Sister-in-law’s bra panty was taken off and fucked

(Bhai ki sali ki bra panty utar kar chudai ki)

Hello friends, my name is Mahesh and I am from Rajasthan. The story I am going to tell you today is absolutely true, there is nothing false in it, only the name may be different. I was 21 years old at that time and my brother’s sister-in-law had come to our house. We have a collective family, we have about 14 members living together in the house. I am the youngest among my brothers. I was studying in final year at that time. I had heard a lot about sex in college with friends, but had never had the chance. I often used to look at the girls passing by on the way and used to sigh coldly. My brother’s sister-in-law’s name is Sunita, she came to visit her sister, she is very smart. All of us family members used to sit together and talk a lot. My brother had absolutely no time to turn his sister-in-law around. Brother’s sali ki bra panty utar kar chudai.

Then brother told me to take him around the nearby temples and gardens. Then I went for a walk with my niece who was 9 years old and Sunita. Then we wandered all day. Now in the afternoon we were sitting in the garden that suddenly a couple was kissing each other sitting in a corner of the garden. Then my eyes went away and I secretly started watching that scene, then suddenly I saw that Sunita’s eyes were also the same. Now both of us were watching the same scene, but were doing the show as if we had not seen anything. Now my niece was playing, then suddenly that boy put his one hand in the shirt of the girl with him. Then I looked there and then turned and saw Sunita and Sunita was also looking at her. Then he saw me that I was looking at Sunita, then Sunita got scared. When I started laughing, she also started laughing and then without saying anything we got up from there and went to the other side.

Now I started walking very close to Sunita. Now Sunita also started walking close to me. Now my throat was getting dry. Then after that we had softy there and left the garden. Now in the evening we were all sitting in a room watching TV, I had covered the quilt. Then Sunita came into the room and sat beside me. Now he was also feeling cold, so he put his feet in a little quilt. Now I was caressing her feet, then she did not say anything. Now everyone was engrossed in watching TV. Then I took my one hand till her thighs. Now I was feeling very scared, but also having fun. Sali Ki Bra Panty Utar Kar

Then she sat for a long time and I went on doing my antics. Then his sister called him and took him away. Then at night Sunita and my niece slept on the double bed in the room and there was another small bed where I slept and my aunt slept in the outside room. Now I was not able to sleep. Then at around 1 o’clock in the night he slowly got up from his bed and sat down on the ground near Sunita’s bed. Then I put my one hand on her hand and she was sleeping. Then I slowly put one hand on her cheeks and started caressing her. Now I was also feeling very scared. Then Sunita did not wake up, so I put my one hand inside the bed. Now I was also feeling very cold, but I was having a lot of fun. Then I put my one hand slowly on her boobs and started waiting to see what her answer is? Then I slowly started pressing her boobs, then seeing no response from her, my courage increased and I started pressing her boobs a little harder, her boobs size was 32. Now I was having a lot of fun. Sali Ki Bra Panty Utar Kar

Then I felt that Sunita is awake, but is pretending to be asleep. Then I unbuttoned her shirt with my hand and put my one hand on her bra. Then after a while I put her bra up. Now her boobs were bare, so I started pressing them. Then I started sucking them and Sunita was still lying very quietly. Then I entered the quilt and started sucking her nipples in my mouth like a baby. Now I was having a lot of fun. Then I took one hand down and started spreading it on her legs, she was wearing a night suit and the top was buttoned and elastic lower. Then I put my one hand in her lower and took it inside her panty, it was very hot there. Now my hand was hot. Then I started running one hand on her pussy and she kept on pretending to sleep even then. Sali Ki Bra Panty Utar Kar

Then I started kissing her lips. Now she was also kissing my lips, but was not opening her eyes. Now I was also feeling very scared. Then all of a sudden hearing a sound, I stood up and quickly went out, so that if there was anyone I could say that I had gone out to drink water. Now my aunt was not on her bed. Then I went to the kitchen to drink water, then my aunt was drinking water. Then the aunt said that it is very cold today. So then I said yes and then I came to the room after drinking water. So then aunt also came and slept beside Sunita on the double bed saying that it is very cold in the adjacent room. Then I started thanking God that it was good that the aunt did not see, otherwise there would have been a ruckus. Then I went to the toilet and took out water from my cock with my hand. Then it went on like this for a few days. Now whenever I got a chance, I used to touch her body. Sali Ki Bra Panty Utar Kar

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Now I was not able to sleep one night, so then around 2 o’clock in the night I saw Sunita going out of the room, so I quietly followed her out of the room. Now she had gone to toilet, the toilet door was locked from inside and I was standing outside. Then after some time she opened the door and as soon as she started coming out of the door, I blocked her way. Then she didn’t say anything and I pushed her to the toilet and started kissing her madly after closing the toilet door from inside. She didn’t say anything and just started kissing. Then I kissed and licked her lips, kissed her cheeks and started running one hand over her body. Now I was having a lot of fun. Then I unbuttoned his shirt and took off his shirt. Now her boobs imprisoned in her bra were asking me to free us quickly my love.

Then I removed her bra as well and quickly took off my T-shirt. Now I started playing with her boobs and started sucking her nipples in my mouth. Now Sunita was caressing my hair. Now we were not doing anything. Then I lowered her lower and sitting down started kissing her legs and thighs. Now my hands were moving very fast, I felt that 36 bhog is in front of me after filling the plate and I have to clean it. Then I stood up and took off my pants. Now both of us were only in tights. Then I kissed him from top to bottom, licked, now my cock was ready. Then I removed her panty, this was my first experience I had learned about sex only from movies and it was also Sunita’s first experience. Sali Ki Bra Panty Utar Kar

Then I started moving one hand on her pussy and where the cock goes, he was searching with his finger. Now I have found that place. Then as soon as my finger went into Sunita’s pussy, she started sobbing. Now she was having a lot of fun, her pussy was wet. Now she started hugging me tightly. Then I felt that now we should not delay, so I took off my tights and started trying unsuccessfully to put my cock in her pussy, because she was smaller than me in height and I was trying to lower my legs too, but I could not Was getting Then I made her lie down on the toilet floor. Now he had closed his eyes. Then I came over her and put both her legs up and started putting my cock in her pussy, but my cock was not hitting the right target. Then I saw the right place by putting my finger in her pussy and set my cock on that place and pushed a little bit, then my cock just went inside a little bit, she started jerking and told me to take it out, I am in a lot of pain. Used to be. So I stopped there. Sali Ki Bra Panty Utar Kar

Then after a while I pushed again, then she cried out softly Ueeeeee mom, aaaaah this is hurting a lot. Now I started pressing her boobs and started kissing her cheeks. Then I put my cock out a little and pushed it hard. Then she said Nannu please take it out, I am feeling very pain. Now I had started loving him while lying like this. Now tears started coming from his eyes. Then I took out a little bit of my cock and started slowly inside. Now she was suffering. Then I put my cock inside more and started waiting for her answer. Then I felt that now she is feeling better than before. Then I started moving my waist in and out quickly, her pussy was very tight. Sali Ki Bra Panty Utar Kar

Now I was having a lot of fun. Now he was also having a lot of fun. Now she was giving full support to me, now she started moving her back. Then after a while it got empty and got up from her then I saw that blood was coming out of her pussy. Then I quickly put on my clothes and she also started wearing her clothes crying. Now she was telling me that Nannu you have not done this right, now if someone comes to know then what face will I show? Then I explained to him that shut up, seeing such a face anyone would understand. Then she stayed with us for 3-4 more days, but she didn’t talk to me again, maybe she got the meaning out of it. Now Sunita is also married, I never saw her after her marriage. I saw for the first time that everyone shares their experiences here, I don’t know who writes so much truth here? But this story of mine is my own and absolutely true. Then after that I never made any relation with other girl, I felt very happy to share this moment of life and I will remember it all my life, it is related to my memories. Sali Ki Bra Panty Utar Kar

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