Stranger in male toilet, they tear apart me Sex Story

#Abuse #PreTeen #Threesome

By Suzan

All this time of rough blowjob I didn’t notice that other man watching us I notice it only when I was on the floor coughing and try taking a breath after the blowjob. The second stranger ask if he could join in, and of course, as were the ugly man if you have money these minor sluts want good money I always have money above me for these lucky situations and he kept one in his hand one whole 50euro.
I was there for my pleasure not for money. Exactly this I tell them and they laugh then the ugly man says don’t worry and he takes out of his pocket and keeps another one whole 50euro, ok now he asks me you little sluts play it difficult, innocent until seeing the money, now are you going let us have fun with you, well I must say the 100euros in my eyes were like sweets for me and I think how difficult can be with two men my cherry already have lost it so I give them my body.

The crucible was narrow for three persons inside it so they put me between them, an ugly man behind me, and another man at the door who ask of me to see my boobs, then my boobs started taking shape as small pyramids so I unzip my jacket I left it fell on the floor, I pull up my sweater and vest keep them with my hands, when he sees my boobs he say wowww, Mmmmm, nice preteen boobs and with his hands playing with them, his hands were hot probably because of masturbation.
His playing with my boobs was a little bad because it hurt me but real pleasure come with his mouth and tongue playing with my nipples doing me moan, at the same time the ugly man had me bend and I could feel his again hard cock going up down between my asscheeks and above my black legging and ugly man whispering something I couldn’t understand. But there I was enjoying how they take care of me they become violent.
Suddenly an ugly man catches my two hands and he unites them behind my back I try to get free but he was too strong with something metal, I think he tied them doing me hurt a lot and scream at him why did you do that, please let me free but instead both of them laugh, very simple we don’t want hands to block us say one in front of me.

They did me bent over more so now my mouth was straight with the second man’s cock and one more time hand behind my head pushing, his cock was also big and thin but almost hairless and without a terrible smell so I open my mouth and I start sucking it, his hand doesn’t push my head so violent like the ugly man did before but again I hate hands in my head.
The ugly man ask another how is my mouth and he laughed as were it was warm and nice he sucks me almost without pressing her, nice because I will do this little slut to scream and I feel him open my legs, nice white panties he says and put them aside, then I feel fingers playing with my pussy and him laughing and saying the little slut is wet she wants my cock and one of his fingers slide inside my pussy and slide out.
His finger doing me moan but my moans cover them the other man’s cock inside my mouth and my tied hands killing me in pain, you work well my finger but let’s see you with the real thing and I feel the tip of his cock rubbing up down my pussy and with one strong push it slide in doing me or trying to scream as result I bite his cock and slap me ouch I start crying, he grabs me of thighs and starts to fuck me hard it was the second time I was fucking but again painful and the blowjob more difficult.

This wasn’t sex but rape not like the first time, I could feel his balls slap above my ass, and soon the cock inside my mouth started ejaculating first after without choice eating he left me free while still fucked from behind, at least now I could moan. There isn’t a need to be so rough ahhhhh, ohhhhhh, the ugly man says this way I and my friend love fuck little sluts like you I continue to scream until finally one big push and two small he ejaculates inside me his cock slides out sloppy and with POP sound from my pussy.
Another man says now it’s my turn, no I say please shut up he says and he slaps me. They change seats and he grab me while he was sitting on the commode he put me to sit in his legs I understood what he wants it was like the first time or this I thought because he puts me to sit in a way his cock was rubbing my ass entrance I knew it will be really painful and I resist but with my hands tied and him push me the cockhead first slide in doing me scream oh my god it hurts but he doesn’t give a shit and he does me riding him the cockhead was tear apart me I was screaming loud, the man behind me laughing.

Ugly man was at door enjoying my rape a d taking photos with his phone, the man behind me start playing with my nipples and kissing me on the neck his other hand was inside of my panties rubbing my pussy there I get out-crazy, and soon I was riding the biggest part of his cock and my ass adapts to his cock doing the riding more comfortable.
Soon anal becomes sloppy and one big explosion comes from me doing me think I would stay there at the same time my ass full of hot liquid, we stay in this position for some minutes. He put to stand again my hands and other man take photos of my tear apart ass and pussy they say my photos will do many men happy. Finally, they left my hands again free, and i fell on the floor trying to gain strength after they thanked me they pay me i was feeling strange my ass and my pussy were pink.

After some minutes I stand again on my legs I make normal my panties, I pull up my trouser and l left for my house tomorrow I have school. It wasn’t easy to return to my house my walk was like a duck and many people looking at me. At home, I do one bath which calms me a little believe me it was also difficult to act normal to my parents and sister.
For days I was thinking about my experience on the toilet and stopped going there but I was wet from thinking about how they threatened me I discovered I have one dark side so I go again with hopes to abuse me again.

By Suzan
#Abuse #PreTeen #Threesome

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