Step Dad and Sisters secret Sex Story

#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin #Voyeur

By StephanieNZ

I found out whats been happening between my sister and our step dad. True story.

This happened when i was 9 and my sister was 11. I’m 17 and shes 19 now and i feel confident enough to share this story.

Sometimes my older sister and my step dad would go out at night to the supermarket or dairy but they would always take really long. I never knew what it is they were doing. I followed them one night on my bike. They were at the supermarket but they were parked far away from the entrance. Mostly where the trees and bushes were. I thought that was weird. I got closer and could see that the car looked empty but as i got near. I saw shadowy images of them in the backseat.

I got really close and slightly peeked from the corner of the back side window. My sister was sitting on my step dads lap. He looked as if he was eating her chest. I quickly made my way back home and waited for them to come back too. Awhile later she came home, put the groceries down and ran to her room. I followed her and when I entered her room she was getting ready for a shower. I told her i knew what they were doing and that i saw her. My sister grabbed me and shut the door closed. She said shell tell me what happened but i couldn’t tell anyone. I agreed because we are really close and I tell her stuff about me all the time.

She went for her shower and came back. What follows is what she told me:

Me and Ben (Step dad) have been doing stuff for some time now sis. At first i thought it was weird but the more i did it, the more i liked it. All the stuff he does to me and with me makes me feel good. And he always gives me money. Like not just our pocket money but he spoils me. So what happened lastnight was just the 1st of many with me and him. He always wants to start off with my feet. Its weird but i use my feet to massage his bolos. (thats what we called a dick at the age lol) his bolos were always big and hard. sometimes he would get me to suck it while he sucks on my private part.

After that i took my school skirt off and i sat on his lap. His bolos would slide up and down my bum cheeks. He would lift my shirt up and suck on my tits. (tits because thats what our mum called them lol). By this point he started cumming (Ben told her this is the what the white stuff is) on my bum but on my undies because i still had them on. It gave him a reason to take them off. I took them off and his bolos were still hard. Usually hes finished after i use my feet but he wanted more lastnight. So he bent me over the backseat facing towards the rear window and his bolos went in my butt. Its always sore because he’s got big bolos. And whenever he does it in there my butt always feels sticky when i get home. Which is why i had to go shower. Please don’t tell anyone sis. Keep this between us.

A few months later my step dad got caught by my mum. He is in jail now. I never did tell anyone but im glad he got caught. I wanted to tell but i made a promise to my sister. She still messes with older men now but we don’t tell anyone about that. Well except for now but its anonymous so it doesnt really matter if i say it on here lol

By StephanieNZ
#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin #Voyeur

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