on his face.

“Finally popped a load in a real woman, Mike.” One of his more drunk companions said just a little too loud, jumping to his feet to go towards the toilet door himself.

“Right.” The manager exclaimed. “Alice, you stay here in the bar, I am going to check this out.” He made for the toilets and I followed.

“I will come with you.” I called and we entered together, heading towards the gents behind the loud biker who had given the game away. Just as the manager reached the gents, I grabbed his arm, as the biker went in.

“Look, Bernd, please listen to me.” I said quickly and he turned to face me. “I will tell you what’s going on. My companion is in the gents in a stall sucking anyone off who pays her to do so. She is doing it of her own free will. She is not being harmed in any way, and she is making many of your male customers very, very happy. She is not hurting anyone or anything. She is doing no harm. Lust leave her. She will finish soon, and we will leave. But if you break this party up, I am sure not going to be the one who explains it to those hairy bastards out there who still haven’t had a turn.”

“What the fuck are you saying?” He exclaimed in absolute shock. “This is a diner, Kurt, not a fucking brothel. You can’t come in here pimping your dirty whores to my customers. I’m calling the police.”

“No, listen.” I said quickly, still holding on to his arm. “She is not a whore and I am not a pimp, I swear. You know me Bernd. Remember the great work I did here with your security and cash systems. I know this is hard to believe, I know that, but she wanted to do this and asked me to just keep an eye on her if needed. I chose your place because I know it well and have the security cameras on my phone. That way I can make sure she stays safe. Look, she is beautiful and an amazing fucking cocksucker. When that guy comes out you can go in. Talk to her. See for yourself that she is fine.”

Bernd looked at me in disbelief and then at the door. Then back to me. Clearly unsure of what was going on or how to handle it. I had another idea.

“Ok, listen. Just wait here for a few moments, I will be right back.” I said, and returned to the main dining area. I went over to the first biker who Sarah had blown and whispered that she needed five to ten minutes rest. I told him I would let them know when they could send the next guy in.

“Well that would be me, anyway.” He smiled. “So sure. Let the sweetie rest her jaw. It must be fucking hurting like hell.” He laughed.

I returned to the toilets and was relieved to find the manager still waiting for me.

“Ok, listen. When the guy in there comes out, we go in, ok.” I whispered. “You can talk to her, put your mind at rest or do whatever else you feel would resolve this situation, Bernd. Please just wait. It won’t take long.” I was happy that he nodded and looked at the ground. I knew he fully understood my “Whatever else” anyway, but the clear bulge in his trousers confirmed it. Of course, I also had enough security footage from the cameras I had installed. Plenty to use against the dirty fucking bastard. I had not randomly chosen this place. I was prepared.

We waited until the biker Sarah was currently sucking off shot his load and left, then entered the gents together.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” Bernd exclaimed as he saw Sarah with smeared makeup and a crusty snotty face sitting on the toilet. I guess some of the guys had ignored the deep throat rule. He said nothing else. He just stood staring at cum-smeared Sarah with a massive bulge in his pants.

“It looks like you need a helping hand there, sweetheart” Sarah smiled at him. “Would you like to have me take care of that for you? You need to get it out first. It’s ten Euros, honey. Suck and swallow.”

“Holy fucking Christ.” The manager whispered.

“Are you ok?” I asked her, and she actually tried to smile.

“Well, if having so much cum in my belly that it feels like I am going to burst and jaw ache that is worse than the dentist, then yes, I am fine.

“Wash your face.” I said. “You are a mess.” She stood and the manger and I stepped aside for her to pass. She walked over to one of the basins near the entrance.

“Fuck, I look like shit.” She whispered as she caught her reflection in the mirror.

“Listen.” I said. “This is the manager. He wanted to break this up, but I have a better idea.” I added as Sarah washed her sticky, sperm covered fingers and face with warm water.

“I think I just saw that fucking idea in his pants.” She said looking at me in the reflection of the mirror as she now dried herself. “What does he get exactly?” She then asked, sensing this would be more than just a quick blowjob. She was right.

“Firstly Sarah, he doesn’t have to pay.” I whispered softly.

“What?” Exclaimed the manager as he walked up beside me.

“And secondly.” I said as I took hold of the zipper at the side of Sarah’s skirt. “He gets more than the others. You treat him better. Whatever he wants, whichever hole or holes, you give him.” As the grey skirt slipped to the floor and the manager saw Sarah’s naked ass, he gasped. “Spread your legs, Sarah.” I commanded and the woman obeyed without a sound.

“You mean? Erm, you mean…” The manager stuttered.

“Yes.” I said. “Fuck her in any hole you want or all of them. However, I have to warn you, her ass is already full with my seed so you might want to take her cunt.”

The manager was already undoing his trousers and pulling to get his stiff cock out. He was tiny compared to me. Sarah would probably not even feel it.

“Oh, my fucking God. This is unreal.” He gasped as he stepped up behind Sarah, who now bent over at the waist to give him better access to her cunt and ass. He wanted the clean one, at least for now, and he pushed his cock into Sarah’s open cunt and began fucking her with quick poking thrusts. “So I can shoot in her cunt?” He asked.

“You can shoot wherever you want.” I said, watching Sarah’s face in the mirror. “But if you shoot in her tight cunt, you will be the first today. That fuck-hole is still nice and clean. Fuck, if you can manage it, shoot in all three holes. Fill your boots man. Or rather, fill her booty.” I smiled at my own bad joke and Sarah gave me a grimace in the mirror.

Bernd did not last long. He suddenly announced to the world that he was fucking coming as he shot his sperm into Sarah’s vagina. So now, she had all three holes filled.

“Clean him.” I demanded as the manager let his limp cock slip out of Sarah’s wet cunt. Seed dribbled down her thigh and she caught it with a finger, which she put into her mouth as she turned to face the manager.

Sarah sank to her knees and took his flaccid cock into her mouth and he groaned.

“Oh my fuck, oh my word.” He gasped as Sarah slobbered on his lame member. “This is wonderful.”

“It will be.” I laughed and left the toilets but standing guard in front of the gents, which was good so because just then Alice came through the door.

“Ok, Kurt. What the fuck is going on? Where is the manager?” She demanded, and I told her.

“He is in there getting his cock sucked by my female companion. First, he fucked her in the twat and shot his load inside her, and now she is on her knees, blowing him.”

“What? Why. I mean, no!” Alice stammered.

“What I just told you, she is sucking his cock. Why because she likes it and apparently so does he, and I mean yes to your no.” I said in a cheerful voice. Alice blushed, but was speechless.

“Would you like to see, Alice? I taunted her. “Would you like to go in and watch?”

“Fuck you.” She spat and turned to storm back into the main dining area. “I am calling the police.” I caught her arm, and pulled her back violently.

“Let go of me you fucking cunt.” She growled and tried to pull free, but I held her tight, looking into her face. She tried to slap me, but I caught her wrist. I twisted and she cried out.

To the right was a fire door with an emergency push bar. I dragged Alice towards it and kicked the bar with the flat of my foot. The door was alarmed; I knew that because I had installed the alarm. However, in anticipation of Sarah and I perhaps needing to make a hasty exit, I had disarmed it.

“Kurt, no. Let me fucking go.” Alice now shouted as I dragged her into the cold night air. Letting the heavy door close behind us. I wanted Alice alone and out of earshot of any one in the bar.

“Shut the fuck up.” I now growled, spinning her to face me. The slap caught her completely off guard. It was hard. My right hand to her left cheek whilst my left hand still pinched the soft delicate flesh of her right arm. Her left hand shot to her face in shock. She fell silent and started to cry.

“Five grand in the last three months.” I said in a flat voice. “That’s how much you have skimmed of the tills, Alice. I monitored the whole theft you silly bitch. Did you really think you could defeat my system?”

“What? Erm, no! I mean.” She stuttered but she knew I was right. Alice was stealing from her employer and I had the evidence to prove it.

“Come with me.” I said softly. “Do what I say, and no one needs to know. Not Bernd, not the police. It will remain our little secret, Alice.”

“No, Kurt. I mean where?” She stuttered but followed me round the corner into a dark service entrance for delivery trucks.

“Shut the fuck up, Alice.” I said as I now pushed her into the dark ahead of me.

“Why are we in her?” She said with clear fear in her voice. She knew exactly why we were in this dark, isolated place. She simply did not want to admit it.

Alice is a small girl. Perhaps twenty to twenty-five years old. She has shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, a slim waist and a nice firm butt. The latter being the reason why she was now standing terrified in a dark service entrance with me. I had not planned this for tonight. Tonight was only to be about Sarah. Sure, I was always going to rape Alice at some point in time. Just not tonight. However, Alice had pushed me into needing her to shut up about what Sarah was doing and as I had to let her know I knew about her skimming, I may as well fuck the bitch, too. I span her round and pushed her making her bend over a green rubbish bin.

“No.” She protested, but I held her firmly face down with my left arm as my right hand slowly slid her short serving dress up over her firm buttocks. “Let me go, now. No, don’t do that. Do not touch me you cunt.” She cried, but her firm white buttocks were already exposed in the half-light of the moon.

“Do you know what I am going to do to you now, Alice?” I asked as I slipped my finger under the band of her black thong.

“Stop it. You cannot do that. Oh my God.” She cried, as I tugged her thong down over her butt and down to her soft warm thighs.

“You think I am going to rape you, Alice, don’t you?” I asked her. “But I’m not. Well I am, but not how you think, sweet but stupid girl. You think I am going to put my fat cock into your cunt and fuck you, don’t you? But I’m not going to do that, Alice. Not exactly. Though my cock is going into your cunt.”

“Let me go, now.” She said as forcefully as she could. “If you stop this now, I will forget all about it and not report you to the police. But you need to stop, now, Kurt.” As she tried to threaten me, I removed my cock from my pants and pushed the tip up to her exposed cunt.

“Alice, if you report me, you will go to prison for embezzlement. You know that, right?” I laughed as I slipped just a little into her soft warm cunt. She felt my cock enter her, and squealed.

“No, no, Kurt. Please don’t rape me, please, please don’t rape me.” She begged. I pushed deeper.

“I am not going to fully fuck you in the cunt, Alice. I am just using your nice tight and wet fuck-hole to lube up my fat, hard cock so I can rip your ass open. I am going to butt-fuck you Alice. I am going to ram my cock deep into your guts and fuck you in your shithole until I spray my seed into you. And yes, it is going to hurt.” I goaded her, and she began to sob violently as my balls finally touched her pubic bone, my cock fully impaled in her soft cunt.

“Oh my God, please stop, Kurt.” She continued to beg as I slowly pulled my throbbing cock out of her vagina.

Alice, I discovered, had a nice vagina. It was soft and squeezed nicely at my glans and shaft. On any other day, I would have happily raped this hole for quite some time. However, I had already come so many times that I decided to hurt Alice. I was going to butt-fuck her in the hope she was an anal virgin. Please let her be a virgin.

“Have you ever been sodomized, Alice?” I asked as my cock plopped out of her lovely cunt. “Have you ever had a cock or maybe a toy in your butt, fucking you deep and hard, Alice?” I asked and she sobbed.

“No, Kurt. Please don’t do that. It will hurt and I have never done it before. If you have to rape me, then just rape me and get it over.” She was crying and her begging was clearly coming from genuine fear. I was in luck. A virgin ass. However, I still had a couple of other things I wanted to do to Alice before I raped her virgin ass.

“You certainly have a magnificent cunt, Alice, and I would love to fuck the hell out of it. However, I am an ass-man. What can I do? Especially when I know such a tight virgin ass is going to feel glorious stretched around my fat cock?”

As I spoke, I crouched a little so I could push my face into the girl’s exposed crotch. Such a wonderful cunt just had to taste good, too. I wanted to find out. As Alice felt the tip of my tongue start to explore her vagina, she actually let out a heavy sigh. I pulled my face away.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you, Alice?” I chuckled returning my mouth to her magnificent fuck-hole.

Alice tasted every bit as good as she felt. Her cunt had that typical watermelon sweetness, but somehow finer, more delicate. I could not quite put my finger on it, but I certainly loved it and lapped at her cunt, sucking her soft, fleshy lips into my mouth and flicking at her clit with my tongue. She was becoming aroused.

“Please stop.” She sobbed, ashamed of her own body’s reaction to my exploring tongue and mouth.

“Don’t feel bad about it, Alice. Your cunt is made to react this way. Your body is made to react this way.” I whispered.

“No, please stop, Kurt.” She sobbed again, but I kept going at her hole with every trick and technique I know for getting a woman off. I was going to make Alice orgasm and cry with pleasure and then I was going to make her cry with pain.

After a few minutes, I heard her fingernails scratching at the hard plastic lid of the dumpster, and as a tremor went through her thighs, I knew she was close. I sped up, concentrating on her clit, but inserting two fingers in order to get at her g-spot. That did it; Alice came over my fingers and face with a loud groan.

“Oh please, oh please. No. I. I. No. Please.” She gibbered, her mind betrayed and confused by her own body. I stood up straight, wiping her wonderful cunt-juices onto the head of my cock, which was now oozing pre-cum.

“Good girl, Alice.” I whispered. “First the pleasure then the pain.” I added aiming the tip of my swollen cock at her small tight anus.

“No, no, no, no. Please wait.” She begged in panic as I started to push, but her cries were useless. I was going to take her anal virginity. There was nothing she could do to stop me. I pushed.

“Oh, that’s tight.” I groaned as her sphincter reluctantly started to open up and my glans forced their way in.

“Oh my God, oh my God. Take it out. Take it out, Kurt. It hurts. Please.” She cried, her suffering only heightening my pleasure. I pushed harder.

“Almost in, Alice. Be a brave girl. If you reach back and spread your own ass for me, it won’t hurt quite as badly.” I whispered, and Alice actually followed my instructions, reaching back and spreading her butt-cheeks. I was now going to hurt the girl in a way she was not expecting.

“Take a nice deep breath, Alice.” I whispered, pulling her upper body towards me, so that I could reach her face with my right hand. “This is going to hurt, Alice. It is going to hurt a lot.” I added, as I clasped my right hand over her tear-flooded face.

I now thrust with my full force, pushing my cock all the way into her virgin ass. I did not stop until my balls het her flesh and I had no more to give. Then I simply held it there as Alice screamed in agony into my hand. She fought and heaved, trying to get her body away from the invading cause of her pain, but her thighs were hard against the dumpster and I held her tight.

“Oh sweet Jesus.” I groaned as her virgin butt squeezed, pushed and pulled at my glans and shaft. “You not only have an amazing cunt, Alice, your fucking anus is perfection. That’s it baby, squeeze my fucking cock. Pleasure my dick with your no-longer virgin shit-hole.” I groaned but now started to slowly fuck in and out of her tight hole.

Realizing Alice was no longer screaming but only sobbing, I removed my hand from her mouth and took hold of her hips as I slowly fucked her butt. I was unusually gentle. I liked Alice, I realized, and her tight anus was getting me close to spilling my seed inside her without any need to hurt her even more.

“Good girl” I whispered. “I am almost there, Alice. I am going to empty my seed deep in your fucking ass any second now. Just a little longer, sweetheart.” I groaned and then I came, releasing what little sperm I still had in my balls into this wonderfully tight ass.

As I pulled my cock out of Alice’s anus with a loud plop and a splash of spunk dropping to the floor, she did not speak. She simply reached down and grasped her thong, which she then pulled up over butt as she stood up. I took her shoulders and turned her to face me.

“Now get on your knees.” I said pushing at her shoulders. “Get on your fucking knees and clean your ass off my cock with your mouth.” I growled.

“Kurt, no. please.” She cried and tried to pull away. I held her fast. “That’s disgusting. Wasn’t that enough? You were in my vagina; you sodomized me and shot your sperm into my butt. Please do not make me do even more.” Her eyes were pleading with me, but I simply continued to push her shoulders down.

“Suck my fucking cock, right now, Alice, or would you rather go inside and suck Bernd’s little prick? Because trust me, I will make you do that if you do not get down on your fucking knees and suck my fucking filthy cock clean right now.”

Alice was not a good cocksucker, or perhaps it was her disgust at eating her own ass. Either way, there was little hope for me recovering quickly enough to shoot a load down her throat, so after she had sufficiently cleaned my soft cock, I helped her to her feet and led her back to the fire escape. There was a set of punch buttons on the wall, and I entered a code. The door made a click and I pulled it open. We both stepped into the hallway outside the toilets and Alice immediately took the door to the bar. She did not speak.

I was just wondering how long Alice and I had been away and if Bernd had come out, when he suddenly appeared, coming out of the gents, his face bright red.

“Ok, another twenty minutes, Kurt, then she has to stop and leave. I have told her so.” He stated. I looked at my watch.

“Not quite, Bernd. I said. “Another twenty minutes, then she does you again. You should be able to get it up again by then.” I smiled and went into the diner to send in the next customer to Sarah.

I could lie and say I do not know how many men Sarah sucked off that night. However, when I finally went into her stall to tell her it was over, she had a wastebasket filled with ten, five and even twenty Euro notes. As we counted the money in the car, she even fished out a fifty Euro note. In total, there was 1230 Euros in that basket, which Sarah happily pushed into her bag.

As Sarah related some of the stories of how some of the guys had behaved, it was clear that the math was not simply 1230 divided by 10, the price per blow, or rather swallow. Some had tipped her; some had paid in advance for several blowjobs and not come back for all of them. However, this remarkable cocksucker had definitely taken over 100 loads of warm spunk in her mouth and swallowed the almost all of it. Oh, plus the managers and mine.

Bernd had gone one more time and fucked her in the ass, she told me. She giggled that she could not even feel him as he pushed and pulled his small dick in and out of my sloppy seconds. Nonetheless, she had once again gotten to her knees and cleaned his prick. Licking off the slimy sticky mixture of his and my sperm combined. Probably a little shit too, I imagined.

The fifty Euros was from a guy in a suite who insisted on her sucking him continually, even after he had come. She sucked him without stopping and he came four times, and then told her the last ten Euros was a tip.

She also explained why I had to make her wash her sperm-crusted face, though I had commanded her to swallow every single drop. It turned out, some of her visitors had insisted on coming on her face rather than in her mouth, and although she had always used her fingers to scrape the sticky substance into her mouth and swallow it, some residue was bound to remain and it dried on her skin.

Another had asked to come on her butt. However, she refused this, afraid that if she exposed her naked ass or cunt, he might get other ideas. Strangely, he had then asked to come on her feet. Once finished, he cleaned the sperm from her feet and from between her toes with his own tongue and mouth. He then proceeded to spit the collected substance into her mouth. Sarah confessed that this had really turned her on. She explained that she had seen porn where a woman spits cum into another woman’s mouth, but never where a man spits his own seed into the woman’s mouth.

As I had guided her out of the toilets and through the bar to the exit, she actually got a standing ovation and almost all the men in the room cheered and clapped. She actually smiled. Almost all of the women, including Alice looked daggers at Sarah, at me and at the men sitting at their tables. There would be some arguments behind closed doors that night. I wondered if Alice would go to the police. Probably not considering she had remained at the diner.

Once in the car I drove Sarah home, dropping her off at the same corner. I was actually feeling horny again and thought about having her suck me off again, but refrained.

“Good night, Sarah.” I said softly as she got out of the car. “See you on Wednesday.”

“Fuck you!” She said. “You are not going to delete those photos, are you Kurt?” She asked.

“I already have deleted them, Sarah.” I said. “I keep my promises. Would you like to get back in the car and check my phone?” I asked.

“Thank you, Kurt.” She said in a kind and genuinely thankful voice, smiling at me. “I believe you.” She added, still holding the car door in her hand, about to close it.

“We can talk about the new ones I took tonight on Wednesday at the hotel.” I said smiling. Of course, I had taken new fucking photos. I had her blowing the first biker, I had a video of my cock in her ass in the toilet stall and I had shots of Bernd fucking her cunt. I had held my mobile lower than the mirror so she could not see it, but as she closed her eyes, I managed to lift it quickly and get a full shot of his cock in her open cunt and her face in the reflection.

“Burn in fucking Hell you son of a bitch.” She cried as she slammed the door and walked off. She was the second female to say ‘fuck you’ to me tonight, but there would be one more before the night was over, though I did not know it at the time.

By Night Hawk
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