The Local Dog Catcher – Part 2 Sex Story

#Abuse #Gay #PreTeen #Trans

By LittleCDNikki

A story of how the local dog catcher and his wife move into the neighborhood turning my friend and I into their sex slaves.

See Part 1. Also, sorry if you thought this story may be about zoophilia, but hope you enjoy it anyway! Although the some of the story is true, much of it is a fantasy and what I wished might have happened.

So continuing on with the story….

On my next visit, we looked at more magazines, played with each other and gave each other more blow jobs. Then after a rest, Mr. Jones brought out a projector and started playing sex films. He had everything you could imagine, including lesbian sex, gay sex and men having sex with little girls and boys. I was fascinated about anal sex and asked him if that hurt. He immediately said – “you tell me?” He got up, grabbed some lube and a couple of dildos. He had me lie down on the sofa and began lubing up my hole, he said he would be gentle and take it easy. He began with a finger, then two and started with three, but I winced a bit and told him it hurt too much. He said ok, and then grabbed a small dildo, he gently pushed it in me. It felt weird, but really hot. He began fucking my little hole with the dildo and asked if I liked it. I said yes and if I could try the bigger one. He gladly switched didoes and inserted the larger one in me. It was a big painful, but I wanted to know how it felt taking a large dick in my ass. Once I was comfortable, he asked if I wanted to try the real thing. I eagerly smiled and said yes. He pulled the dildo out of my hole and lubed his cock. I could feel him placing the tip near my hole and gradually pushing it. He could see the pain on my face and took me gently. I gradually relaxed and could feel his cock enter my tight little boy-pussy. As soon as I was relaxed enough, he began fucking me. I could feel him get harder and harder until he pumped me full of his cum. I could believe I just got fucked! He asked if I enjoyed it and again I eagerly said yes. On my next visit, he promised me that Mrs. Jones was going to play with us and if I was good, I could fuck her.

A few days went by and off I went to the Jones’. When I got down to the basement, Mrs. Jones was sitting there in some very sexy lingerie. She asked if I liked it and if I wanted to touch it. I say down next to her and began rubbing her tits through her lingerie. She soon removed her top and told me to lick and suck her tits. Here I was 11 ½ and sucking on these massive tits! She then grabbed my hand and had me rub her pussy through her silky panties. I was in heaven, I love silky panties and now I am touching a woman’s pussy! I slid my fingers under her panties and started rubbing her clit. She started moaning and told me to rub harder and faster. As I did She was getting super wet. She stood up, took her panties off, then laid down on the sofa. She told me to eat her pussy. I must of looked a bit confused as she began instructing me what to do. I got down between her legs and did as I was told, lick and suck on her clit, stick my tongue deep in her pussy and finger her a bit. She soon exploded and had a huge orgasm. She then grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. She looked at me and said, today you’re going to become a man, I want you to fuck me hard. I gladly did, sticky my little cock in her and then moving in and out. It didn’t take long for me to cum – or at least try to cum as I still wasn’t shooting any real cum at that age.

Over the summer, I was over at the Jones’ house almost every day. Every day was an adventure and every day we had sex. Joey and I had become their little sex slaves. One day I was playing with Mrs. Jones, and she asked if I liked the feel of her satin panties. I confessed to her and told her that I used to jack off wearing my mother’s panties. She said that was really hot and that I could wear her panties if I wanted to. Without hesitation, I put them on and let her play with me as I was wearing them. It didn’t take long for my little cock to cum. I got home and thought, Wow! That was fun today.

On my next visit, I was alone. Joey had to help his father with chores around the house. Mr. Jones greeted me and said before we would go and play, he wanted to talk to me about something. I was a little worried about what we had to talk about, but I did as I was told and sat down with him. He told me he was going to share me with a couple of his friends in a few weeks and I need to prepare for this. At this point, it had been fun, but I was really scared to be with more people. I told him I didn’t want to and that maybe he could share Joey. He said that was a good idea, but these guys heard about me and really wanted me. I still didn’t want to do it and told him so. He looked at me with disappointment, then hit me with a bombshell. He said he had been videotaping our play dates and if I didn’t agree he was going to share them with my friends and even my family. He said he wasn’t worried about doing this as the only face on the videos was mine. Now I was in a bind and I had to agree. He looked at me and said great! Now go find Mrs. Jones as she is going to help get you ready for the big day. I found Mrs. Jones in the kitchen, and she said we were going shopping. She was going to make me into a sexy sissy slut for their friends and needed to buy things for me. So off we went and she took me to the neighboring town so no one would recognize me and we began shopping for girly clothes. We bought some sexy panties, a bra, thigh highs, a wig, a schoolgirls outfit and high heels. It was also important for her to get my sizes as she was going to buy some sexy lingerie at the sex store and knew I wasn’t allowed there.

By the time of my next visit, she had several sexy outfits for me. We started out with me trying on different outfits. We landed on a pair of cheeky jeans shorts, white panties, a matching bra (she also bought some fake tits for me), and a little cropped top. To go with it, I had short lacy socks and a pair of white sneakers. She then had me take the top off and sat me down in front of her mirror. It was now time for make-up. Before you knew it I was looking like a slutty junior high girl. I put my top back on, then the wig. I was transformed into a sissy girl. She had me turn around and said I looked perfect. And now I should go show Mr. Jones who was in the basement. I quickly ran down to show Mr. Jones. He was super excited, and I thought he was going to shoot his load at the sight of me! He had a camera set up and said he was going to take some pictures of me. Now I was getting into it and he took a whole bunch of pictures. (I think he was really selling them to other pervs). After the photo shoot, he sat down on the couch and said “you little slut, get over here and suck my cock!” I went over, took his underwear off, knelt down and began sucking his cock. He soon grabbed my head and began face fucking me, calling me a whore, slut and other names. He took more pictures of me as I sucked his cock. I also noticed Mrs. Jones had come down and she was taking pictures of us. He then told me to take my shorts and panties off, then get on all fours. I did as I was told. He began licking my little boy-pussy, getting it nice and wet. I then felt the tip of his cock, and with one thrust he forced his way into me. I cried in pain, and he told me to take it like a good little bitch. I held back my tears as he fucked me fast and hard. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I would go to their house, get dressed as a sissy and then take care of Mr. Jones’ needs. He continued to photograph me in different outfits and the two of them photographed and videotaped me as I was pleasuring Mr. Jones. By now I was a real cum slut and could do anything, or at least I thought I could….

To be continued…..

By LittleCDNikki
#Abuse #Gay #PreTeen #Trans

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