Sister and daughter 3 Sex Story

#Incest #Lesbian #Teen

By Twickers

More fun with my family.. A great way to wake up

Good morning sleepy head.. My sister woke me up.. My morning wood was buried inside her tight wet cunt already..
It seemed such a shame to waste it age whispered.. Her daughter was laid on the floor a blanket was covering her body a slight snore coming from her mouth..
We had all fallen Asleep in the living room… After such a hot night..
I reached around and held my sisters tits as she ground her cunt against me.. My cock was encased deep inside a hot velvet Sheeth…
I pulled out and she let out a low groan… I want you inside me.. Please fuck me…moving my hands back to her ass.. I got my fingers wet from her cunt and slid one deep inside her ass.. While I frigged her clit with my other hand getting her ready to cum over my fingers..
I need your cock you bastard don’t tease…. I had two fingers in her ass now and my hand was busy wanting her to cum over my fingers..
I pulled my fingers out of her ass and directed them to her mouth.. Clean these my slut.. As she licked my fingers I forced my cock past her ass ring.. It’s tightness and heat tried to push me out..
No please.that hurts.. No.. It hurts. I rolled on top of her my cock forcing its way inside.. Deeper and deeper.. I could feel her trying to dislodge me.. But I was in too deep now..
My balls where against her smooth ass cheeks..
You bastard.. Oh fuck that hurts.. Go slow… I was ignoring her.. My cock wanted this and so did I. I started to fuck her tight ass.. Her body finally relaxed……and her ass gripped my cock is tunnel.. Tight against my skin…
Dam sis your ass so hot….
Oh you bastard… Fuck that feels so dirty and so fucking good..
You mean as if fucking your bother and licking your daughter’s pussy wasn’t enough.. Your such a dirty cunt my sis..
As I fucked her ass and talked dirty to her she came all over my fingers.. Squirting her cum over my hand..
Such a whore sis such a whore.. I turned her over so she was riding my cock in her ass.. Leaning back against me.. Legs either side of my body..
All of a sudden I felt a body move between my legs and I felt a tongue lick my balls and Emma had obviously woken up..
My sister told Emma to lick mummy’s cunt as I fucked her up the ass..
This she did.. I could here my sister calling her a good mummy’s girl.. She was holding Emma’s face deep between her legs.. Could feel Emma’s sweet sexy body pressing against mine as she licked her mums cunt..
Finger me baby.. Make me have the good stuff..
Emma’s started to finger her mum and I could feel them on my cock as I fucked the tight ass.. I felt my balls draw up.. And the tingle started as I got ready to unload inside my sisters ass.. Once more my sister came hard her ass tightening even more on my hard pistoning cock and I came deep inside her bowels.. As she came my balls where suddenly drenched and Emma’s tongue lapped up her mums fluids and mine that where leaking out around my cock..
My sister.. Collapsed on top of me her legs shaking and twitching… She finally had to push her daughters head away… As she was so sensitive.. She curled Over and collapsed on the couch next to me…
Emma looked at me and opened her mouth.
Hmmm cock… Can I uncle… I just smiled at her and she took my cock inside her mouth.. Once more cleaning her mothers juices off me.
My cock didn’t even go down as this sweet sexy girl sucked me clean…
Emma I think you need to clean your mum as well.. She looked up I had pushed my sister so she was head first on the couch her body laid flat and her knees where on the floor..
Emma’s smile went wide as she moved over and buried her face in her mother’s ass cheeks and began to lick my cum out of her mother’s ass..
The scene was so erotic I sat and played with my cock.. As my sister groaned and pushed her ass back onto her daughters face… I noticed Emma fingers inside her mother’s cunt teasing another orgasm out her body..
My sister actually screamed as she came again.. All over Emma tongue and fingers…
Emma looked up at me and said I got the good stuff..
I reached over and ruffled her hair.. You did good Emma..
Do you want Breakfast while your mum recovers..
She was immediately back to her innocent self..
Yes please uncle can I have coco pops.. A huge smile on her face..

By Twickers
#Incest #Lesbian #Teen

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