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my name is ankur i am working in chennai i have been working in chennai for 5 years i didn’t even go to my home for a long time but when i went to my home raipur i found jeetu there jeetu my home condition i When I started telling, I felt very bad. Jeetu started telling me that after the death of my father, no one is going to work in our house, I am doing small jobs but I am not able to survive. Jeetu was not good in studies that’s why he didn’t study after 12th. Jeetu used to study with me in school and don’t know why he ruined his life and that’s why he is facing a lot of problems today, Jeetu He said to me, if there is any work worthy of me, then you tell me. Shadi Ki First Night Ko Pata Chala Real Sex Ka Maja.

I feel very bad seeing Jeetu’s condition, I told him but everything was going well in your house, he started telling me that since the death of father, the financial condition of our house has become completely bad, I can understand. I don’t know what to do. Jeetu’s house is just a short distance away from our house, so I used to visit his house, this time when I met Jeetu, Jeetu said to me man, do something for me, I told him ok, I will see.

I was going to stay at home for 10 days, I had taken leave from my office for 10 days and in these 10 days when I always met Jeetu, Jeetu used to tell me only that you can do something for me. Felt that I should do something for Jeetu. I told Jeetu what do you want to do, he started saying friend, I will do anything but I should get money from him. I told Jeetu you do one thing I will open a small restaurant for you if you can run it, in return you give me some money to do Jeetu started saying yes why not I will definitely work hard in that.

My shops were lying empty outside my house, I thought why not open a restaurant there and give it to Jeetu so that he can run the work, he will also be able to get employment and he will also give me some money, so I decided to give it to Jeetu. Opened a restaurant there. He had also started working well, I had come back to Chennai but Jeetu always used to send me money, I used to talk to Jeetu in ten to fifteen days, he always told me that you owe me a lot. I told Jeetu no problem friend it happens but Jeetu was not able to forget my favor and he always used to tell me about this. I used to tell him that this is all your hard work and you are my friend if I helped you then there is no point of favor in it. When I went back to Raipur, I went to Jeetu’s house, when we used to study, Jeetu’s sister Reema was very young at that time, but now she has grown up.

When I saw Damini, I liked her, but I was afraid that Jeetu might misunderstand something about me and Damini, so I did not talk to Damini much. After a few days, Damini’s mother told me, son, you took a lot of care of Jeetu and it is because of you that today he is standing on his feet and is able to work well. When his mother told me that I want you to marry Damini and then I would be very happy if you hold her hand.

I could not dissuade him on his mother’s request but I told him that I want to talk about this at my home first. Jeetu’s mother also told this to Jeetu and when she told this to Jeetu, Jeetu was also happy because Jeetu knows everything about me. Will be very happy because she will rarely find a boy like you.

His family wanted me to marry Damini but I wanted to talk about it at my home first and only then I wanted to take a decision about it. Although there was no such drawback in Damini, I liked her very much and wanted to marry her and I had thought of marrying Damini. When I talked to Damini about this I told her don’t worry and you answer what I want to ask you I asked Damini do you have any affair with someone else or do you want someone else Ho. Damini started telling me no there is no one in my life I asked Damini do you want to marry me.

Damini started smiling and she started telling me yes I want to marry you if I marry you my life will be better, brother praises you a lot and mother also keeps saying a lot about you. Everything was going very well Damini also started liking me I talked to my father about this one day maybe father didn’t like this relationship because father wanted me to marry his friend’s girl but that’s my point Couldn’t resist either and he agreed to have my relationship with Damini.

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I was very happy because I was getting married where I wanted and Jeetu and his mother were also very happy about this. When my parents went to see Damini for the first time, they liked Damini very much and were very happy to see her. They told me at first we were feeling that maybe Damini is not suitable for you but when we talked to Damini we felt very good that she will keep you happy and take care of you a lot. Everything was done very well and I got engaged to Damini too. When I got engaged to Damini, both of us were very happy but after some time I went to Chennai, I used to talk to Damini on the phone.

I started thinking that when I go home this time, I will marry Damini, but I could not get leave from office, so I had removed the thought of my marriage from my mind for the time being, but I told my father that when I Once I come on leave, you will get me married to Damini. Papa said okay, we will talk to my Damini’s mother about this, she had also talked to Damini’s mother. They had made all the preparations for my marriage. I had to take leave for my marriage and when I came home, I got married with Damini. I was married to Damini and when Damini and my honeymoon was the first night, that day I talked to Damini for some time, we were happy to talk to each other.

I told Damini that finally what you wanted happened, I was married to Damini and now she was my wife. When I started pressing Damini’s breasts, she started enjoying and as soon as I took off Damini’s clothes, there was not a single hair on her body. I told Damini that your body is very smooth. I was feeling her body and I was pressing her breasts. When I took Damini’s breasts in my mouth, she was enjoying a lot and I was also very happy. “Shaadi Ki First Night”

When I sucked Damini’s nipples in my mouth, the excitement inside her started increasing and my enthusiasm also started increasing. Seeing her, I started getting more excited, I started thrusting at full speed, I spread both her legs and inserted them fast in her vagina, then she was shaking, she started telling me that I feel very good.

When I started jerking her as a mare, I was feeling very good, I jerked her very fast, so that the color of her ass turned red. The first night of my honeymoon was very good. When I applied oil on my cock and entered my cock in Damini’s ass, she started screaming and I started pushing her fast, I was pushing her very fast, she was screaming. He started telling me that I am in a lot of pain but the first night of honeymoon became memorable for both of us, that night I had a lot of fun with Damini and she supported me very well. “Shaadi Ki First Night”

The next day when she came to the room, Damini had already woken up in the morning, I was sleeping, Damini started telling me to get up. I said to Damini that I will get up after some time, Damini gave me tea, then I held her hand and pulled her towards me. Damini started telling me that I am feeling great pain. I told Damini no problem, it will be fine, that night also I enjoyed Damini’s ass. We both love each other very much and our married life is going well. “Shaadi Ki First Night”

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