The Local Dog Catcher – Part 1 Sex Story

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By LittleCDNikki

A story of how the local dog catcher and his wife move into the neighborhood turning my friend and I into their sex slaves.

Sorry if you thought this story may be about zoophilia, but hope you enjoy it anyway! Although the some of the story is true, much of it is a fantasy and what I wished might have happened.

I grew up in a typical middle-class, working family town where everyone seemed to know everyone. As a young boy, my days were spent playing baseball and basketball with the other neighborhood kids. And when we weren’t doing that, we were playing “war” or fishing at one of the local creeks. I was pretty much friends with everyone, including Joey. Joey was a bit bigger than most of the kids our age, and he seemed a little slower, but none-the-less we hung out.

As we started puberty, and increasingly became horny, our focus turned to our bodies and sex. It was a big day when someone scored a Playboy magazine. We would immediately go off to my fort where we would spend the day checking out the naked girls. It didn’t take long for us to yank our dicks and start playing with ourselves. And we eventually go so horny, we tried to give each other blow jobs through plastic sandwich baggies.

One day, I came across a stash of Penthouse and Playboy magazines in my dad’s underwear drawer. I became fixated on them – every time I was alone at home I would go into my parents’ bedroom and jack off as I flipped through the magazines. I eventually go obsessed with panties and lingerie. It didn’t take long before I was wearing my mother’s sexy panties and jacking off as I flipped through the magazines. But I was always careful to not cum on them and put everything back as I found it. (This piece of info is important as I get into the story)

When I was about 11, the Mr. Jones, local dog catcher moved into the neighborhood, just a few houses down from us. We were a bit bummed as he didn’t have any kids, it was just he and his wife. They kept to themselves and most of the other parents, who had kids, didn’t socialize with them. However, they were nice and friendly and loved having kids over to play basketball in their driveway. (They had a big driveway that was flat and paved, unlike many of the driveways in the neighborhood.) Joey started playing basketball there and soon was there every day. We all like playing there because Mrs. Jones would always have soda, lemonade, and snacks for us. One day it was just Joey and I playing basketball. It was a warm day and Mr. Jones invited us into their garage. Back then, everyone hung out in their garage during the summer. We sat around drinking our sodas and talking, when Joey started talking about the magazines Mr. Jones had. Mr. Jones was caught off guard a bit, but quickly told me that if I could keep a secret, he’d show me them. As a horny pre-teen, I jumped at the idea!

Mr. Jones said they were in his basement and if I was okay with it, we could go in and look at them. I said, “Sure thing!” and off we went to the basement. I was also happy to be there as it was much cooler than the garage. Mr. Jones had his own man-cave down in the basement – a TV, stereo system, sofa, lounge chairs and a bar. We sat down on the sofa, Mr. Jones in the middle and Joey and I on each side of him. He first pulled out a couple of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. My little cock started to grow and get hard as he flipped through the pages. He then said he some different magazines and if I’d like he’d show them to me, but it had to be kept a secret. I promised and swore that I wouldn’t tell anyone. Soon he brought out some very different magazines – some were of guys having sex together and others with boys and girls, much younger than I had ever seen in a magazine. He said that sex was a natural thing, and it was ok for guys to do it together and for young people like myself to do it. He could see the tent in my gym shorts and asked if I wanted to “relieve” myself. I was a bit nervous as I had only done this with my friends. He assured my it was ok and I pulled my pants down and began stroking my cock. As I looked over Joey was doing the same thing. He asked if was ok if he could as well. I said, “you might as well as both are doing it.” He pulled out his cock – at the time it looked like a monster to me. I had never seen such a big cock in real life. We all were stroking our cocks, looking at the magazines when Joey leaned over and started giving Mr. Jones a blow job. I couldn’t believe it! Mr. Jones looked over and smiled at me. I was mesmerized as Joey took his cock in his mouth, going up and down on his shaft. Mr. Jones looked at me again and said, “do you want to try?” I was a bit hesitant, but really wanted to feel and taste it, so I eventually said yes. Mr. Jones was patient and told me what to do and he would tell me when it felt really good. There I was giving a man, my first real blow job! It felt so hot, and I was in a trance. Soon, I heard Mr. Jones tell he was about to cum and to keep doing what I was doing. I kept moving up and down his shaft, when he grabbed my head, held it in place and shot his load down my throat. I was in a bit of shock, but also giddy that I made him cum. He then proceeded to suck my cock. At that time, I really didn’t ejaculate, more like dry heaves. When we were all finished, he asked if I had fun. I certainly did and he said if I could keep it a secret, I could come over again and we could do more things together. He even said that Mrs. Jones would be happy to show me her pussy. I eagerly said yes as I wanted to see a real pussy.

To be continued…..

By LittleCDNikki
#Gay #Mature #PreTeen #Virgin

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