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Read in Sister in law sex story that after many years of marriage, I was bored of fucking my wife’s pussy. Then my brother-in-law got married. That innocent girl entered my heart.

Hello friends! I Komal Mishra welcomes all my readers to a new story of mine.
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my back story
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After reading this one of my readers mailed me and asked from where do you get all these stories?

So I want to tell the readers that just like you guys I have thousands of readers who read my stories.
Many of them are readers who chat with me regularly and send their stories to me.
The story which I like among them and I find it to be true, then I forward that story to intuition.
This gives you guys a chance to read a good story.

Many people have asked me whether I am a boy?
So all they have to say is that I am a girl.
And if I were a boy and disguised as a girl to send the story then what would be the benefit to me.

I am only a girl and I have no interest in lying.
I have some readers whom I have already met.

So friends, let’s go ahead and move towards today’s story!
Today’s story which I am sending to you people has been sent by my old reader.
His name is Ravi Kumar and he has kept his identity a secret.

I found his sister-in-law sex story very interesting and I myself started thinking that sometimes such incidents happen in the world that people’s wishes get fulfilled.

So friends, let’s go into his story!

Hello friends, my name is Ravi Kumar. I cannot tell where I am from, but today I am going to tell you one such incident of my life after which my world changed.

You people must have seen the moon but you must not have achieved that moon.
Just my story is also like this in which I achieved the moon.

My present age is 38 years and I am a Government servant.
I got married in the year 2007.

Apart from my mother-in-law and father-in-law, there was a younger brother-in-law who was studying in school at that time.
By 2012, I had two children and my life was going on in a very happy way.

Friends, I have always been a sensual man. As soon as I saw women, dirty feelings started coming in me towards them.

After so many years of marriage, my mind was filled with my wife and we used to have sex only occasionally.
That’s why my heart used to get filled with greed after seeing the women outside.
Be it a new bride, or a woman, or a young college girl… Seeing them, I used to measure their body shape.

I used to get impatient especially on seeing college girls.
When a girl came out wearing jeans sticking to her thighs and ass, my dirty eyes would be fixed on her ass.

I wanted to have sex with a woman from outside but never found one like that.

Slowly my brother-in-law grew up and the time for his marriage also came.

I always got a lot of respect in my in-laws house because I was holding a government post.

One day my father-in-law called me and told me that he has to go to see a girl for his son, so you come.

Friends, my brother-in-law was a completely stupid type of boy who did not know anything. It was her daily routine to do housework and stay at home all day long.
Even in appearance, he was like a village boy, who neither had the courage to wear clothes nor the courage to walk.

I thought that I don’t know which girl’s luck is broken who is going to marry him.

Well whatever it was, after two days I reached my in-laws house.

The very next day we all went to see the girl.

After reaching the girl’s place, all of us were sitting in the front room.
We were all talking to the people of his house.

After some time the girl whom we had come to see came in front with breakfast.
Seeing that girl, my eyes were fixed on her only. I just kept looking at him.
Looking at her, it seemed as if she had come after taking a bath with turmeric water.

Now you can understand how fair she must have been and her face was just like a doll.
Very slim body, 28 size small breasts and thin waist.
It seemed as if the one above had made it in great leisure.

Seeing her, I had only one thought in my mind that my brother-in-law is not capable of this girl at all and the pair of these two will look like a hooter and a langur.

I fell in love with that girl at first sight.
She started leaving after giving breakfast to all of us but we asked her to sit and she sat down.

From the side where she was sitting, I could see her stomach and seeing her small navel, I started feeling dizzy.

I started questioning him.
She told her name as Sonam and her age was 19 years.

After talking to him for a while, she left.
After sitting for some more time, we also came from there.

The very next day my father-in-law told that the relationship was confirmed and the date of marriage would come out soon.
I started thinking what luck my brother-in-law has got that he is getting a girl like Pari.

Within a month, the marriage also took place and everything started going on in a normal way.

After this, whenever I used to go to my in-laws house, I used to joke with my brother-in-law’s wife because we had a joking relationship.
Also, I would jokingly ask my brother-in-law about his honeymoon, but he used to get shy like girls.

Then slowly he opened up and then openly started telling about his wife.
He was so stupid that he would openly tell me about each and every part of his wife.

But when he told me that he could not stand even for 2 minutes, I understood that his wife must have been thirsty.
When I asked my brother-in-law about his penis, he said that it is about 4 inches.
I jokingly said that when I opened it, he showed it.

Seeing his cock, I felt that he would not be able to satisfy his wife at all.
His penis was hardly 4 inches in length and very thin.

Gradually, two years had come to her marriage but the child was not born yet.

Time went on and my wife’s health started deteriorating.
On getting tested, it was found that he had blood cancer.

I spent money like water for my wife because I loved her very much.
But what was approved by the above happened and my wife passed away.

Now I am left alone with my two children.

The family members said a lot to get married again but I did not agree.
This is how I used to live with my children.

It was only eight months after this incident that one afternoon I got a call from my in-laws and I came to know that my brother-in-law had met with an accident and he is admitted in the hospital.
On hearing this, I immediately took out my car and left with both the children.

My in-laws house is 100 km away from my house.

I could not even reach there when the news came that my brother-in-law had died.
First my wife and then my brother-in-law, both the houses were destroyed by these incidents.

But the almighty had something else in mind maybe… I had spent two years with my children.
My children had no one at my house except me.

Family and relatives insisted a lot but I did not listen to anyone and refused to marry again.
Since I was in government job many relationships came for me but I didn’t mind because I didn’t want to play with my children’s future.

Then one day my father-in-law came home and made a proposal to me.

He said – can it happen that you marry our daughter-in-law Sonam. Because both of you are alone and along with being at home, you both know and understand each other very well.
His saying this got me thinking. At that time it was two years during which I did not get the pleasure of pussy, then the sex inside me woke up.

This was probably because I had a crush on Sonam from the very beginning. His youth always attracted me.

But I told my father-in-law – this cannot happen, there is a difference of 19 years in the age of both of us, what will people say?

On this the father-in-law said- You both cannot spend your life alone like this and don’t care what the world will think. Both of you will get each other’s support and age does not matter that much. Both of you are already married.

Then I said – If Sonam is ready for this, then I have no problem.

What was it then… Soon the father-in-law convinced Sonam for the same.
Within a month, both of us got married in a very simple way in the temple.

Now Sonam had become my wife.
At that time Sonam was 23 years old and I was 42 years old.
I liked Sonam a lot, I liked her very fair body.

When I saw her for the first time, she was a delicate little girl of 19 years old.
But now she was 23 years old and earlier her breasts which were of 28 size, have now become 32 size.
His body was also quite full.

Now Sonam had come to my house as my wife.

I am stopping this part here; You will read the story ahead of this in the second part.

I Ravi Kumar will get back to you very soon in the second part. In the next part I will tell you how was my honeymoon with Sonam.
Must read in my erotic story how an experienced man fucked a young Sonam in the first night itself.

So friends, I Komal brought you the first part of Ravi Kumar’s story.
Do tell in your comments and messages on this story how much you liked the first part.
Soon I will bring you the second part of this sister in law sex story from Ravi Kumar.
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