Sister and daughter pt2 Sex Story

#Incest #Lesbian #Teen #Threesome

By Twickers

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I pulled out of my sister and laid on the floor next to her.
She looked at me her face shining with fluids from her daughters cunt that where coating her face…
Emma’s body was still twitching as she recovered from her orgasms..
A small voice.. Piped up.. Thank you mummy you always make me feel so good when you do that to me.. Emma turned over lifting her legs over her mums body the nightie around her waist.. Her cunt was open and wet.. From her mums attentions.. She looked at me and said hiya uncle did you make mummy feel good with your cock…
My sister answered yes dear I told you.. That’s what family does for each other.. She smiled at me.. My cock was half hard now..
Emma crawled over to it.. So this is a real cock mummy..
Yes baby would you like to touch it..
Emma didn’t answer she just reached out and placed her hand on my wet cock…
Hmmm it feels funny I thought you said it gets hard?
Well you have to help it get hard it needs to be kissed..
Can I try do you mind uncle.. Please.. Can I…?
Of course Emma of you really want to..
Emma giggled leant over and started to kiss my cock.. While holding it in her hand..
My sister said that’s very good Emma but it needs big girl kisses..
Emma’s tongue came out of her mouth and she started to lick around the head of my cock it started to harden very quickly.. Look mummy its working..she liked her lips.. Uncles cock tastes like you mummy.. My cock jerked hard at this.. I looked at my sister who was smiling broadly while running her fingers through her own cunt.
Very good Emma now take it right into your mouth like you do my pleasure stick and like I do yours..
Within seconds Emma was taking my cock into her mouth.. Sucking and licking.. Slurping on my fuck stick.. Cleaning her mums juices from my now fully hard cock..
My toes where almost beginning to curl.. She’s a natural I told me sister as I placed my hands on my nieces head…
My niece looked at me and asked if she was doing it OK.

Fantastic I replied to her.. She placed her hand on my balls.. These are very heavy.. Are they full..

Yes my sister said they need to be emptied.. Do you want to help your uncle…

Can I help you uncle I want you to feel the good thing as well..

We got her to lay back and put a cushion under her bum… Spreading her legs wide.. I pulled the nightdress off.. Her smooth skin. Was flawless and she giggled as i licked her little rosy nipples.. These are so beautiful her tits where small and firm pointing at the sky..

I rubbed my cock up and down her wet cunt lips and slowly placed my head inside.. The tightness and heat was out off this world.. I slowly entered her.. Wanting it to last so long…..

Uncle this fell so good is this fucking mummy… My cock was buried so the way now.. Her hot cunt was gripping me as I started to fuck her slowly.. In and out the soft hot walls caressing my hardness…

My sister went around to her daughter and kissed her I could see them trading tongues as I fucked niece.

Mummy this feels so good.. Mummy I think I’m going to get the goodness again.. Emma’s cunt spasmed around my cock and yes she squirtered just like her mum… She put her thumb in her mouth while she was Cumming over my cock.. She looked so hot and so cute.. As I fucked her she made like mewling sounds.. Mummy this is so good… I like cock mummy… I like fucking…

My sister lifted her leg over her daughters face and settled down onto her mouth… Make me feel the good stuff Emma.. Lick mummy’s cunt… It was pretty obvious that Emma was experienced in eating pussy..

As my sister getting away on the young girls mouth… She leant over and kissed as we both took our pleasure from her daughter…

.. Leaning back she said that’s it Emma.. You doing the good stuff…. Lick your mummy’s cunt.. I was picking up speed now watching my sisters tits bounce as she Rode her daughter’s face…

The hot snatch sheething my cock. Was gripping me hard.. My balls where burning ready to cum… I was fucking her fully now hard as I could.. Emma spasmed beneath me and her mum screamed out
. Yes baby here comes the good stuff.. I could see my sisters cunt squirt over her daughter’s face. And I filled my niece with my hot cum deep inside her tightness…

My sister grabbed the back of my neck… Kissing me deeply..

Fuck that was so hot……

Christmas is looking better already..

By Twickers
#Incest #Lesbian #Teen #Threesome

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