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#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin

My cousin Abbie and I skinny dipped in the Jacuzzi, and ended up having sex.

When my mom said it was okay if I went into the Jacuzzi naked, I didn’t expect my auntie to come visiting, and for my cousin, Abbie, to get in to the Jacuzzi with me, I was 12 and she was nearly 8.

Both of us were just sitting on the Jacuzzi, enjoying the feel of the warm bubbling water, our mom’s decided to pop out to the supermarket to get some groceries, leaving me and Abbie alone on the patio, sat in the Jacuzzi together naked.

About 5 minutes after they left, Abbie splashed me with the water, so I splashed her back, and all of a sudden we were having a big water splash fight, she dunked me under the water and I dunked her, we were laughing and giggling, having a great time, jessing messing around.

Then during our water fight Abbie ended up with her back to the side of the Jacuzzi, and I was in front of her, facing her, with my hands on the rim and out bodies were touching, rubbing together, something came over me and I just kissed her right on the lips.

We both smiled and went a bit shy after the kiss, but she reciprocated, and she put her arms over my shoulders and around me, I could feel my cock rising in the water, I felt down the sides of her naked body, and when my hands glided around her butt cheeks, I grabbed them and lifted her up, she instantly threw her legs around me and we kissed like lovers do.

Suddenly, without meaning too, my cock found her pussy and I find myself thrusting inside her, “Ugh-oh!” she moaned, breathing heavily in to my face, she looked stunned, then she slid down as my cock slid further inside her pussy, and we started kissing again.

Then I started to thrust in and out, and Abbie was holding on to me and helping to bounced herself up and down on my cock, we were creating ripples and waves in the water and it was splashing over the sides, both of us moaning and groaning loudly.

We held each other really tight, and I was thrusting so hard, and so fast, my hips just took over, I’d lost all control of them, and then it happened, “O-Oh-Oah-Ooooaah!” I grunted as I came inside of her soaking hot pussy.

We stopped moving, remained in that position perfectly still, staring in to each other’s eyes, I think it was at that point we kind of fell in love, then we heard our mom’s announce they were home, so Abbie and I quickly separated and stood at either side of the Jacuzzi.

Our mom’s came out to check on us, we both responded saying we were fine, and they left us alone to go make us some lunch.

Abbie and I had been seeing a lot of each other since then, in secret, outside of school, in the park, we’ve had a lot of sex, and I mean a lot of sex, I’m totally in love with her, I can’t get enough of her pussy.

She’s my cousin but I don’t care.

#Incest #PreTeen #Virgin

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