The fun of pressing boobs with younger brother

Small brother se boobs dabwane ka maza

Hello friends, my name is Sameera and this is my first sex incident and in which I was fucked by my younger brother. Now I am going to narrate my experience of that incident to all of you in full detail and I hope that you all will enjoy reading it and now let me introduce myself. I am Sameera and I am 22 years old, I am very beautiful in appearance, fair, my beautiful body, big eyes, round face, thin waist, very curvy big size boobs, everyone’s cock water seeing cool sexy ass Forced to leave, my height is 5.7 inches.

Friends, this incident is one year old, when I was 21 years old and my brother was 18 years old and on that day my mother and father had gone out of station for some work, then in that day my younger brother and I were in the room. I was sitting and at that time he was playing a game on the phone and I was sitting on the bed and I was wearing a deep neck nightie at that time and because of which my boobs were big size very beautiful and half He was looking more naked, so he was now looking at me stealthily and I felt very strange, but he was also feeling a little bit good and in the way mostly he used to wear only nighties at home and tight jeans and tee while going out. She used to wear a shirt, because of which every boy outside used to line up after seeing me.

Then after a while I told her that Tinu please press my feet, it is hurting me a lot, she said straight away that yes, I will press it right now sister and now her eyes are as if shining. I had taken a blanket and now he started pressing my legs and I lay down on the bed. Friends, his behavior had completely changed for me since last few days, because I noticed many times that he used to try to touch me on some pretext or the other and kept staring at my chest, sometimes he would hold my hips and touch me. It seems and I also liked him doing all this very much.

I told her that Tinu please press a little more from inside and now she said that it is okay sister, then she put her hand inside the blanket and started pressing my feet. Slowly I started getting some rest and sleep too and after a while I felt Tinu pressing my feet and when I opened my eyes I told him to press my feet. He said that it is okay sister, but now I was not able to sleep again, he was repeatedly coming towards my thigh and my eyes were closed.

Then after a while he started pressing my thighs above the knees, but I did not say anything to him, but my panty was waiting for that. Then I controlled that this is my younger brother. Then suddenly he put his hand on my panty and he slowly started moving forward. That’s why I got up very quickly and said to him what are you doing Tinu?

He told me that sister sorry, all that happened by mistake. I was just trying to put you to sleep. Then I lay down completely quietly, and now he again started pressing my legs, but after a while he again put his hand on my panty, but this time I did not say anything to him. Then I thought that maybe this time also he is doing all this to make me sleep. By the way friends, to tell the truth, I was feeling very good the touch of his hand on my body and a strange feeling started coming inside me.

Then he started rubbing his hand slowly on my panty and I was behaving as if I am fast asleep now. Then suddenly he put his one hand inside my panty and put his other hand on my boobs, due to which my condition was getting worse and now I wanted to stop him, but don’t know why I could not stop. . He was my younger brother and his touch was also giving me a lot of fun.

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Then after some time I got up with a little courage and then shouted loudly at him that Tinu, don’t you feel ashamed at all, I am your sister? But there was a mischievous smile on his face and now he started telling me that sister you are very beautiful. Then I got very angry and then he told me that sister your body is very beautiful and I like your boobs and pussy very much. Then I slapped him hard in anger, but he held me tightly now. I screamed at him and now he told me that you bitch can quietly get outsiders killed, then what is your problem with me?

Then he also slapped me and threw me on the bed and said that today you will fuck me Sameera. Then I started sobbing loudly and told him that please Tinu I am your sister, please leave me and then he said yes I am also a sister-in-law and now he lay down on me and started kissing me. Then I tried very unsuccessfully to remove him from me, but he had a lot of power. He told me to stop crying and enjoy your sex with me. Then he took his cock out of the pant and holding the hair of my head forcefully put it in my mouth, then I got shivering and he started laughing loudly.

Then in about ten minutes he put his hot semen in my mouth after pushing his cock back and forth forcefully and now I was also feeling a little bit better doing this. Then he started kissing me and now I also supported him completely. Now he started sucking and pressing my boobs like crazy.

Then I told him that please IEEE thoda aaram se tinu uhhhh please I am your sister, do thoda pyaar se kar. He said that quietly bitch Bhosdi and my boobs turned completely red and the sound of my sobs was getting louder slowly. Then I said to him that please my ahhhhhh brother, take it easy, this sister of yours will die, do my life with love.

Then he said that yes I will kill you today as a bastard and that’s why I screamed very loudly when he bit my boobs very hard Uffffffffffff Tinnu Marrrrr Gayee Aaeeeeeeeeee mom save me, please leave me now, but now he has given me a Slapped and said shut up bitch and now he started licking my pussy oooeeee mom wow guys I felt like I was in heaven today when he was licking my pussy and fucking me with his hot tongue It was going on and I fell in a short time.

Then he just took a minute and inserted his entire cock in my restless pussy in one go and now started pushing it out with force and I was enjoying a lot, I was saying tinu bastard yes today and Fuck your uhhhhhh sister hard and fuck yes and fuck me today by pushing hard ahhhhh. That’s why his speed of fucking increased even more and we continued to fuck for about half an hour and then he fell, but friends after that day we fucked three more times and after that my whole body was hurting and I It seemed as if I had had my first sex, but I really enjoyed that fuck and he fucked my pussy hard for a long time.

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