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By Anon

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The following few days after bedding Terri were strange at best. Every time Terri and I encountered each other her eyes would lower as if she were ashamed of what we had done together. I was a bit worried that she wasn’t stable enough at her age to accept having sex with her step brother. Needless to say I was walking on eggshells for the better part of the week.

The thought flash my mind in a day or so Naomi wanted my services, my Father was headed for a business trip and she’d already penciled me in for that night’s romp. Naomi was a very sexual creature, she enjoyed toying with her prey. Many times bringing me to the brink of orgasm with her mouth just to stop and let it subside until my cock became almost flaccid again, only to start on it again. She truly loved to play games and extend her love making. She really knew how to extend it, like a cat playing with it mouse. Now I had taken her daughter and her, both were as different as day and night. Terri seemed sheepish about what happened between us, while Naomi was almost bragging about fucking her step son.

My father left for his trip on Tuesday, Naomi took him to the local airport and saw him off at around noon time. She returned to our house at around 1. I sat out on the deck clad in shorts and a tee shirt. I heard her as she entered thru the back door into the kitchen and yelled “Mommy’s home”. I wasn’t sure where the “girls” were but I think they were up in their room. Naomi put her keys on the kitchen table and proceeded to the front door and onto the deck. “Remember you little shit, tonight you have work to be done” she grinned as she said it. I all too well knew what she meant. “Come to my room at midnight” ,she turned and reentered the house. I never replied I just knew that at midnight I’d be there or else.

At supper Naomi had made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and tossed salad for us all, Sheryl, Terri sat across from me and Naomi sat to my left at the head of the table. As we dined someone’s foot was between my legs I assumed it was either Sheryl’s or Terri’s. I squirmed on my seat and the foot massaged my cock and balls. I noticed that Naomi noticed my movement and said ” What’s a matter Dave, ant’s in your pants” , the foot retracted. “no my shorts just rode up and were uncomfortable”, I replied. The foot didn’t return and supper finished uneventful. The girls both did the dishes and Naomi went to her room and changed into her bathing suit. As she exited the kitchen for the deck I saw that beautiful ass of hers, she really was well toned for a women her age. The dishpan crew giggled as they noticed me watching her exit.

I left the kitchen emptied the garbage can , cleaned it and then went to my room. The girls were done with the dishes and were talking in their room as i went to mine. Naomi was floating on a lounge in the pool I looked down at her, she laid one of her legs off the lounge and into the water as she lied on her back exposing a small wift of her red pussy hair along side her bikini bottoms ,her breasts looked larger from this angle and her nipples weren’t visible. I plopped down on my mattress trying to conserve some energy for tonight’s session with her. I had never spent more than an hour or two with her before and the way she made it sound this was to be a marathon. Sheryl came into my room, “hey handsome, what ya doing tonight?” I told her that tonight I was Naomi’s fuck boy, and she seemed upset that big brother wasn’t going to be able to tend to her needs. “How did you like Terri?” she asked. Trying to be diplomatic and not hurt anyone’s feeling I told her I enjoyed it and asked if Terri had told her how she felt about it. Sheryl told me Terri loved having raw sex with me ,without having any commitments. Sex just for sex. She also said Terri wanted me to fuck her as boyfriend and girlfriend but was too afraid and wasn’t sure how to go about making me see she wanted it. I smiled and said” I’m glad she enjoyed it but what you two did to me wasn’t necessary.” I would have made love to her if she had asked or hinted to me about it. Sheryl smiled and retorted” where’s the fun in that!” As she left my room.

That night I was on edge, I knew Naomi expected me at midnight and Sheryl knew that Naomi’s fuck boy would be busy tending to her. Terri was the odd factor. I wish she’d come and talk to me. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and walked over knocked on the girls door and waited for an answer. I knocked a second time and still no answer, maybe they were downstairs watching TV. I cracked the doo to find Terri between Sheryl legs licking my sisters pussy with reckless abandonment. Sheryl look up and spotted me but didn’t motion or seemed to care. I watched as Terri slowly flicked her tongue along Sheryl’s pussy fold and the response my sister gave with her hips. Sheryl grabbed Terri’s head and guided it onto her clitoris, she grated her cunt into Terri’s face and I noticed my sisters pussy juice along the sides of Terri’s face. I closed the door thinking to myself I’d much rather be with them than my step mother. I thought well at least someone’s taking care of Sheryl.

Midnight came and i crept downstairs and rapped at Naomi’s door and entered. Naomi sat at her dressing table naked ,her ass caressed the bench she sat on as she looked into the mirror. “Do I look old to you?” she asked. “no” i responded. “I still have a lot of love to give at my age ” she seemed to boast. She rose and her breast heaved ,they were still taut at her age and I noticed her nipples were somewhat erect already, maybe knowing I was there to screw here excited her. She sat back onto her bed and said, ” lose em” referring to my clothes. So I pulled off my tee and lowed both my shorts and boxers together. “There’s my little man” she quipped. And extended her hand towards me, as to say come here. A moment later Naomi had my cock in her hand stroking i, my staff was already stiff and it got harder as she tended to it. She brought it towards her face and her tongue flicked like a snakes at my piss hole. She licked along its sides with the tip of her tongue ,then traced the large vein along the bottom til she reached my cockhead and devoured it into her wet mouth. She sucked me deeply into her warm wet oral cavity, guiding it across her teeth. One thing for sure Naomi knew how to blow a guy. She caressed my nut sack with her left hand and tweaked my left nipple with her right hand, she’d never done that before. I began to feel a raise in my nuts that my jism was starting to boil and I would soon explode into her mouth and Naomi slowed it down and removed my cock from her mouth.

She’d teased me like this many times before making me wait to spew my love sauce. Now she rolled and got on her knees and spread her ass cheeks to show me her anus and pussy, I knew what she wanted. I lowered my torso and head towards her and my tongue darted and licked her shit opening she darted slightly forwards as it hit her sphincter. I flicked it with the tip a few times and then lowered myself bellow her and started my lip service on her cunt. Naomi lowered her ass and i reached up and cupped her cheeks with my hands as my mouth licked and sucked in her pussy lips. Her body swayed in my grasp of her ass cheeks as I assaulted her glory hole. Soon I was tapping the end of my tongue into her clitoris and then into her opening hole. She shivered and rhythmically danced on my mouth. Soon her flow became heavy and her twat juices were being sopped up by my mouth. Her nectar was different than any women or girl I had to that point. It was musky smelling and at times thick. Sweet and creamy. She rolled her ass around in circles above me as I brought her to a climax. She shuddered and released a barrage of slit slime to my mouth she sign and rolled off.

“You little shit your getting better at this been practicing I can tell”(referring to my sister, I guessed). She laid on her back and stroked my cock toying with light touches around it’s collar. Her fingers danced along it’s head and down it’s shaft slowly and gently. She took pride in playing with me like a toy both sucking and teasing my cock. She sat up in the bed and took my rod into her mouth again this time rotating her head around it’s knob, she did this for about 3 minutes then she’d swallow my sword completely. She kept this up for about 5 minutes and my rod was ready to blow and this time she didn’t stop. Naomi was on the downward plunge when I let loose she gaged for a second as my spunk slammed the back of her throat, My semen blasted into her mouth drenching it and oozed some from the tight edges of her lips as she tried to get every last drop of me. What little cum drizzled out of her sides she took her finger and wiped it up and licked it off. “Ok young cum tastes so rich and good” she said as she beamed in delight. I lie still on my back for a moment trying to gain some strength back ,knowing this was to be a long night and we’d just both started. It was then I noticed it.

I saw the door ajar and Naomi was concentrating on playing with my cock to get me ready for another round of crazy sex. Terri stood there in the ajar of the door watching me and her mother act like sex starved animals. I wondered what she thought at that moment. I wondered if she’d hate me for taking her mom as well as her or think I was just a cock for hire. Naomi continues stroking my flaccid dick, licking it’s spunk covered head and soon had his attention. I was once again stiff and ready to proceed with whatever she’d want next. Naomi got up and got into a doggie position and slapped her ass almost like she command me to mount her. As I slid in behind her I noticed Terri’s watchful stare out of the corner of my eyes. I knelt up and bumped Naomi’s ass cheek with my cock head, she tried to guide me but I grabbed it an pointed towards her open wetness. I pressed on and my helmet popped into her hole. She maneuvered allowing me access to her love canal. My prick popped into her down to my circumcision’s end. She now had 2 inches of my cock inside her womb and I looked to drive her I noticed Terri watching everything, then I noticed her playing with herself hand in her panties. I pressed forward and Naomi’s cunt open like a flower to accept my rock hard cock. I pulled back almost outside of her and slammed it home again driving her downward into the bed. Each time I withdrew almost outside of her I noticed Terri’s hand fidgeting with her cunt and it was a turn on. Soon my nuts were slapping against Naomi’s skin, I was driving her as deep as I could.
As I sped up Naomi was near orgasm ,I felt her body quiver and her cunt muscles tighten I knew she’d cum soon. She timed my withdrawal and pressed her ass backwards to shove my cock into herself , I was nearing my limit too. Soon she let out a guttural groan and shook and her cunt tightened on my member. My spunk sprayed like a hose inside my step mothers hole I froze deep inside of her love tunnel and saw Terri at the same time. She’d watch me fuck her mother and she played with herself the whole time rubbing her teen pussy and her legs spread wide now she had an orgasm also.

I took a deep breath and slid my dick out of Naomi I was spent again and wasn’t sure if I’d ever get hard again that night. I lowered myself to the bed by now it was almost 2am. Christ I had spent more time that I’d ever had with Naomi before. She rolled laid on her back and I could see my sperm drooling out of her cunt. “Oh you have been practicing you little shit” she purred with a beaming content smile on her face. Just as she lay down she saw her daughter at the door! Not knowing she’d been watching her mother fuck her stepson all the while Naomi panicked. She tried to hide herself with a blanket but the deed was already done, water was under the bridge and you can’t put tooth paste back in the tube. She became red in her face, how could she ever explain this to her daughter, little did Naomi know Terri had been fucking a neighborhood boy for weeks and she’d fucked me also. Naomi didn’t see Terri with her hand teasing her own pussy to her breaking point or how wet her daughters panties were, she was more concerned of the expression on her daughters face. Terri just stood there ,like a deer in headlights.

“Honey, come and talk to mommy “, Naomi said it almost like a plea. Terri opened the door wider and entered the bedroom. I wasn’t sure who was more timid about the situation Terri or Naomi. Terri came closer to her mother now clad in a bed sheet hiding her creamy large tits. Naomi whispered to Terri “honey it’s ok Mommy was teaching Dave about sex education stuff, how much did you see?” “Enough to know that you aren’t teaching, your fucking” came the words from Terri’s mouth. Naomi now knew she’d been caught fucking a minor by her daughter. Her mind raced, she didn’t want to be jailed for something that felt so good but now that her daughter had seen her mother fuck me we weren’t sure what she’d do. “Mom, I know you get lonely , but how could you fuck your own stepson?” “Don’t you know he’s a minor and your not?” ” Naomi was fighting back the tears as her daughter took her to task. It was obvious that Naomi was in distress. Naomi hadn’t seen Terri toying her own pussy as I made love to her mom. Naomi was at a loss, she whispered to me to do something. I got up slid on my shorts and asked Terri to follow me. She turned and trailed me to the living room. “WTF, Terri what are you trying to do give your mom a stroke?” “No but I don’t approve of her fucking you either” she said. Then I reminded her of the game her and my sister played on me a few nights ago, “Do you think that was cool to let me fuck you if I really might not want to, you could have asked!!” ” No that was wrong too, I’ve been fucking for about a month now with our neighbor Dave” she told me. I tried to explain that every time “Dad” was out of town I’d spend time with her mom. “So you’ve been fucker her all along?” “yes, like i do with Sheryl from time to time and you and your mom and Gail. “You’ve fucked Gail too?” she asked. “Yes, and Becky too” i decided to come clean since we had sex also. She seemed to calm down some, by this time her mom had gotten into a nighty and robe and came out of the bedroom almost in tears. “I’m sorry baby, Mommy would never want to hurt you in any way.” she said to Terri. “It was just innocent sex no one could be hurt by Dave and I being together”, she tried hard to soothe the situation. Terri was hard to read, I’m not sure what triggered her, was it that she wanted to tell her mom she’d been fucking also or was she truly upset that we were making love or that she wasn’t having me instead of her mom. I defused the situation the best I could telling Terri that I had pressured her mom into the relationship, even though it was Naomi who “raped” me in the tent the year before. Soon the two of them began to talk to each other like adults. Terri told her mother how it was hard to be lonely and than she told Naomi she’d been having relations with Dave from next door. “Oh, christ Terri you aren’t on the pill yet ,don’t you know you can get pregnant for this?” Terri nodded and said “so what” , you got pregnant at 16 with me didn’t you ?” Naomi just nodded to the affirmative.

BY now it was almost 3 am and I was spent servicing Naomi twice and I knew that since our cover was blown she wouldn’t want any more tonight (or rather this morning). I left the two of them on the edge of the bed chatting and went to my room. Two months later we found out Terri was pregnant, my balls we in this vise too. For she’d told Naomi that I had her the week before she’d caught us together. We did a dna test and thankfully it was Dave’s up the street from us. He and Terri got married the next year and Terri had a son. My sister told me what happened after I had left Terri and her mom that night as Terri bragged about it. Basically she blackmailed her mother to eat her out and finger her. She said she spent the rest of the night with her mom.

By Anon
#Group Sex #Incest #Lesbian #Teen

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