Sister fucks brother on the pretext of headache

Hindi New Sex Story Brother Sister Sex Kahani: Today I am telling you my story. This story is between me and my brother. I myself made an excuse so that I could fuck and extinguish the fire of my lust. So what trick did I find to fuck, I am writing the same to you on

I have been reading this website for only three weeks. A friend of mine told about this website. My friend is number one cheeky girl. She also fucks with her relatives and also with her college professor. She is number one randi type girl. When she tells the story of her sex, my mind also starts shaking, I feel like getting fucked. So I also could not control myself and got my own brother to cool the heat of my pussy.

You must be thinking is this a true story? Can a sister have sex with her own brother? But friends, I do not know about others, but yes, I myself became addicted to lust and got fucked by my brother. I had to do a little drama for this and trap my brother then I was successful. Now I come directly to the story. Because I know you too must be thinking to read my story quickly.

My name is Pushpa and my brother’s name is Suraj. I am twenty two years old and my brother Matra is twenty one years old. My brother is hot and sexy, he goes to the gym, he has a good body and looks sexy. So I felt that it would be better if the household goods remain at home. Because if I fuck somewhere outside then there may be a problem. People can blackmail but if sex happens in their own house then there is no fear.

Once upon a time my parents had gone to the house of a close relative of mine for three days. There was a wedding, so only me and my brother were in the house. Because both of us were studying, it was not possible to go. So both parents have gone away, now there should be a young girl and boy in the house, even if it is a sister or brother. When the flame of the body is burning then nothing other than our own is visible.

That’s why I also started getting desperate to fuck. And I didn’t want to lose the special time or moment of being alone for these three days and getting exemption. So in the evening I got an idea and I also learned this trick from After reading the sex story of a sister and brother.

When he came home around eight in the night after meeting his friends. I had cooked food. He had come with friends after drinking beer because his mouth was stinking. I had also got the benefit of this, when a person is intoxicated, then everything else gets done easily.

Just after having some food went to sleep and started reading sex stories of a brother and sister on this website. While reading the story, the fire of sex started in my body. Now it doesn’t work without extinguishing. After that I could not think of anything and I called my brother who was in the other room.

When he came to my room, he said that my head was hurting a lot. Press it a little He also sat on my bed without thinking anything. And started pressing my head. I slowly messed up my clothes. So that my nipples can be seen clearly by him. And this is what happened guys, as soon as I pulled my top down. My big boobs started appearing from above.

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Ohhhhhhh the work started getting done from here. Now he started pressing my head while looking at my boobs. After that, where should he himself press my feet. I said press it, my whole body is breaking down. He started pressing my feet now. You think for yourself what will happen if a boy starts caressing the thighs of a young girl and that girl’s leg is spread and she is wearing skin tight.

That’s what happened. He started caressing my body, I closed my eyes. Slowly he came upwards and started caressing my nipples. And then lay down with me I was feeling everything with my eyes closed. He put his lips on mine. Ohhhhhh I was hot.

After that he started rubbing my nipples with his hands and started sucking my lips. I got mad, I could not help it and now I myself started sucking her lips. Ohhh what can I tell friends, I didn’t know when we both took off each other’s clothes. His big cock was throbbing out and my big tits and white pussy was rocking.

I immediately grabbed his cock and started sucking it. Now he started putting his cock in my mouth. In about five minutes, I was burning with lust. I was not able to tolerate it. I said calm down the heat of my pussy. He said as per your order my dear sister.

And he started shaking his cock by holding it. And separated both my legs and put a pillow under my ass. And inserted the whole cock in my pussy. Now he was thrusting his cock into my narrow pussy. And I was taking his cock in my pussy by twisting the ass. Sometimes she would kiss her brother and sometimes she would press her own breasts.

Ohhh we both started pleasing each other loudly, he was fucking my boobs while mashing them. And I was getting fucked. Both were having fun. Both of us were abusing each other. And he was fucking me hard.

He fucked me in every way, I also crossed the limits of sexuality and fucked him in different poses. And when we both calmed down, all his semen fell in my pussy, then we both slept naked holding each other. Then what friends, whenever we both feel like making each other happy.

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