Step Sister joins in, part1 Sex Story

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By Anon

My step sister Terri joins my sister and cousin to have my cock

My father and mother divorced when i was 12, so my sister Sherryl and I stayed with my dad and as I’ve posted before had escapades with my cousins Becky and Gail as well as my younger sister. Our summers were filled with oral as well as vaginal sex. I had all 3 girls humping my cock ,as well as my future step-mother Naomi doing her best on me. I fucked almost every day someone or sometimes 2 or 3. I was getting more pussy that a toilet seat during my 17th year! Not that I’m complaining but it really was a strain.

Naomi was a pretty and voluptuously women with light sandy reddish hair, her body was well groomed and her stature was goddess like, plunging my cock into her was nothing short of amazing. She wriggled like Sheryl and Gail as my meat would slide into her greased channel. She enjoyed dogie style love making and her perfect ass made a beautiful vista as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. I enjoyed fucking Naomi she wasn’t available on a regular basis because my old man was cranking her too. But on his trips out of town I could almost always depend on Naomi showing up in my room for a frolic. She also love to suck me til I unloaded in her mouth , she’d slurp my spunk and swallow and told me that “she wanted my taste”. After a year or so my father proposed to her and she accepted. Later that fall they were married and our “family” now grew to 8, I got 4 new siblings. Two boys and two girls.

The oldest girl I had dated in high school she was 2 yrs younger than myself my sister’s age.(BTW) that’s how my father and Naomi met while Terri and I were dating, both of them were divorced. After Naomi and my father married the sex with her slowed way down. What at times was a weekly romp became sometimes at best a monthly drilling. She finally stopped visiting my room after a couple years. I was still hammering my sister Sheryl on a weekly basis, I really loved her both as a brother and a lover. I knew sooner or later she would be dating and that she too would end our sexual forays. Terri was a pretty girl larger built than my sister and she had larger breasts than Sheryl. Although our parents dated Terri and my relationship had ended a few months prior to their wedding. So now we were step brother and sister.

Terri was somewhat a wild child, she was somewhat opinionated and didn’t hold back on what she thought of an issue. Soon after our parents wedding we moved Naomi’s household to ours and my father set up rooms for us “Kids”. Naomi’s younger two children would sleep in one bedroom, my sister and Terri in another and my step brother got an attic room. My bedroom wasn’t changed, hmmm wonder if Naomi had a purpose for that!! Soon everyone had settled into their routine, about 2 weeks into our new “digs” I got a visit from my step mom. Dad was out of town for the night and she was prowling for sex. She whispered in my ear to come down to their room as she didn’t want anyone to hear us. She left and I shortly followed, as i entered the bedroom Naomi lie there on the bed naked it wasn’t long before we were in passionate humping and i was draining my manhood into her cunt. Afterwards she sucked me til I was hard and we repeated the deed again this time doggie style, feeling my cock slide into her was amazing and her tunnel was warm wet and allow my cock to drive her hard , my balls slapped the backs of her thighs, so I exploded again, spewing my cream into her. She smiled at me and i returned to my room, it’d be over 2 months before she’d want service again.

We had two bathrooms in the house one off my father’s bedroom and one upstairs where us “kids” were. Getting to use it now was a bit problematic, Seeing we had 3 girls and 3 boys trying to use it It certainly was a nightmare getting showers etc in. About two weeks after i had stuck my prick into Naomi i was going to use the bathroom but the door was locked, I tapped and Terri’s voice said “Busy!” I asked how long ? “getting a shower”. I asked if I could just pee first, she snickered and said ok ,j”just a second”. She unlocked the door and was wrapped in a towel, “hurry up please” she said as i entered and she exited, we bumped in the doorway and Terri’s tits scraped across my back, “sorry” i said and she retorted “I bet”, I closed the door pissed and as she reentered she started to remove the towel, I got a glimpse of her, her ass was round and firm like her mothers, I barely got a side view of her tits and they were almost as pert and large as her mom’s. Terri was a little more developed than Sherryl but not by much. I wondered if she let me see some of the merchandise as a tease or what.
I went back to my room and took inventory of what I had seen of her and i got aroused , my cock was a stiff as ever.

A quiet week went by Sheryl was ragging and only blew me once, Naomi was letting my father hammer her and she was being taken. So the week just seemed to drag on. Gail hadn’t been up lately either so pussy was getting scarce. I wondered if Becky would like to make some loving again and i called her and asked if Sunday might be fun for us. Nope Becky had moved on no more pussy for her cuz she was dating and it was off the table. So all week it was quiet and I was getting kind of randy! This was like a drunk who couldn’t get a drink!! I walked by my sister’s and Terri’s room when the door opened and Terri came out, she was dressed in shorts and a halter top w/ no bra. Her two globes clung to the material and I could see the little nubs of her .nipples polking into the top. She smiled and said, “I’m headed to the pool wanna join me”? ” Yeah, maybe I’ll go for a swim”, so i joined her and made are way to the deck and pool. One there i pulled me tee off and jumped into the pool, Terri unbuttoned her jean short and slid them of exposing her bathing suit bottoms, her camel toe strutted out of the bikini bottoms her lips seemed to be engorged like she had just been fingered or made love to. She lied back on the lounge chair and began rubbing tanning lotion on her legs and thighs, She slowly progressed from ankles towards her torso on them giving me quite a show , I began to feel my hard on begin. She lied back on the chaise as i swam a bit and then i got out and dried myself. “Hey, can you get my back” she asked. “ok” and she handed me her lotion and rolled over, “undo the knot in my halter too ,please” she said. As i reached her back i un knotted her halter and began rubbing lotion across her back, her breast pressed out along her sides giving me a side view of themselves, she asked me to hand her the towel she’d brought down which i did and she rose up enough to slide it under her breast and stomach, I noticed her side areola and nipples as she slumped back down. “There,” she quipped, “those plastic straps aren’t very friendly on the skin and laughed I got my first glimpse at Terri’s breast they’re so firm and ripe I thought. Didn’t seem to even wiggle as she rose and fell on the towel. Now my boner was at full staff and hard for anyone to ignore .After I’d finished Terri looked back to thank me and was at eye level of my fully enraged cock, she smiled to me and said ,”thanks”, all the while fixated on my member. I handed her the lotion and went to my room. I thought of masturbating, hadn’t done it in quite some time with all the pussies I was drilling but i wonder more about my step sister. My bedroom window overlooked the pool and deck I looked down and Terri was still sunning on her belly. I changed and my dick had subsided and was now flaccid. I looked out again just as Terri started to roll over, holding her halter top against her breasts the best she could she laid back and adjusted it, her titties came into view a few times. She was well endowed and they were very taut, no jiggle when she was braless. I stopped looking for another peek and did my homework.

By Anon
#Incest #Lesbian #Teen

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