The Girls Next Door Part 3 Sex Story


By 66

Another day in my garden with the pool

(This is fiction)

Ella opened the door slowly and watches as I fucked her mom, while she watched my cock go in and out of her moms pussy she moved her hand down her body to where she saw my cock enter her mom, Ella let out a soft moan as she felt her finger graze over the top of her pussy.

The next day

I woke to Alice kissing me on the lips, “Wow last night was the best”, I watches as she got up and put a dressing gown on so she could wake the girls up, I laid in the bed for a bit longer until I got up and made the three of them some breakfast, “Mommy daddy made us food” Ella said as she ran and hugged me tightly, Alice looked at me and smiled as she took Ella to the table and I brought them there food. After making the food and cleaning up and Alice took the girls to school we spent some more time together deciding if we be together or was it a one night stand.

I went back to my house and started to do some work, later that day Alice came over and we talked again but we ended up making out on the sofa, after that we both decided to become a couple, we both went to the school to pick up the girls, As they both saw me in the car there faces lit up with happiness, looking at there cute smiles made my cock twitch slightly, we drove back to my home as the girls wanted to play in the pool, like the other day I laid on the only free sunbed and the girls joined me, Alice had a phone call and left to her house to sort some thing out and while she did that Ella put her hands down my pants feeling my slightly hard cock.

I had mixed feeling but Ella then pulled my pants down and said “See Gwen I told you it was big”, they both giggled and there hands explored my cock, feeling their small hands on my cock made cum instantly, the girls jumped back and there eyes widened as they watched the liquid shot out of my cock, Ella tasted some and Gwen saw her face so she tasted some as well “Its tastes to nice”, Both girls said and they both descended onto my cock licking the cum from it, after they finished i wiped there mouths clean and took them over to their home.

Alice asked me to stay over again as and we ended up having sex again, this time I saw Ella watching, seeing that 10 year old watch made me even harder so I sped up my thrusts into Alice making her cum over and over again, I then got close and looked at Ella as I came inside Alice pumping her full of my cum, I pulled out and rested next to her. Alice looked at her door and saw Ella there but she didnt do anything and Ella ran back to her room, Alice looked at me and asked me to go after her.

I did what Alice said and followed Ella to her room while my cock was still out, “C-could i taste it again?”, Ella asked so I closed her door and walked closer to her letting her suck my cock again and she fell off to sleep like she was sucking a thumb, I joined Alice back in bed and stayed there until both girls joined us in bed naked…

(This is fiction)(Sorry for any spelling mistakes)(If you liked this story check out my others)

By 66

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