The boss was given permission to have sex with her.

(The permission of the boss to have sex with you)

I am a happy and cheerful girl, with the innocence of my face, I can charm anyone. Don’t know how many people fall in love with my smile, my mother used to have a lot of problem with this. She always used to say, son, don’t smile even after seeing someone like this, but I had a habit that could not be changed. There was something in my face that attracted anyone towards me and my smile used to pull him towards me, but for some time I was very upset. Apne Sath Karne Ki Permission Di Boss Ko.

My laughter was also missing, the glow of my face was also fading, I had become very thin and was under so much stress that I could not understand anything, to whom should I tell my heart.

I felt as if everything was slipping out of my hands, I could not understand anything, what should I do so that everything would be like before. My mother also started saying to me son, I have been seeing for a few days that you are very upset and it seems as if someone has caught your eye on this beautiful face of yours. The color of your face has also disappeared, now you have changed completely. I bowed my head and said to my mother, I don’t think anything like this, I was only deceiving myself, my mother started telling me son, it is clearly visible on your face.

Your face is no longer glowing like before, but I explained to my mother in some way that it is not such a thing, just that I am not feeling well these days. My mother worries about me a lot, she started telling me that my daughter has been caught by someone’s eyes. I said to mummy there is nothing like that can I rest for sometime? My mother started saying it’s okay son, you take rest. My mother had understood everything, but I don’t know why I was stealing my eyes from her, I was trying to escape from her, my heart was full of problems, I was not able to tell anything to anyone.

One day my friend came to me, on seeing me she started saying Diksha, don’t know where the beauty of your face has disappeared, you have completely changed, your fair complexion has started reading faded. Suddenly tears came out of my eyes, I broke down in front of him, the dam of my patience was now broken and tears started flowing from my eyes. I said to my friend, what should I tell you, I am just troubled for a few days. She started asking me what happened. I told him the whole thing and where in my office my boss who is middle aged and his elder daughter is 18 years old he keeps me sitting in his cabin and stares at me with dirty eyes.

I cannot even tell this to my mother, otherwise mother would tell me to leave the job but I want to do something, I have to do something in my life. My boss KK Goyal gives me a very dirty look because of which I cannot tell this thing to anyone and today suddenly this thing came out of my mouth. My friend started telling me, look Diksha, don’t panic at all, you should tell this to your mother. I told my friend that if I tell this to my mother, she will feel very bad and she will never be able to tolerate and ask me to leave that office. My friend started telling me that the same thing had happened to me before, I could not tell this to anyone, I was very broken inside, that’s why I also left my job. I told my friend that you have made a compromise in your life but I do not want to compromise and I want to work further. If I tell this to my mother, she will never let me work further.

My father does not like all these things at all, he will tell me that you stay at home, you do not need to work. After talking with my friend, I felt a little lighter and felt good because I was able to share my heart with someone. This thing was going on in my heart for many days and I could not even tell anyone, but now I told this thing to my friend, I was feeling a little lighter and feeling better too.

That day I felt as if I was flying in the sky like a kite, I was feeling so light, I had gained some courage after talking to my friend. Whenever my boss tried to see me like this, I used to confuse him in some way or the other, I started trying to avoid him. After all how long would I survive and one day he put his hand on my chest. I didn’t like it at all when he put his hand on my chest. That day I came home and cried alone in my room for a long time. I felt like I don’t know what happened to me. My boss wanted to have me, he wanted to spend one night with me anyway, but I was totally against it.

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The very next day I went to my boss and said, Sir, I am giving my resignation from office. He asked me the reason for this so I told him I don’t like the way you touch me. He started telling me ok Deeksha it will never happen after today he assured me completely after that he said never to do this with me then I agreed. What I knew was that they are just trying to trap me in their words so that I don’t leave the office and go anywhere and they returned my resigning letter to me. Now I had started working again, everything was going well, he also did not look at me with the same eyes as before.

I too had full faith in Goyal ji, but Goyal ji had a desire to get me, he had gone completely mad trying to get me. He told me if you come with me to dinner today then you do not have any objection. He politely asked me so I also agreed to him and I went to dinner with Goyal ji we both had dinner together and I felt very good with him the way he used to talk to me I felt very good . He even dropped me till my house, I had full faith in him. One day in the office he started pressing my breasts, I was feeling very strange. He kept pressing my breasts for a long time due to which a movement started to arise inside me too. He took out his black cock when I looked at his cock, I kept looking at his cock. His big cock was erect and I was feeling very good to see him.

When I started shaking his black and thick cock in my hands, I felt very good. He told me you take the cock in your mouth. When I took him in my mouth, I started liking it too, I started taking him till my throat, I kept sucking his cock for a long time. He was pleased with the way I sucked his cock. He was sitting on his chair, I unbuttoned my salwar and pressed my cunt to his cock.

The wet material was coming out from my vagina, as soon as his black and thick cock entered inside my vagina, I screamed. I was shouting so loudly that he started telling me that I am having a lot of fun. I didn’t know that blood had also come out of my vagina, the way I kept lowering my butts on top of his cock, the excitement inside me was increasing even more. I was giving full support to him, Goyal ji started telling me, Diksha, your pussy is wonderful and each and every part of your body is wonderful.

I don’t know since when I want you, I told him but Goyal ji, you are much older than me. I didn’t like the way you used to touch my body at all, but today I realized that sex is fun too. I am very happy with the way you are having sex with me today. When he started fucking me in the form of a mare, I started liking it even more, as soon as he dropped his semen inside my vagina, I became happy. “Apne Saath Sex Karne”

After that I felt very good having sex with him, my complexion had returned and that smile was back on my face. Goyal ji was also very happy with me, because of which he increased my salary as well, he does not let me have any shortcomings. I had now realized that what I can get from my beauty, so I try to take advantage of my beauty everywhere and I get its benefits too. “Apne Saath Sex Karne”

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