Teacher’s daughter’s love story

Teacher ki beti ki chudai kahani, Pankaj Mishra’s good evening to all the sexy story reading friends on hotsexstory.xyz. Every day when it is night then all of us boys’ cocks stand erect. And when we don’t have any pussy, then only the support of the hand remains. Why to wring hands when they are dry. Makes for a cool story. So friends, after reading sexy story on hotsexstory.xyz for many years, today I am also telling my sexy story to all of you.

Friends, I had become a new young man. Sadhna Miss used to teach all of us children in City Montessori School. I was studying in I, but I had come to know what is sex and intercourse. Sadhna Miss was the class teacher of our children. She was very old. She was teaching since 10 15 years. I used to respect Sadhna Miss a lot. She used to give me good in every test, because my brother-in-law’s answers were correct. Some of my friends used to show me dirty films. I was innocent at that time, but there was a desire in my heart that I wish some girl could become my girlfriend. After a few months, when July came, Miss Sadhna got her daughter Anuradha’s name written in my 9th class. Since Anuradha was Miss Ji’s daughter, she used to sit on the front seat. I also always used to sit in the front seat.

I was clever in studies, and Sadhana Madam’s daughter was also very clever. Within a few days, both of us became good friends. Many times she used to come to my house to meet me. Although Sadhna Miss was very strict, but my record was good, that’s why she used to allow Anuradha to come to my house. She was also scared because Anuradha had become young now. Once a boy and a girl were found having sex in the class room. Since then all the teachers started getting a little scared. When Anuradha’s birthday fell, she invited me to her house. Then after 2 months it was my birthday, so I called Anuradha.

That day I was dying over him. Anuradha was looking like a rose. Where I was 5 feet and a half, she was 5 feet 1 inch. She had just become a new young woman. Mother had also grown up and matured now. Now she had become a thing worth enjoying and eating. May be you people say that Pankaj Mishra is such a stupid man, he is saying this about his madam’s daughter. But in answer to this, I would say that when the cock is erect and kicks, then the mother’s goods are felt. Cocks only need that 5 inch deep hole. Erect cock then only can just calm down. The cock doesn’t calm down just by talking. He just needs 1 hole to fuck. Then what a miss and what a teacher.

I cut the cake only when Anuradha came. There is no doubt that I fell in love with him. Today I had also thought that today I will propose Anuradha. Anuradha’s body was full, from that I could guess her cool body. As shown on fashion TV that girls are slender wrestlers like a thin bamboo pole, Anuradha was not like that at all. It was completely indigenous fish. Oh how long I was eager to fuck her. I had so many dreams for that. But I was very much afraid of Miss Sadhna, I used to get very angry with her. Because I had seen him and his stick since childhood. All the boys were also very afraid of him.

When the birthday cake was cut, all the guests again got lost in their respective circle. I brought Anuradha to my garden. Plucked a rose flower and gave it to him.

Anuradha!! I love you!! I said

She shuddered completely. For some time there was no answer. I got tensed. Because I didn’t just want to fuck him, but also loved him a lot. That’s why I was a bit emotional too. After some time Anuradha laughed and nodded in yes. Friends, I felt so happy that I have conquered the world. Felt that I have become Bill Gates and I am the richest man in the world. I brought Anuradha to my room.

She also came of her own free will. Every kind of party was going on in my house. Songs of Honey Singh were playing. The guests were the guests. My aunt’s girls were sitting in my room, I took them out. Anuradha came under with me. She also knew that both of us would do something or the other. As soon as I entered [प्यार से मैं उसको कभी कभी अनु भी कह देता था] Took it to the chest. We both started kissing on the lips. Anuradha was very innocent, she was not a bit naughty. She was a very simple girl, that’s why I fell in love with her. I wrapped Anuradha in my arms, started kissing hotly on her lips. Was drinking the lips of a boy for the first time. This is a big thing.

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Both of us got hot while drinking Anu’s lips. I just looked into Anu’s eyes and I got the answer. This is what happens in love, there is no need to talk. Everything happens in the eyes only. She was also ready to fuck with her mind. Anu was wearing a pink colored kurti. Looks like homely desi. I filled her whole body in my arms and started caressing her everywhere. My hand went on his shoulder, back. Then my hand went on her waist. And then my hand went on her hips. As soon as I touched her full and round hips, my heart said, everyday you will get Anuradha, not Pankaj. Take advantage of the opportunity and fuck this raw bud. Otherwise who has seen yesterday. Somewhere Sadhna Miss went to teach in some other school.

I just dragged Anuradha to my bed. She was also a chudasi and she did not do any nu-nukar. I also lay down next to him. The sex started with kissing and licking. For a long time it went on sticking. There was a sign of sex in the gesture of the eyes. I myself took off Anuradha’s pink kurti. As each piece of cloth came out from his body, Anu[ अनुराधा] The darshan of grand rupees went on. In the end she returned to her lazy natural form. That girl came in her real grand form. She became clothless. I also removed the clothes. I kept staring at Anu’s form. Sleek single body just opposite to today’s girls who become fat and ugly by eating fast food. Her new body full of youth was open in front of me. Noor was shining on Anuradha’s face, the beauty of her innocence. Her bachelor lips which no boy had ever drunk.

Her smooth nipples emerged, on which there were dark circles of the size of 10 rupees coin. Which had not been tasted by anyone till now. Again and again I started kissing Anuradha’s face. I felt like not destroying her innocence. Don’t fuck him I can work like this, but what would I do with this great sinner cock. It needs a hole of 4 inches, doesn’t it? He doesn’t listen to me. That’s why I moved in the direction of the fuck. first of all [अनुराधा] By drinking both the rosy bachelor lips, stole all their rosy. Like a bee sitting on a flower steals all its light and all its pollen. My hands were constantly patrolling her nipples like the police patrolling the whole city at night. I saw this grand form of Anu for the first time today. I always found her to be sister type in school dress, but today in her open naked form, I found her to be an ideal lover.

I completely filled him in myself. I held her head with love and started drinking her dark circles like coins. The smell of Anuradha’s naked body entered my nostrils. I wanted to fuck Anu thoroughly. No one wanted to leave any stone unturned. I had wrapped her in myself, she had shrunk me like a handkerchief. Miss Sadhna got a gold chain made for him. The new gold chain was very suitable around her neck. Once it seemed that I had come with him to Goa or some other tourist place and was celebrating honeymoon. He had fine, light hair in his armpits. now anu [अनुराधा] I was not even fully grown up and I was going to suffer it. He held me tight with his flexible thin hands.

There was a great innovation in Anuradha’s body. She had a smooth body which had not been fucked by anyone till now. I was immersed in drinking both her milk. Along with this, he used to take the other empty milk in his hand and press it like a horn. Anu Chihuk used to get up. I was enamored of her looks and beauty. Outside on my birthday, my other friends and relatives and their blood sucking children were dancing on the songs of Honey Singh. Here I was having a great school of great sex with the girl of my sadhna miss. I was lost somewhere in another world with her moving body. Now it was growing like a bottom, her velvet belly, I kissed her navel. Anu laughed out loud. From the navel to the pelvis, there was a very fine line of light bars which used to go till its burrow. Kissing each hair like ants, I came to Anu’s pelvis. Then came to Bur, like the British reached India while searching for gold.

There was a slight fluttering on Anu’s chest. Like her pussy, her fringe was still a virgin. I put my head in the cloud of her lies and got lost somewhere. I hid my face in his coquettishness like when an innocent little child gets angry with his mother, he hides in some corner somewhere in the house. Both of us lover and girlfriend had a big mind for sex, there was time, there was opportunity and there was custom. Now it was bound to happen. We both were absorbed in each other like husband and wife. Seeing Anuradha like this today, I was thinking myself as rich as Bill Gates. When I removed the fringes from the middle with my fingers, I found the pussy. I started drinking. Light salty taste came in my mouth. Anu’s facial expressions started changing. I started drinking her pussy lip by lip.

Finally I put my cock on her bosom and pushed. Many times the cock ran here and there. I caught both her thighs, reset the cock and under pela. Her virginal sacred seal was broken. I started fucking Anu. Those personal moments spent with him were probably very special for me. After some time that pussy hole opened. I instinctively started taking my sweetheart. She had hugged me, as she had accepted me as her husband, her beloved. I was teasing him. Sometimes she does not feel pain, but my Anu was enjoying the pleasure of new sex. Her delicate eyelids sometimes fall, sometimes rise, sometimes her eyebrows spread, sometimes shrink. Like a bumble bee, I was looting all the light of Anu, all her pollen. Then after a few moments I left my nectar in Anu’s soul. We both lover and girlfriend became one today. We were two bodies, but today we have become one soul. We were two bodies, but today after having sex we became one soul. I am also complete here, Anu is also complete there, today she has become a complete woman. By fucking her before the time, I made the bud of her youth a flower. Then we both put on our clothes and came out. The party was still going on. Honey Singh’s song ‘Aunty police will call, then the party will go on like this’ was still playing. My and Anu’s party was over.

Friends, what was feared happened, Sadhna Miss’s husband got a government job somewhere and she left our school and went away. Mera Pyaar Meri Mohabbat Anuradha also went with him. I cried a lot, I did not eat food for many days. But I was compelled. What would you do in the end? My love for Anu has gone but her love is still alive in my heart and will always be alive. If you like my love story then don’t forget to write your comments on hotsexstory.xyz. Keep reading adorable love stories on hotsexstory.xyz Good night.

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